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#ROW80 Check-in Jan. 14th

Here we are again with a ROW80 Check-in. I’ve been pretty exhausted this week, and along with TN pain, it’s been really hard to get much done. 😦

Here’s the rundown:

~2nd round edits on secret project (I am contemplating releasing it around my birthday in March. We will see how things go). ~I  haven’t received the last two betas yet.
~Revisions on Fireborn ~Haven’t received my edits back, either.
~Covenant words ~Don’t have wordcounts handy at the moment. Maybe 1,000 new words? I’ve stopped working on this book due to being stuck. I am working on an older novel, Oubliette, and it’s up to 25k now.
~Survivor Sundays (Survivor my book, not the TV show) Have not started yet. 
~Poke at Fireborn cover?~Yes, although it’s not working as well as I’d hoped.

Non-writing stuffs:

~Read 1 book a week Finished Broken Symmetry by Dan Rix and have started
Blood Fury by J.R. Ward. 

~Water 5x a week
~Print out test roll pics in darkroom Nope. 
~Poetry, maybe? Nope. 
~Housewalking 3x a week Nope. 
~And everyone’s favorite, chocolate consumption reports ~Not a lot this week. Just hot chocolate. I must step it up!