I’ve decided that since I can’t do NaNoWriMo this year, I’m going to do a NaNoRevMo – National Novel Revision Month.  😀  Cheesy, yeah, but I’ve realized that alot of my motivation comes from marathons and contests.  I don’t even know why, really — it could be my competitiveness peeking out, or maybe I just want something to work towards as the WriMos work towards their 50k goal.  Whatever the case, I’m there.  Kind of insane, but lately, I’ve been a little crazy these days….

Big question: Pirouette or Alpha Female?  I want to do both!  But if I go by what’s oldest and needs to get kicked out the door, Pirouette is it.  If I go by ability to actually, yanno, submit, it’s Alpha Female.  Hell, might just work on both.

I don’t know.  But something will get done for sure.

And yeah — sloth time is over.  I can never be away from writing very long.  It always calls me back.  😉  That and the crack of my Inner Slave Driver’s whip.

And in other news, we’re getting closer to the Turtleduck Press launch and I can’t wait!

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