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New Release: Forged from Flame by Kasey Mackenzie

Kasey Mackenzie is an old friend of mine. We met at Forward Motion, a writer’s forum we were members of. I’ve been following her career for years. I’ve always been amazed at her awesome books.

So I’m just a little bit biased. But still…check this out:

forgedinflamePlenty people have deadbeat parents, but how many have fathers who keep showing up to kill them? Just one more example of what a lucky woman I am. Oh wait, I’m not even human anymore—I’m a Fire-controlling Elemental called a Phoenix. And boy, do I have daddy issues!

I also have long-lost sibling issues when my sister and brother show up on my new Elemental clan’s doorstep. They were rescued from Daddy Dearest’s evil lab by an old enemy in a show of good faith. Turns out that enemy’s now carrying his latest magical science experiments (twins!) and claims she can help us save my bondmate Jake’s own twin, Colin. The one we thought was beyond saving.

Now we’re in a race to find Colin’s watery grave and free my siblings from our father’s psychic powers. If only I master my own abilities as the world’s first Elemental liegelord in centuries, we might stand a chance.

The title’s gender-neutral, thank you very much, and I’m about to show Daddy Dearest he messed with the wrong daughter. Failure’s not an option, because it means that everyone I love will be mind-controlled minions of my father—or dead beyond saving.

Go to her website to purchase.

But wait! there’s more.

Kasey is giving away—for free, no strings attached—copies of book 1, Reborn in Fire, reborninfirefor a limited time. To take advantage of this awesome offer, go here (this is Bookfunnel, where you can download ePubs and MOBIs).

And you have to admit, these covers are stunning.

I haven’t read either one yet—but I have read her other books. I feel confident in recommending these books. She is a great writer. You will love them.

Go forth and buy. 😉