#ROW80 Check-in #9

Check-in #9!

~Ever Touched – I’m just rolling along on this. I’m about to hit 40k. I’ve done so well so far that I’m just ecstatic! I remember years ago when I had a quota of 1k a day, and then my wrists got bad, so I backed off of it. But then I did Nano last year with the same quota (to get my goal of 30k) and it went fine, so I figured I’d try again. It is working beautifully. Story-wise, I’m almost through with the setup and will be heading into the middle. Things are interesting, that’s for sure.

~Covenant/8 minutes a day – I missed a few days this week due to being absolutely stuck on something, but I believe I’m over that hump now. Up to 16k. Also, I wrote a blog post going into greater detail about 8-minute writing on the Turtleduck Press blog here. Check it out if you’re curious.

~Physical activity – twice this week, both food preparation. That’s been what this weekend has been — food prep! But it counts!

~Darkroom – I had lofty plans of working on it last night, but Real Life intruded. Important stuff, but still. I hope to get something done before the round is over!

~Planner – I sat down on Monday and filled everything in for the week.That seems to be working better, so I think I will continue to do it that way.

~Water – Every day except one.

Overall, I’ve been very tired and things have been a struggle. It didn’t help that my eye was hurting for two days straight due to a storm front. That’s kind of rare now, which is good, but I ended up taking a loopy pill because the pain was making me crazy. (And I couldn’t take it at work). But I am happy that I managed to keep up on the writing at least. I’m sort of amazed that I’ve written so much in such a short span of time. I started out at 25k from Nano (I had restarted 10 days in so I had to trash some of it) so that’s about 15k. This is fast for me, and it’s awesome. 🙂 I’m hoping, if all goes well, to have the first draft done in the next few months, and then I can revise, revise, revise. And then it won’t be such a race to the finish line like last time.

Annnd that’s it for me!



4 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in #9

  1. Overall, it sounds like you are doing okay, and sometimes if physical ailments slow you down, you just have to accept it as it is. You will be able to make up for lost time down the road. Best wishes for a productive week.

  2. It’s tough to get much done when we’re in pain or just exhausted, which I’m all too familiar with. The thing is to be kind to ourselves when we need to be (and it sounds like you are). I can also relate to getting physical activity through food preparation–I cooked a whole month’s worth of meals today to freeze! That is definitely tiring but so worth it. Keep up the good work on those goals, and have a great week!

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