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#ROW80 Round 1 2018 Goals

Here are are with a goals post. Dang, this year went by so fast. And we’re almost to 2018 already. Wut. is. this. insanity.

Ahem. Alrighty, goals for Round 1:

~2nd round edits on secret project (I am contemplating releasing it around my birthday in March. We will see how things go).
~Revisions on Fireborn
~Covenant words
~Survivor Sundays (Survivor my book, not the TV show)
~Poke at Fireborn cover?

Non-writing stuffs:

~Read 1 book a week
~Water 5x a week
~Print out test roll pics in darkroom
~Poetry, maybe?
~Housewalking 3x a week
~And everyone’s favorite, chocolate consumption reports

A bit ambitious, but we’ll see how it goes.

I really would like to get back to photography and poetry. I miss them both. I am also toying with doing a 365 day photography thing, but I am not going to declare that as a goal just yet. We’ll see how January goes.

Annnd that’s it for now!


#ROW80 Check-in 3/5/17

Annnnnnnnd it’s ROW80 time again!

I skipped last week because I’d fallen behind on my proofreading, but never fear, I turned it in on time! I did notice that my main character’s eye color changed twice, so that needed to be fixed. She’s in both book 1 and book 2, but as a secondary character. Her original introduction was in book 1…which I wrote back in 2012. So, yeah, memory lapse. It was very subtle, but I didn’t want to break continuity.

So that’s off my plate. I get a bit of a breather until April 1st, when the copyedits hit my inbox.

Here’s the rundown of where I stand with everything else:

Water – Every day except one.

Weight – Ugh, gained 3 pounds. It may have been the paczki I’ve been eating. Maybe.

Cover for Ever Touched – Basically finished, except I need to still do the print cover, and I can’t do that until I have a blurb and page count.

FYFB class – Still on hold. I’d like to start it sometime this month if possible.

Guild Wars – Been logging lots of hours on it. It’s been fun and challenging.

Eczema/psoriasis – I backslid a bit on Thursday. Took my shower and upped the heat a bit as I didn’t want to be cold, and my hands got so itchy I couldn’t stand it. I slept with my ice pack in my hands the whole night. It worked, and they seem to be better. No more hot showers for me!

Exercise – Housewalked a bit yesterday, yay!

Fireborn revision/Covenant/Oubliette – Been doing some serious thinking about each. I’d like to get some work done on at least one of them before the end of the round. Question is, which one?

Chocolate consumption: Chocolate wafer bars, white fudged covered pretzels, chocolate mug cake, and….I think that’s it?

How are you doing this week?



#ROW80 Round 1 2017 Goals

It’s 2017! Time to declare my ROW80 Round 1 Goals. I have a lot of goals for this year, but I need to start small and slow, as Ever Touched will be the focus and priority this round. My secondary goal is to publish 1 more book this year as well.

Here they are:

~Finish Ever Touched 2nd round edits
~Finalize Ever Touched cover art
~Start on a blurb
~After Ever Touched is finished, start Fireborn revision
~Add 5k to Covenant (using 8 minute writing if possible)
~Continue FYFB class (I’m so horribly behind now, it’s not even funny!)
~Eat healthier/lose 5 pounds
~Restart transferring Survivor Rewrite outline to Scrivener
~Exercise: housewalking 3x per week
~Water – 1 glass 5 days per week
~Chocolate consumption reports of course!

I think that’s it for now. Here we go!

#ROW80 Check-in 3/22/15 – Almost to the end

I haven’t been feeling so hot this past week. I had some really bad eye pain that kept me from doing anything useful. I did finish the teaser of Grave Touched I’ll be posting to the Turtleduck Press website on April 1st and the cover for the digital edition and a banner I will use for my Author FB and on the TDP website as well. Very happy with all.

Tomorrow the first half of my final edits are hitting my inbox, so that will take priority over everything else.

April will be CRAZY.

Today I went over the first few scenes of Survivor (again!) and realized that I don’t like the way things played out. I was hoping to just tweak it, but I have a sneaking feeling that this will end up being a full-blown rewrite. So that’s my next step. Rewrite the first few scenes.

On the Ever Touched front, still noodling. I want to start writing it sometime after I release Grave Touched.

And on Fireborn, I wrote 370 words today! So that leaves less than 300 to make my goal. Yay! (Still a bit unsure how I want it to go, but I’m being careful not to scare my muse away. This is more than enough to start, and I’m happy with it).

So, yesterday was my family birthday party. (My actual birthday is March 27th, but due to my sister’s work, we decided to have it a week before my actual birthday). And naturally, I got a triple chocolate cake. Lemme tell you, it was sinful how good it was. It was divine. So that was my chocolate fix for yesterday. Today I’ve been snacking on Chex Mix Muddy Buddies which are basically chocolate-flavored Chex Mix. Will probably have some leftover cake later.

I’ve also started on my housewalking (basically, walking inside your house instead of outside) using the new activity tracker I got for my birthday. So…I hope do more walking and maybe burn some more calories of all this chocolate I’m consuming!

We’re almost to the end of the Round, and I’m pretty happy with my progress.