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#ROW80 Check-in 10/7/15

Today is the 9-year anniversary of he day I met my hubby. 🙂 Boy, how time flies!

Here’s my update:

I haven’t written anything, due to the freelance project I’m working on. Things are percolating, and the first sentence of Before the Stars Fall revealed itself to me. Thank you, muse! Like I need any more WIPs…

Physical activity: walked for 15 minutes yesterday and today. One more day to go!

I’m tentatively planning on shooting my test roll this weekend, if things aren’t too nuts. I missed the window for summer flowers (boo!) but since I have the automatic I should be good to go for indoors stuff. We have two animals, a cat and a dog, that always are good for pictures. (If the roll turns out and the pictures are really good, they can be made into Christmas presents).

That’s really about it.

Oh! Chocolate consumption! Everyone’s favorite part! How could I forget? I…haven’t had much chocolate in the past few days. I think I’m slipping! Must remedy that immediately! (she says as she eats a piece of chocolate….)

#ROW80 Check-in 9/20/15

We are almost done! I can’t believe how fast this round has gone by!

I am still copyediting. I am over halfway done, which is great. The book is amazing! Burning Bright by KD Sarge, due out from Turtleduck Press in November. /shameless plug

Today I wrote 580 words of Fireborn, and I’m almost at 17k. (I needed to slip in writing somewhere, just to stay in the mode and not go insane!)

Hubby and I are going camping this coming weekend, our last trip of the season. It should be fun. It’s a place new to both of us, and that’s always interesting. I plan on taking more pictures and more digital infrared pictures. I still need to post process the ones from our last trip! Time flies!

Still getting lots of ideas for Before the Stars Fall, but I am resisting starting it for the time being. I don’t think I have enough room in my head! Or the schedule! I’m supposed to be done with Fireborn by early next year, and that’s still the plan if all goes well.

Chocolate consumption: Chocolate fudge cake yesterday and today from my sister’s birthday party. Sooooooo good! WW Sundaes and WW caramel thingies too for snacks.

#ROW80 Check-in 9/9/15

Happy birthday to my younger (and only) sister!

I’ve been doing mostly editing, but I did finish up the big project (on Labor Day, ironically enough), and while I’ve been working on copyediting the lovely KD Sarge’s next Turtleduck Press novel, Burning Bright (which so far is awesome, btw!), I have had a bit more time than I have had lately. I wrote bout 500 words on Fireborn, and have been happily noodling — or, uh, brainstorming ideas for When the Stars Fall, which my muse has insisted is BEFORE the Stars Fall. She feels this is very important.

So far, I’ve got a guardian angel in human form who doesn’t know it, frightening visions she believes are the result of mental illness, a rock star who’s about to die, and one rule: the angel and the rock star can’t fall in love. Also, they may have done this before in a past/parallel life before. Maybe.

So, um, that’s what’s been keeping me from going insane these days. Because life.

Here’s a little excerpt of Fireborn that I just wrote, so it may be rough:

“You…were a witness? How come you didn’t come forward?” Rick asked.

Another eye roll. “I didn’t want to be implicated…but then I started feeling guilty – ”

“Because you might be next,” I muttered.

“Yeah, that, too,” she said, glaring at me. She had a mean glare. She looked at Rick. “She would communicate with Tarot cards. And I saw…I saw her.”

Did I believe this? Could I believe this? Maybe she was mentally ill, or just twisted enough to compel us to dance on her strings. I gave Rick a questioning look, and he shrugged. So, I figured I was on my own until we could talk privately.

“You saw her? How does one see a ghost?” Mercy started to say something, but I stopped her by holding up my hand. “Of course you can see ghosts.”

“She’s around.” Mercy averted her gaze. “She won’t rest until she kills us all.” She gave me an assessing look. “Which is why I came here in the first place. Assuming you still want my help.”

Okaaay. “Yeah, of course. Rick?”

“Yeah, I’d like to hear what you have to say. Do you want another water?”

“Yes, please,” Mercy replied, taking her empty glass and placing it into Rick’s hand.

“Be right back. Try not to kill each other while I’m gone,” Rick said with a pleading look at me.

“We won’t,” I shot back. I gave Mercy an assessing look of my own. “Is this really for real, or you just having a joke at our expense?”

Mercy stood and tried to pet Love, who’d sat herself in front of me as my feline guard. She grudgingly allowed it. Briefly. “If you survive this, you’ll grow in power, and your child will be even more powerful.”

Chocolate consumption report: Not a lot. We did have Sanders Bumpy Cake for dessert on Labor Day though!

So that’s it from me for now. How are you all doing?

#ROW80 Check-in 8/23/15

I’m doing some better. Still having vertigo, but I no longer want to curl up and hide somewhere, so that’s good, right?

I made some progress!!!

997 words on Fireborn and I think I’m unstuck. And, I have an idea for a spin-off series. Thanks, muse!

I’ve been thinking about revision, and decided to go back to Holly Lisle’s How to Revise Your Novel class, which I took waaay back in 2008. It has been invaluable for figuring out where I messed up and where I didn’t, which is really cool. So I printed off the first lesson worksheets and will be working on them once Fireborn is done.

I also have been inspired (by Holly Lisle) to shift my focus a bit to shorter works. And I’ve thought about it before, but never really considered it for reasons I don’t know (too many novel ideas?). She says that the more you have out there for purchase, the more traction you get with sales. I would love to go full time with this, but I need a certain amount of money to make the leap, and sadly, it hasn’t happened yet. I’ve got two books out and two poetry chapbooks and a free anthology. I’d like to get a few more shorter works (novellas primarily) out there. Part of why I decided to write Fireborn was because of that, actually. But I’d like to put out a few more novellas, like novella #3 in the Reaper Girl universe, Flamebound (which was a novella, then I planned an expansion to novel length, and am now planning it as a novella. Crazy!) which has been languishing far too long and is on my priority list of projects. I have a few novel ideas that could be serialized (as long as there’s a complete story per installment — I’m not a fan of having incomplete stories and forcing people to buy three installments vs one novel, but that’s my opinion) and a few longish short story ideas that are lower on the list but are intriguing. Might be some possibilities there. So that’s my main focus at the moment.

As for actual writing since the last check-in, very little. I’ve had a few Real Life things happen and I’ve been feeling a bit stuck. Now that I’ve worked on Fireobrn again, I feel pretty confident I can start again.

I will try to work a bit on Survivor after I finish this post.

And the fanfic-turned-original idea When the Stars Fall is still hounding me.

Noodling on Covenant, but no words.

Chocolate consumption: WW Sundaes (1 per day), chocolate sugar-free pudding (today), chocolate caramel thingies, Kit Kat minis, and some form of chocolate donut tonight.

#ROW80 Check-in 8/19/15

ROW80, here we are again!

I have to admit, I’ve made almost no progress on any writing so far this week. Real Life is conspiring against me!

Today I managed 526 words of Changeling 3, which I am proud of! It’s finally moving again! I’m hoping to get the rough draft done before freelance editing job #2 lands in my inbox. I started it in the middle, then moved to the beginning. Next it’ll be finishing the middle and adding the ending. I usually don’t work that way, but for some reason I had a mental block about where to start, and I did know the middle, so I went with it. I wonder if that would work for novels, When the Stars Fall in particular (it’s still trying to become fanfic. I don’t know).

I’m still having vertigo which is not good, and a bit scary. I had one last night in the shower. My mom had one of those railings put in when she had the bathroom renovated and thank God for that! I hate being unsteady, but having the rail there is helpful and I feel safer. (Hard to imagine not feeling safe in the shower…)

As for everything else…not much happening. I just hasn’t gotten back into the groove, and I hope to soon!

Maybe working on several projects isn’t working. I’m not sure. For now, I’ll keep with it, make a decision later.

Chocolate consumption: Some. Last night I had a few mini Kit Kats (I LOVE those!) and today I had a WW Sundae.One goal for next round will be an actual plan for dieting. I really, really need to lose get some weight off and I’ve been tap-dancing around actually dieting and well…it’s overdue. Why can’t the good stuff have NO calories? It’s crazy.

Some eye pain due to a storm front. I did take a loopy pill this time. But I haven’t taken one since vacation, so I call it good. Hopefully tomorrow the front will be gone and I’ll feel better.

I feel like this is a bit of a downer post, so I apologize. Usually I’m bursting with things to say! Today I’m a bit quiet, and I think it’s okay. Sometimes we need quiet, you know?

How did you do?

RSW Progress Report 8/17/15

I’m home!

And…trying desperately to get back into my normal routine.

How I did on last week’s goals:

I did okay. No actual writing, unfortunately, between camp prep and then at camp; I just didn’t feel up to it. I did manage a few things, though, which more or less made up for it. I also got hit with a paranormal romance idea that’s…very intriguing to my muse because it started off as fanfic…but I am not really a fanfic writer, and this has promise as an original work, one I may want to self-pub, so…yeah. Still working out details. Of course, I can’t really add it to my WIPs because I will go crazy, but I’m definitely making notes so I can tuck it away for later.

It may become book #1 of a series, one I’ve been planning for awhile…the worldbuilding intersects nicely and it may be doable…

Yeah. Anyhoo.

Here’s the actual rundown:

~Finish editing job and email the short story back to the writer (due 8/7) – DONE! I’m working on the final look edit as I type this.
~Start packing for vacation (!!) DONE! No kidding, Erin.
~500 words on Fireborn/rewritten portion min NOT DONE! But, I got the first half of it edited/revised and the second half I re-outlined. Stuck on one part, but am noodling.
~500 words min on Covenant NOT DONE.
~Review of Pas by SM Reine (!!!) DONE. Great book, great series.
On vacation:
~Take pictures on vacation, regular and infrared DONE and DONE! Once I get the infrared pics post-processed, I’ll put them up.
~Work on any project, any amount of words or outlining or whatever (usually I wait to see how I feel about being insanely productive or taking a break or doing just a bit. Every trip is different!) DONE with Fireborn and the new project.

This week’s goals:

~Finish edit job
~Finish rough draft of Changeling 3
~Read and review short story for TDP member
~SOMETHING RELATED TO WRITING OR ACTUAL WRITING, no word count goals, just something!

I’ve been feeling very out of sorts since coming home, and I want to ease into the swing and not pressure myself too much. I’ve been having vertigo attacks and that’s been scary, so…yeah. Just progress on something works.

A favorite line from my story OR a word or phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised: Freaking muse! I love her, but she’s crazy when she’s got a new story idea! She was sending me whole scenes and conversations! I dreamed about it! I am consumed by it.

The biggest challenge I faced this week (ie finding time to write, getting sick, having writer’s block, etc): Not succumbing to the urge to start a new project, even though it would have been easy. And fun. 🙂 (That’s how Covenant started).

Something I love about my WIP: What the hell, let’s talk about the new one. it started its life as Tell Me Your Secrets, but then morphed into a psychic thing, and thus, I changed the title to When the Stars Fall. The idea for the title came from a phase uttered by a character on one of the shows I watch, and it just stuck. It involves ley lines, soulmates, time travel, and clairvoyance believed to be mental illness. Pretty twisted, but should be fun. 🙂

How did you do on your goals?