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#ROW80 Check-in 1/8/17

My first check-in of the round! Unfortunately, I have been sick with either a bad cold or a flu bug. I actually called off work both Tuesday and Wednesday (something I never do!). But having fibromyalgia complicates things. I have been very dizzy and unbalanced. Even now — I’m almost 100% and I’m still having vertigo attacks.

So, needless to say, not much has gotten done. 😦 I have started on my 2nd round of edits on Ever Touched and I am up to page 54 (of 237). I also have an idea for the final book in the series, which I am calling Shadow Touched for now. It sort of came to me last night. So that’s a thing.

I’ve been keeping up on the water drinking for the most part.

I have more or less finalized my stock art for my cover art. No energy to work on the cover yet, though!

Chocolate consumption: Oh God, lots and lots! Lindt dark chocolates; chocolate-covered Oreos, regular Oreos. Ultimate chocolate sandwich, and also a hot chocolate last night courtesy of my wonderful hubby. 😉

I hope to have more progress this week.


RSW Progress Report 8/17/15

I’m home!

And…trying desperately to get back into my normal routine.

How I did on last week’s goals:

I did okay. No actual writing, unfortunately, between camp prep and then at camp; I just didn’t feel up to it. I did manage a few things, though, which more or less made up for it. I also got hit with a paranormal romance idea that’s…very intriguing to my muse because it started off as fanfic…but I am not really a fanfic writer, and this has promise as an original work, one I may want to self-pub, so…yeah. Still working out details. Of course, I can’t really add it to my WIPs because I will go crazy, but I’m definitely making notes so I can tuck it away for later.

It may become book #1 of a series, one I’ve been planning for awhile…the worldbuilding intersects nicely and it may be doable…

Yeah. Anyhoo.

Here’s the actual rundown:

~Finish editing job and email the short story back to the writer (due 8/7) – DONE! I’m working on the final look edit as I type this.
~Start packing for vacation (!!) DONE! No kidding, Erin.
~500 words on Fireborn/rewritten portion min NOT DONE! But, I got the first half of it edited/revised and the second half I re-outlined. Stuck on one part, but am noodling.
~500 words min on Covenant NOT DONE.
~Review of Pas by SM Reine (!!!) DONE. Great book, great series.
On vacation:
~Take pictures on vacation, regular and infrared DONE and DONE! Once I get the infrared pics post-processed, I’ll put them up.
~Work on any project, any amount of words or outlining or whatever (usually I wait to see how I feel about being insanely productive or taking a break or doing just a bit. Every trip is different!) DONE with Fireborn and the new project.

This week’s goals:

~Finish edit job
~Finish rough draft of Changeling 3
~Read and review short story for TDP member
~SOMETHING RELATED TO WRITING OR ACTUAL WRITING, no word count goals, just something!

I’ve been feeling very out of sorts since coming home, and I want to ease into the swing and not pressure myself too much. I’ve been having vertigo attacks and that’s been scary, so…yeah. Just progress on something works.

A favorite line from my story OR a word or phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised: Freaking muse! I love her, but she’s crazy when she’s got a new story idea! She was sending me whole scenes and conversations! I dreamed about it! I am consumed by it.

The biggest challenge I faced this week (ie finding time to write, getting sick, having writer’s block, etc): Not succumbing to the urge to start a new project, even though it would have been easy. And fun. 🙂 (That’s how Covenant started).

Something I love about my WIP: What the hell, let’s talk about the new one. it started its life as Tell Me Your Secrets, but then morphed into a psychic thing, and thus, I changed the title to When the Stars Fall. The idea for the title came from a phase uttered by a character on one of the shows I watch, and it just stuck. It involves ley lines, soulmates, time travel, and clairvoyance believed to be mental illness. Pretty twisted, but should be fun. 🙂

How did you do on your goals?

#ROW80 Check-in 8/16/15

I’m home! Well, I’ve been home since Thursday, but have been busy getting unpacked and into the swing again.

It’s been tough. Vacations are absolutely awesome, but it’s so rough for me getting into the normal routine again. Tomorrow is my first day back to work and that’s bound to be a killer, and I’ve been feeling meh about my WIPs.

Also, I have been having vertigo attacks all week. At first I thought it was my body going wonky over not being home (it’s totally weird but true) but I continued having them when I got home, and more frequently. It’s scary because I never know when I’ll get one, and I worry about falling, so I’ve been living in a state of limbo and it’s exhausting. I’m not sure if it’s the new medication or not. It’s not listed as a side effect, but my research has turned up a few people who have experienced it as a side effect. Also, I’ve been on the new med for over a month, so the crazy beginning period is basically over so…I don’t know. I’ll be seeing the neuro again in September, and I will be bringing it up for discussion.

So here is the (pathetic) rundown of projects:

Fireborn – Revised first half while on vacation and re-outlined the second. Haven’t started any type-in or rewriting as of yet.
Covenant – Nothing done since last check-in. 😦
Changeling 3 – Rough draft partially written before vacation. My goal this weekend (today, actually, since the weekend’s almost over) is to finish up the rough draft.
Survivor – Nothing, but have been thinking about it.

I also was hit with a new idea for a paranormal romance while camping, and let’s just say I am fending it off as I type this.

Also, I have another round of editing happening on my freelance project soon. So that is happening.

I am hoping to get back moving with everything once I feel a bit better.

Chocolate consumption report: A fair amount while on vacation, including s’mores made with fudge stripe cookies instead of graham crackers. They were SO GOOD!