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#ROW80 Check-in 6/1/14

Here we are again!  I missed Wednesday’s Check-in (the first time so far!) because hubby and I were out that evening and by the time I got back, I was so tired.  So I skipped.  *shifty look*   But I’m back now!

Writing’s been going very, very slowly.  I can’t really figure it out — between Soulfire and Awaken Me, I’ve got a ton of inspiration, but no motivation to write.  Part of it might be my back — I’ve been having some pretty severe pain.

This month is revision month for both Reaper Girl and Grave Touched.  Revisions for Reaper Girl are due back on the 22nd, and I’d like to make some good progress on Grave Touched before the end of the month.  We shall see.


Words written: 927 words/7,351 total
Words remaining: 27,649 words
What’s happening: The words were on both WIPs.
What’s next: Both of these will be on hold for awhile, unfortunately.
Feeling: Extremely unmotivated
Eye report: Okay.
Back report: So far, so good. *knocks on cyber-wood*
Chocolate consumption: Too much!  We had a birthday party yesterday, and there was Sander’s Chocolate Bumpy cake, Chocolate Brownie ice cream.  Today I’ve already devoured a box of Junior Mints….
Mood music: Device and Halestorm

#ROW80 Check-in 5/4/14 – May the Fourth be with you!

I’m currently between projects at the moment. I’ve finished Reaper Girl and I don’t feel quite ready to jump back into the Grave Touched Rewrite. Sooo, the top contenders are my erotica novella, Awaken Me and Soulfire, which has been gnawing on my brain for weeks. Maybe even a month.

I want to make a ruling today and start on something. I’m leaning toward Soulfire, at the moment, but that could change.

Maybe I’ll work on both. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve done that.

I’m giving myself this month only. I can’t afford to miss any more time on the Grave Touched Rewrite.

May the Fourth be with you!

#ROW80 Check-in 4/30/14

So, the big news is that Reaper Girl is finished. As in, completed, edited, and proofread for tomorrow’s deadline. BAM!

The second piece of news is that I’m considering writing another novella of some sort for a month. It would have to be around the same length, and not morph into a novel because I’m really supposed to be going back to Grave Touched. I just feel like I need more of a break with it. I don’t think it’ll impact my ability to make my deadline, but because of that possibility, I might try to work on it one day a week or something. I did that a long time ago — I had a main project I worked on every day, and then I had another I only worked with on Sundays. It was much slower, but the words did add up, and it didn’t impact the main project at all (the irony? I’ve since scrapped the main project from that, but that Sunday project is still in progress. It turned out to be one of the strongest novels thus far…and I’ve been doing this for at least 10 years!).

Sooo I’m currently struggling with what this project should be. I have a novella that needs a rewrite, but I was going to expand it into a novel. It is my ongoing revision through Holly Lisle’s How to Revise Your Novel class. It’s been languishing. Too long. But my muse hasn’t really gotten enthused lately, and I don’t know why.

I do have an erotica idea I’m pondering, as per my Year of No Fear Manifesto. I want it to be tied to some type of dance, because I love dance and dancing together can be really, uh, erotic. And just to throw a wrench into the monkey, I’m considering a female/female pairing. Might as well go all the way. My muse is intrigued and has already given me a first scene. Soooo we’ll see. (This will be a completely different genre for me to try. Kinda scary and kind of exciting at the same time).

But Grave Touched does need to be restarted. I might need to reread what I have because I’ve kinda forgotten where I left off. If I write a novel straight through (which is my normal process), I can keep track of stuff in my head, only referring to my notes/outline for main plot points and stuff. So I’ve lost that thread. I would like to add at least 35k to it this round.

Decisions, decisions.


Words written so far: 22.5k – FINIS!
Words remaining: Big fat zero baby!
What’s happening: The MCs are happy and in love and everything’s just purrfect.
What’s next: No friggin clue.
Feeling: Happy, happy, happy! And a bit insane.
Eye report: Throbbing today, and it sucks.
Chocolate consumption: Today – 2 Samoas and a WW ice cream Twix bar. Yummmmm.

#ROW80 Check-in 4/27/14

Still revising. I’m very close to being done. Still stuck on the ending, though.

I decided to take out the memory loss part. It would be tough to resolve it in a satisfying manner without bloating the wordcount more. Soooo, there’s that.

Today I have decided to at least start the ending — get something written, good or bad. I’m running out of time. My muse does not like this.


Words written so far: 19,739 / LOL, less than 40 more words. Actually, I’ve cut some things and added a few others.
Words remaining: Just not going there!
What’s happening: The end. I hope.
What’s next: Being finished. I hope.
Eye report: Slightly twinge-y.
Feeling: Anxious to finish.
Chocolate consumption: None so far, but I’m sure that will change.

#ROW80 Check-in 4/23/14

Still plugging away at the Reaper Girl revision. It’s going well. I’ve added a few relationship-building type things because it’s supposed to be a romance and I was really focused on getting the basics down first. It’s still too long wordcount-wise, but I’ll be cutting some stuff today.

My wrist tendonitis has also flared up a bit, so this will be short..

Words written so far: 19,705 words total / 1,950 words since last check-in
Words remaining: Uh….
What’s happening: Rick and Leliel dance under the three moons. Say it with me: awwwww.
What’s next: Unpleasant things like blindness and memory loss. Say it with me: Craaaaap.
Eye report: Twingy-er than usual, but tolerable.
Feeling: Really tired. It’s been a rough week.
Chocolate consumption: Well. None today yet (!!). The rest I can’t remember. Best I don’t.

#ROW80 Check-in 4/20/14 and Happy Easter!

It’s kind of funny. I started this blog on Easter Sunday 2007 (April 4th) but I consider Easter Sunday, regardless of the actual date, to be my blog’s birthday. So, Happy Birthday Weaver of Words! You’re 7 years old now.

My how time flies.

I have officially started revising Reaper Girl, even though the ending hasn’t been written yet. It is going very well. Few more good writing days, and I’ll be done.

Happy Easter everyone! Don’t eat too much candy and enjoy the time with whomever you’re spending it with. 😀


Words written so far: 17,755 words total/2,448 words since the last check-in
Words remaining: Still waaaaay over the limit, here. 7k over to be exact. Hope to cut some in revision.
What’s happening: Rick’s about to go blind. Assuming I keep that particular plot twist. I’m on the fence.
What’s next: The Three Trials, I think.
Eye report: Twinge-y
Feeling: Cold. It’s cold down in the dungeon. 😉
Chocolate consumption: Ye Gods. Enough.

#ROW80 Check-in 4/16/14

Well, here we are again. I’ve been making some awesome progress on Reaper Girl. Last night, I hit the climax and then…my wrist went all twinge-y. (And I know what happens when I ignore it..so…I was done for the night). So today, pending any more twinging, I should be able to get close to the end. There’s only one teeny tiny little problem: I’m not sure how to end it. Well, let me rephrase. I have an idea of how to do it; I’m just wibbling over the execution of it. I don’t want a deux ex machine ending or an ending that sucks. The ending I want to write involves getting from point A to point B in some unknown way. That’s the real problem.

Now, technically, I could start revising anyway. The deadline is in 2 weeks. I have a ton of ideas on how to make it better and maybe, just maybe, something might jump out at me as I’m revising. (I did this with both Fey Touched and Grave Touched. It seems to work well for me). Soooo if I can’t come up with something pretty soon, I might just hold off till the revision is done.

So that’s what’s going on in my world.


Words written so far: 15,307 words total/2,951 words since the last check-in
Words remaining: We’ve gone waaaaay over the limit, here.
What’s happening: His Highness, the King of the Underworld, is proclaiming his decision on [redacted] things.
What’s next: An epic, thrilling conclusion I have yet to dream up.
Eye report: Twinge-y
Feeling: A bit tired.
Chocolate consumption: 1 Weight Watchers snack. I’m also eyeballing a ice cream bar for later. We’ll see.

#ROW80 Check-in 4/13/14

Just rolling along on Reaper Girl. It is almost done, actually. I wanted to finish it yesterday, but I’d written 1,491 words at one point and didn’t want to aggravate my wrist. So, pending any disasters, I should be able to finish it within the next few days. I also have a plan for the revision, so yay.

So I should be starting the revision soon. After that, it’s either Soulfire or back to Grave Touched. Haven’t decided yet.


Words written so far: 12,356 total/3,838 words since last check-in
Words remaining (Reaper Girl only): +2,356 words
What’s happening: Leliel, the MC, has to fight Hellhounds to reach the King’s Place.
What’s next: Leliel will request an audience with the King.
Eye report: Twinge-y, but not bad.
Feeling: Slightly sleepy
Chocolate consumption: Where to start? Chocolate donut yesterday. Ice cream bar last night. Devil’s Food cookies. Weight Watchers snack.

#ROW80 Check-in 4/9/14

First check-in, whoohoooo! Things are going pretty well with Reaper Girl. Although I am a bit stumped as to what’s coming next. I’m a pantser, and when I had the idea for the part I’m currently writing, I was like, “That’s cool. Lots of character torture.” But, alas, no specifics as to what the torture was. But I trust my muse to let me know soon.

Total so far this round is 2,480 words. Oh, hell, let’s do some stats, shall we?


Words written on Reaper Girl: 9,098 total / 2,480 words since beginning of Round 2
Words remaining (Reaper Girl only): 902 words
What’s happening: The MC, Leliel, is undergoing a trial (torture) to get an audience with the King of the Underworld
What’s next: Something something something and then something.
Eye report: A-okay.
Feeling: A bit tired. But I’ll live.
Chocolate consumption: 2 snacks, both Weight Watchers friendly

Annnnnd I think that’s it for today.

#ROW80 Round 2 Goals

Here we are again with A Round of Words in 80 Days. Since it worked so well for me the last time, it wasn’t a question of whether or not I’d join this round, but what my goals would be.

I have a longish short story, Reaper Girl, due to my editor on May 1st. It’s for an anthology. So this month has been about getting the rough draft written. I’m 6k in, going for around 10k. So this goal is twofold:

~Finish the first draft of Reaper Girl
~Edit/revise/polish/submit to editor

After that it done and turned in, I want to dive back into the Grave Touched Rewrite. Again, like last time, I will count all words written and/or “processed” (edited, tweaked, or any combination thereof) for simplicity. That goal will be 35,000 words, which should put me at or around 75k.

I also would like to rewrite the opening scene of my dark fantasy novel, Soulfire, and maybe get a few thousand words written on that, too. But I’m going to hold off on making that official right now. Don’t want to overwhelm myself.

As some of you know, I have been battling illness and health problems* this entire year so far. I *seem* to be getting better, and I want to be more productive. However, I have to be kind to myself — while being insanely productive is awesome, it can be insane. And I tend to set such high expectations for myself, then beat myself up when I don’t meet them, and…that’s not the way to do things. So. I’m going to keep in mind that if I don’t feel up to producing, that’s okay. Just keep moving. I’ll get there.

So let’s do this!

*A bad fall in January. Back injury in February. Bronchitis. Cold. Ongoing eye pain/migraines. Fibromyalgia…