#ROW80 Round 1 2015 Goals

Here we are again with A Round of Words in 80 days, or ROW80 as we call it.  I participated in 3 of 4 rounds in 2014 (first time ever) and it was amazingly productive.  I also met some great people, too.

So, naturally, with the new year comes new goals and projects.  I decided to dive in and join Round 1.

I have a few main goals, which I’m not setting wordcount goals for yet.  Maybe later, once I get rolling. I need to get rolling first!

So here are my goals:

~Start writing first draft of Fireborn (Reaper Girl #2).  I aim to have it written by the end of the month.  It will be a 25k novella (I hope! I write long!)
~Settle on a plot (loose) for Ever Touched (FT #3)
~Work on Survivor one day a week (“work” loosely defined as: plotting, planning rewrite, brainstorming, actual writing, poking at it with a sharp pointy stick…)

I’m going to start with these and see what happens.  I’m coming off an incredibly long, hard year-long slog on FT book #2, Grave Touched, and I need some easy stuff to dip my toes back into the writing pool.  I’m already feeling the itch to write again, so hey, that’s a good sign.  The muse is starting to get interested…

Looking forward to lots of fun, chocolate (oh yes, stats will be back at some point! I promise!), and productivity.


9 thoughts on “#ROW80 Round 1 2015 Goals

  1. Hi Erin, nice to meet you. I took off from row80 last year and missed all the great folks immensely. I like your goals. Give your muse some chocolate and have fun. See you round the ‘watercooler.’

  2. I’m attempting 500 words per day, with hopes of completing my WIP by June 30, 2015. I wish I had worked chocolate into my goals, too. It’s not too late to revise, right? Good luck! We can do this!

  3. I’ve missed you and your stats, Erin! Welcome back. I think you’ve got a good collection of beginning goals there. Best of luck as you eat chocolate and take names!

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