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Ah, yes. The bane of my existence. The place I go to be tortured and to earn a steady paycheck.

#ROW80 Round 3 Goals

Round 3 already! But the year just started! Time is FLYING.

I’m going to stick with my less goals, less stress idea for this round. I have a lot coming up — Fey Touched’s free promo the 21st through the 23rd, increased TN pain despite an increased dosage of my medication, and job stress. So, without further adieu, here are my goals:

~Continue with Fireborn rewrite.
~Finish secret project. It is currently almost half done.
~Continue participating in Camp Nano. I have two projects I am flip-flopping between, Oubliette and When She Sleeps. Should keep me busy!
~Start plotting Survivor into Scrivener (Survivor is my Nano project).
~One glass of water 5x a week.
~Continue with FYFB class
~Continue with chocolate consumption reports

And that’s it for me. I may add an exercise goal to this at some point.


77k and rolling along!

I’ve been working hard on Pirouette the Third, after bashing my writer’s block into itty bitty little pieces.  I’m almost 2/3rds of the way through.  I think the bulk of the work is done, but the last third does need some rewriting.  I’m going to try to finish it by the end of March (would be a nice birthday present) and then hopefully start the revision.  In between all of that, I’d also like to work on Broken.  I have a bunch of ideas and scenes and I really want to work on it, but I left off in a weird spot, and Pirouette the Third is the priority. 

The family drama is just now starting to end, and I’m thankful for that.  I’m still feeling a bit off kilter, and work has been brutal on me this week.  I just don’t feel right.  It’s not that I’m sick or anything.  It’s just the same old thing, day after day after day, and I suspect I need a vacation.  Which isn’t till the end of June, unless I take a week off in between…..

Holly Lisle’s HTRYN class has been invaluable for spotting possible problems with Pirouette the Third.  Once I officially start, I anticipate that it will really help get this draft closer to submittable.  I still want to try to submit something this year.  Might end up being Flamebound after I revise and expand it.  I’m not sure.  I just wish I could work faster.  And this is with me writing every day, with the occasional day off.  I’m building back the habit again, and it feels really good.

Also been thinking about Darkweaver.  Might slot that in later on in the year.  As if I need any more projects!

Another thing is that I’ve been pretty successful at working on different projects at the same time.  Granted, they are all in different stages, but still.  It works because I compartmentalize everything.  Like, there’s a spot for Broken, and Flamebound, and Pirouette the Third.  They don’t touch each other, and everything related to each stays in its own place.  There’s never any bleed-through or confusion.  I’m just smart like that. 😉  But really, it’s the same reason why I can read multiple books at the same time.  It’s the same thing.  I never get confused.  It just…works.

I think the human mind is incredible, which is why I wish I could have pursued neurology. Oh well.  Guess it wasn’t in the cards.  Being a writer is thrilling enough for me any day.


Been meaning to get back here and post, but time has been a slippery thing as of late.

Nanowrimo isn’t going too well for me so far.  I’m at 6k, when I should be at 20k.  😦  On day 2 I made the decision to not worry about making 50k.  I’ve been under alot of stress at work, and been having migraines and wrist problems.

And my family’s in crisis right now.  Can’t really get into it for privacy reasons, but basically someone very close to my heart betrayed us (not the beloved!). Someone who I never thought would ever do something so …..awful.  Family has always been important to all of us, and well….I just don’t know.

Been mostly numb, although I’ve had a grand total of two meltdowns, one at work which really sucked.  I’m coping. I’m trying to make sense of this, trying to handle it best I can, and not go crazy.  It’s been a struggle as of late.  The ones left standing and the beloved have been great, and I am damn grateful for that.  We are lucky to have each other.  And I take comfrort in knowing that at least that will never change.

So…..writing and Nanowrimo haven’t been at the top of my list.  I stopped writing for 4 days immediately following the inciting incident, but felt the urge and started writing again.  Was okay till Nano day 2, and it all broke down.  I feel broken.  I feel as if a critical part of me has gone away, and it won’t be coming back.  Grief?  Not really.  Strangely.  I’m mad more than sad at the moment.  I haven’t spoken to this individual since the incident, and I’m not sure when — if ever — I will.  There are just some lines you just don’t cross, EVER.

Of course, as if I needed more ideas, the muse twists this up and hands me an intriguing — very intriguing — idea.  Loosely based on the incident, but beyond that, pure fiction.  I’m thinking paranormal or horror.  It’s tentatively called Unforgiven (yes, a nod to Metallica) and I might just handwrite the damned thing.  Been meaning to try that method, but always thought it would waste time.  I just read an article about how writers write and guess what?  Most of them draft by hand!  I was surprised, especially in today’s day and age, but whatever works, right?

Just for the record, I almost decided to put Soulfire on the back burner.  Why?  It just wasn’t gelling, until last night.  Now I’m good with it, after a great writing night, if only the wrist would cooperate.

I’ve also been poking at Pirouette the Third  in the middle of all this.  It’s been coming along.

So that’s the lowdown.  Wish I had better things to say.

A quote: The heart remembers what the mind tries so much to forget.  Might be the first line of Unforgiven.  I don’t know.

Finish Flamebound or bust!

Much has kept me from finishing Flamebound, primarily just not having enough time, and since today is a snow day for me (we didn’t get today off, mind you….my ride just couldn’t get here with all the snow), I’ve decided that this novella  is going down!  Yeeaahhhhh!

Along with other things, like gift wrapping and Revision Planning.

Yeppers.  We’ve had about 5 inches so far, with more on the way.  Let it snow, let it snow………

Voice recognition, the hospital, and plotbunnies.

That’s basically my week in a nutshell.

I had been forced to do the VR thing while my wonderful wrist tendonitis healed.  It’s still not 100%, but it’s a helluvah lot better than it was.  Am still going easy on it, taking breaks, and popping the motrin.

On the voice rec — it’s working, but not as well as I want it to.  Composing is getting easier, but the word miss-recognitions are killing me.  So I’m taking an unofficial break.  I may still need to use it on a regular basis.  The more you use it, the smarter it becomes.  So they say.  It’s Dragon Naturally Speaking, btw.  I’ve had it since 2003, when my first flareup occurred and gave me a horrific carpal tunnel scare.  Luckily, my EMG/torture came back negative, so I’ve been careful.

But not careful enough, evidently.

My mom’s in the hospital.  She was supposed to be released yesterday but she spiked a 101DEG fever, so they have her on three different antibiotics.  No one’s really sure why she got the infection/fever/whatever it is, but it seems to be coming down.  She’s READY to come home and we miss her.  My days have been basically getting up to help with the dog, sleeping in, eating something, go to hospital, eat something else, go to bed.  And nothing appeals to me, and I think I’m having sympathy pains.  French toast, however, sounds divine.

On writing.  Yeah.  Not much going on there.  Wrote a bit yesterday.  Pirouette just broke 20k.  I’m participating in AugNoWriMo with a goal of 10k.  I’m just shy of 4k.  Will I make it?  Not sure, but as long as I write something every day that I can (and am not so exhausted), it’s fine.  I’m going easy on myself, as this has been a rough month for me, with the tendonitis and Mom’s surgery. 

And I got a ton of friggin plot bunnies.  Why is it that when I’m not writing much, they all bombard me at once?  I had three yesterday.  Three.  Oh well.  I signed up for the outline marathon at Forward Motion, so I’ll be outlining something.  But what?  Such a hard choice……

So that’s what’s doing in my little corner of the universe.

I really don’t wanna go to work tomorrow.  Can I like, just call off?  Nah.

 ETA: No writing has occurred–too exhausted.  Mom is coming home today!

On magic.

Yeah.  Magic.

So what have I been up to lately?  Thinking.  Alot.  About. Pirouette.  I have a lot of the kinks worked out, and the muse is actually cooperating (go Muse!) so I actually have something to show for 2-3 days of no writing and thinking.  Let’s hear it for deep thinking.

Okay, all silliness aside, I think I’ve got it figured out.  Got a new type of demon, a Big Bad Demon, who’s hell-bent (no pun intended) on ruling the world.  Well, at least the alternate world where the otherworldly folks live.  And maybe ours, too.

I have a neat twist, which I’m not divulging, and a neat climax.  As with all of my books, it’s subject to change and prolly will.   I also have a few themes figured out, too: Love redeems, and Alisia’s personal theme: silencing the ghosts.  But what she silences and how are two very different things.  😉

What else?  Worked on the Plot of Doom after lunch.  Missed a few things, but got the bones.  Just need the meat.  Lots of it.  Will be going back to Create a Plot Clinic to see what the muse has for me. 

And the magic rules….are coming together.  It’s always been said that you need to have limits and consequences for your magic, that it’s not just a fancy plot device.  I was guilty of that a bit in Pirouette 1.0.  Now, I’m giving my folks limits.  Some of the magic has limits built in, but what about the new magic?  It needs limits, and it should be affected by death magic, as it involves the death of ….something.  Not tellin.’  😉  And overflow.  Yes, in my world, you can have too much magic.  Or not enough.  This is alot of fun.  It’s going to create a richer world I think, and nice conflict, especially when magic-things go wrong.


I’m happy.  I’m always happiest when I’m weaving words, inhabiting my world for a short time.  It makes life so much more than what it is…..I have this world of my own.  And it rocks.  And I love Alisia and Lucien.  They’re my supercouple.  Kind of like Terry Goodkind’s Richard and Kahlan (now there’s an awesome couple, because their love endures EVERYTHING imaginable — if I can do something remotely like this, I’d be delighted).  Goodkind rocks.  He actually inspired me to start writing fantasy and weaving fantasy elements into my horror/vamp books.  Darkweaver is the result of those attempts.

Anyhoo, I’m off to go weave some more.  Also I have another blog, a “virtual notebook” as it were.  It’s primarily private, but I will post things there publically from time to time.  Mostly plot stuff, language stuff, worldbuilding…..just so it’s in one place and somewhere besides on my hard drive or scribbled on paper.  I’m paranoid that way.  Anyhoo, check in from time to time, you might find something cool.

 It’s called Flogging the Muse.  How appropriate, huh? 

muse-1, Erin-0

And so the game continues.  Today I got alot of work done on various projects.  The big one is on Requiem, a solid 1,953 words.  That’s more like it.  I knew I had it in me.  That was a fun scene.  Poor Meredith.  She’s gonna flip out when she discovers what her master did to her. 

I also wrote down a new version of the Prophecy for Pirouette.  The first prophecy was well, not cool.  It hit a few of the things I wanted it to hit, but not enough.  Naturally, I needed to see the scope of the book (and the Final Battle) before coming up with something better. So I did.  I think Prophecy 2.0 rocks.  I may even turn it into a poem.  I’m not sure.  But I need that for the second scene of the rewrite, where our male lead learns of his destiny — and the mysterious woman who’s about to be interwined in it.  Fun, fun, fun.

And then there are the haiku.  Haiku that I wrote specifically for Pirouette.  They came out really cool. 

Overall, I am doing alot better.  Work wasn’t bad at all.  Not the pressure cooker it’s been all week.  That makes me very happy.  I also got alot done today, even with a surprise visit from our boss.  Yikes.  Sometimes I have no idea what to say to the guy.  He’s got a weird sense of humor, but he’s always been nice to me (except when he’s not releasing orders from credit hold for reasons I can’t figure out) so s’ok.

Next on the to-do list is darkroom.  But first, the wrists need a serious break.

ugh, the muse loses.

My muse has been very active today, giving me ideas about what scene to start the Pirouette rewrite with.  It’s a cool scene, giving the reader a taste of the world, of who the male lead is, and who the main players are.  It has a hook, too.  I visualized this most of the day, and when I sat down to write it, it came out totally wrong.  Not even a little rough, which I could live with.  I mean, holy crap I wrote that? rough.  I cannot even begin to express my frustration.

So, I deleted the entire thing.  It was around 300 words, not much, but there isn’t anything I remotely wanted to keep.  I guess I’m not quite there yet for starting it, even though it’s ahead of schedule, and I’m inspired now.  Oh well.  There will be time. 

Was thinking of trying to write a scene for Survivor or for Requiem.  I’m anxious to do some writing today, any writing, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.  I did have a frazzled kind of day, worthy of tranquilizers in fact.  My mind has been running a thousand miles an hour.  I think that’s a good thing, but dammit, I want to write.

I did write 10 haiku, but I don’t count that because they, too, suck.  Except one.  It’s from an excercise for my Tarot group where I challenge them to make up a haiku based on three Tarot cards.

I walk into light
on gossamer wings, I fly.
Boundless, my soul soars.

 Strangely enough, it sort of reminds me of that scene I just tried.  I’m not even sure what the Prophetess is going to tell Lucien, exactly.  I figure that it will come to me.  Or, I might need to drag it kicking and screaming from my muse. 

I’m listening to Queensyche’s “Rage for Order.”  What an awesome album.  Totally.  Inspiring.  I know my muse likes it. 

Just need the blasted words, dammit.