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#ROW80 Check-in 7/23/14 – Lots of wordz

I missed both Sunday’s and last Wednesday’s check-ins because I was swamped with preparing for camping and then actually camping. It was wonderful, and the pop-up trailer we bought was a dream. We’re going to be camping in August (a weekend), September (week), and possibly even October, which will be a first for us.

Sooooo I’m finally getting back into the swing. I’ve managed around 1k a day for the past few days, and I’m very close to the halfway mark on Grave Touched. I’m having a slight crisis of faith with my outline. I’m considering veering in a totally different direction and while I think it’s a good thing, I’m not sure what it’ll do to the second half of the book. I think I can still fit certain things in (like the climax, for an example) but I think others may need to be shuffled. For now, I’m writing it as it comes. I’ll deal with the other stuff after I’ve finished this draft.

This will be my third. Hopefully last.


Words rewritten since last check-in: 7,241 words (!!!!!)
Words remaining: 2,759 words (!!!)
Pages edited: 0 (no editing needed yet)
What’s happening: [Redacted] is taking over. Yikes.
What’s next: Bad things. Very bad things.
Eye report: Horrendous for the past two days. 😦 I think there’s a storm coming.
Back report: Not too bad. Twinge-y.
Chocolate consumption (everyone’s favorite 😀 ): A whole lotta chocolate, too much to list. Including s’mores, 3 Musketeers bars, Twix bar, WW snacks…today I get to sample some chocolate cake (and 2 other varieties) that were made by one of our Mediterranean customers. Should be interesting. (This is the benefit of working in foodservice. SAMPLES YAY).