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Interview: Shannon Shaw, author of Created

Shannon Shaw, the author of Created, stopped by to answer some burning questions.

What inspired you to write this book specifically?

I was in the planning phase for another book when the idea popped in my head.  The thought really was one of many that day about concepts for books. I was reviewing them with my wife when she said I would love to hear more about the vampires and thus Created was born.

How long have you been writing?

I have always enjoyed writing, but shelved the idea during college and it was only about two years ago that I decided to return.

What made you decide to self-publish?  What do you see for the future of self-publishing?

My family and I were on vacation when the newspaper was delivered. Inside was a fascinating article about self-publishing darling Amanda Hocking.  I was fascinated about her rise to fame.  After talking it over with my wife, we resolved that I would at least give it try. The rest of the vacation I could not get the thoughts about writing from my head.

Tell us how your vampires are different from the traditional ones.

The Created are humans who have been selected for one reason or another to become vampires through the use of science.  The vampires in my novel use some unique elements, but embraces older traditional tropes as well.

Tell us about the series.

The Created series is planned to become a trilogy. The second book is currently in the revision stage.

The books detail the transformation of a young teen, Ethan Castel. He realizes that something sinister is happening within the new world of which he is now a part. Ethan has to deal with the intrigue on the military base as he fends off the advances of his guide, a mysterious vampire with weird fashion sense, and the love of a recent addition to his high school.

Who is your favorite author and why?

Clive Cussler. His books are always full of adventure. I think sometimes writers take themselves and the stories that have written too serious, but Cussler’s books always seem to be borderline fantastic tales that immerse the reader in action while supplying ample amounts of fun.

Tell us a fascinating fact about yourself.

Prior to becoming a writer I was a high school football coach for sixteen years.

Are you a pantser, plotter, or both? 

I am a little of both lately. I love the concept of detailing the whole book out, but sometimes this is just not realistic. I have written stories that were carefully outlined only to add more elements as I have moved throughout the process.  Writing can be very scattered and chaotic for me at times even when I have invested a large amount of time in the world building.

Do you listen to music when you’re writing?  If so, does your book have a specific theme song/soundtrack?

I love to listen to music while writing. As far as a soundtrack for the books, I do have several songs that I enjoy listening to while writing. If I had to describe the soundtrack it would be eclectic with a romantic leaning since there are so many interactions between Ethan and his lover interests.

What other things do you enjoy doing besides writing?

There are other things? Seriously, I am very boring.

Give us a bit of insight into the main character.  Who is he?  What does he want/need?  What can’t he live without?

Ethan is seventeen and was a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  He is like your average human boy with the same interests and desires except he has these extraordinary powers which complicate his life and these lives of those around him.

He is a great guy who is willing to sacrifice it all for the woman he loves either human or vampire.  It is his willingness to protect his friends and lovers that create problems for everybody throughout the series, but it is hard to fault someone who truly is guided by his heart.

There are no complications to Ethan. He wants what he wants, right or wrong.

Where can we find you on the web (website, twitter, etc.)?







Hot or cold? Hot

Coke or Pepsi? Coke

Summer or Winter? Summer

Black or white? Black

Vampire or human?  😉 Vampire

Computer or pen and paper? Computer

Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Milk Chocolate

 If you were stranded on an island, what three objects would you NEED to have with you?

A device to start a fire, rope and a knife.

Thanks for visiting today, Shannon.  Those of you who like vampires: check out Created!