#ROW80 Check-in 9/20/15

We are almost done! I can’t believe how fast this round has gone by!

I am still copyediting. I am over halfway done, which is great. The book is amazing! Burning Bright by KD Sarge, due out from Turtleduck Press in November. /shameless plug

Today I wrote 580 words of Fireborn, and I’m almost at 17k. (I needed to slip in writing somewhere, just to stay in the mode and not go insane!)

Hubby and I are going camping this coming weekend, our last trip of the season. It should be fun. It’s a place new to both of us, and that’s always interesting. I plan on taking more pictures and more digital infrared pictures. I still need to post process the ones from our last trip! Time flies!

Still getting lots of ideas for Before the Stars Fall, but I am resisting starting it for the time being. I don’t think I have enough room in my head! Or the schedule! I’m supposed to be done with Fireborn by early next year, and that’s still the plan if all goes well.

Chocolate consumption: Chocolate fudge cake yesterday and today from my sister’s birthday party. Sooooooo good! WW Sundaes and WW caramel thingies too for snacks.

10 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in 9/20/15

  1. Have fun on your camping trip–the weather’s supposed to be great!

    Good job on the goals, too. I know what you mean about the writing, I get very cranky if I’m away from it for too long to edit, format, market, etc. But chocolate always helps. Chocolate… mmmm…

    1. Thank you, Emily! Hubby and I are big into camping. Last year we bought a pop-up trailer because we hated tenting it! So now we’ve been taking 4-5 trips in the summer/early fall. It’s awesome! Best of luck to you, too!

  2. Sounds like a lovely way to close out the season – and I’m anticipating those pictures (I’m not great at editing to begin with, and, with this machine….I may not be caught up until the kids are grown!)

    Hooray for editing something you love, and hooray for new words and bundles of ideas, too!

    And chocolate. That’s always worth a cheer or two. =)

  3. I’m the same way when it comes to missing writing days. Too many days without writing and I start to get cranky and restless. I need to put words on the page.

    It’s wonderful that you’re resisting the urge to start a new story. That’s something I’m learning to do. You’re right; we only have so much room in our minds for so many stories. I’m at a point where I need to finish a few WIPs before starting anything new.

    Good luck with your copyediting and writing! What is “Burning Bright” about?

  4. Hi Denise! Yeah, it’s just too chaotic in my brain with three WIPs already! The muse wants to write All The Things Now. Sometimes, things have to wait.;)

    Burning Bright is a fantasy novel about a fire-mage who is about to become a Keeper (a mage able to fight demons) and something goes wrong. He gets a message from his mentor, who has mysteriously disappeared, to not go through with it and go on the run. He flees, taking a friend with him. It features a landsquid, which is not as weird as it sounds. The squid ROCKS. And that’s all I’m going to say. 😉 The book releases in November. 😀

  5. Ah camping. The last time I was camping was when I was seven(ish). I was talking about wanting to revisit the camping experience. Clearly not this year, but maybe I can stop planning and stockpiling supplies for next season. I need to buy a tent and sleeping bags first. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see pictures , Erin!!

    See I know you could do it!! Yay for writing!! I managed 986 word today. You got this. And to an awesome end of the Round.

    1. Hi Cindy! We camped as a family while I was going up, but stopped camping when I got older but I rediscovered it with my ex-husband. Found out hubby was into it so just about every year we’ve been together we’ve gone camping. It’s so much fun and so relaxing!

      I can’t wait to show off the pictures!

      Thanks so much for the encouragement!

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