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My name for the Timeline for Survivor that I’ve been plugging away at using the program SuperNotecard. It got this name because it felt like all the inputting and figuring and reading never seemed to end….and, it hasn’t. Not yet.

Attack of the Rabid Plot Bunnies of Doom.

Since I haven’t been writing regularly (because of my wrist), the plot bunnies conspired to plummel me with ideas…..when I can’t do a damn thing about them.  Nothing.  Except take notes.  Failing that….er…remember?

 Yeah.  So today’s Big Idea came from my original mind control research.  I’ve always wanted to do a hard-core cult novel, with very severe mind control at its center.  Two plot bunnies, both older fit that.  But one took center stage, and I could see some of the scenes in my mind.  Scary.

Another is related to the TV show Bones.  I’ve watched a few episodes, and I like it alot.  I especially like forensics — it’s one of my nerdy interests.  And whilst reading up on the new season of Bones, out comes a murder mystery bunny begging for attention.

That’s not counting the Dune-inspired idea of genetic engineering/superiority.  Or the ideas I recently added to my archive on Flogging the Muse (it’s protected, so don’t bother looking.  I paranoid).  I really really need to either become super-prolific or start ignoring these ideas because I will not live long enough to see them through to completion.  But dammit, they’re all shiny. 

Life stinks sometimes.

Oh, and Survivor has been poking at me, too.  I actually broke down and worked on the Timeline of Doom, and brainstormed new scenes, and got horrendously frustrated by a niggling plot issue.  An important one.  So it just needs to simmer.

Yeah.  Any plot bunny cages around?  Cuz I need ’em like yesterday.

Figured Survivor out. *wipes forehead*

I was sweating bullets for awhile, worrying about how to integrate two separate –very good — outlines for the end.  I went over them today and made notes and…..they will fit almost seemlessly.  Go me!

And of course, naturally, Survivor will need its own “rewrite of doom.”  I’m going to work backwards from the scene I wrote this week, connecting it to the existing parts, then try to finish each individual plot thread.  I have quite a few.  *rolling eyes*  My muse just wouldn’t shut up.  She kept adding things.  Luckily, the bulk of it will stay.  There are a few tangents I took that will be going, though.

And the body count?  Currently, it’s at 2.  Paternity of the baby of the MC?  No clue.  It can be one of 3 men, and I’m just not sure which one would be best.  I could, theoretically, leave that unanswered until Ghost.  Must give that more thought.

But it’s finally shaping up!  I’m very excited.  This one’s been in progress for almost 2 years.  I had started it for a class at Forward Motion — where you take novel creation from your idea all the way to submitting the finished book to a publisher.  As I wrote it, I got deeper and deeper into this twisted tangle of a plot (and some very creepy psychological stuff) and fell in love.  But NaNo was approaching, and I wanted to participate, and Pirouette took over, save for a new first scene I wrote mid-last year.  And I’ve been poking at it ever since in between projects.  Now, I’d like for it to take some priority.  I want to finish the first draft, at least, this year.  The rewrite might have to wait, as getting Pirouette out to agent rounds is #1.  But I will fit this in someplace.  It’s just really cool, and I think it could be a very good book.  🙂  At least, I hope!

Also wrote 998 words of Requiem today.  A very creepy scene indeed.  Tomorrow, it’s gonna be working on editing Pirouette and Survivor’s Timeline of Doom.