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#ROW80 Check-in 2/22/15 – Finis

Yep, you read that right! Just a few minutes ago, I finished the Grave Touched revision! It will need another pass for proofreading and such, but I will make my March 1st deadline. I’m ecstatic!

The plan for today is to rest. I’ll start the final pass on Monday. After Grave Touched is turned in, I will resume Survivor on Sundays and Fireborn. And maybe play with some poetry. And start the cover for Grave Touched! I’m doing it myself this time, and I need enough time to get it right! I already have the stock photo purchased and the special fonts my wonderful friend SM Reine used for Fey Touched.

And now for the stats!

Pages revised: 261
Pages remaining: big, fat goose egg!
Scenes finished: 129
Scenes remaining: big, fat goose egg!
What’s happening: A lovely happily ever after for my Hunters.
What’s next: Proofreading! Fireborn! Survivor! Cover creation!
Eye report: Terrible this morning, but a bit better now. I’m also a bit sick, so that’s a factor.
Back report: Holding up okay after walking around the Sea Life Exhibit yesterday.
Chocolate consumption since last check-in: Ye Gods. Chocolate-caramel thingies, Twix bars, WW mini sundaes, Samoas (my favorite Girl Scout cookie), chocolate/mint pudding.

Annnnnd that’s it!

#ROW80 Check-in 2/18/15 – Back for the attack

…It would help to know what, precisely, I’m attacking. 😉

Okay, okay. I’ve been revising like a crazy revising writer. I am now up to page 146. Would have been further by now, except I needed to backtrack and smooth over a bunch of scenes featuring two of my three main characters. Yay? So, it goes.

Naturally, my muse is DYING to have a go at something else, anything else. Today she was whispering poetry in my head: #badpoetry warning!

You ask me what’s happening?
What’s happening is I want to regurgitate
all the love I ever had for you
yank my intestines up  through my throat
I love you but I shouldn’t, that’s true

..and that’s it. *grimaces* Maybe it’s the extreme horror anthology I’m reading at the moment?

Moving on to stats!

Pages revised: 146 of them
Pages remaining: 115 of them
Scenes finished: 70
Scenes remaining: 59
Feeling: Slightly stressed. (Deadline: March 1st.)
What’s happening: Possessions! Mayhem! Fierce battle!
What’s next: I have no idea — wait. One of the MCs might get injured, possibly. Still noodling.
Eye report: Not too bad? But nights have been a bit yucky.
Back report: Twinge-y. I need a physical therapy bouncy ball, stat!
Chocolate consumption since last check-in: Oh my. 1# bag of M&Ms (in roughly 3 days — I tried to eat them slowly…), 3 WW mini-sundaes, WW caramel-chocolate thingies, Twix bars, Chocolate-filled pactzi (that’s the 2nd time I’ve had to look up the proper spelling)…I think that may be it. 😉

Here’s a blog post I wrote yesterday about the Truth about Revision. Will give you a laugh, methinks.

#ROW80 Check-in 2/8/15 – Deep into revisions

I’ve been working on the Grave Touched revisions, and I’m up to page 60. So far, the changes haven’t been huge, but as I get into the middle and toward the end, more work will be necessary.  I’ve got at least three scenes to condense with other scenes, and it might get a bit hairy. But, must press on!

Everything else is on hold until March 1st. I haven’t done any voice recognition, as I haven’t needed to do much rewriting. But I will be messing with it when I have the time.

The past Wednesday, the members of Turtleduck Press, including me, were on the Word Ninjas videocast, hosted by Full Coverage Writers, a group of writers who have a very entertaining, helpful website along with the videocast.  It was a bit nerve-wracking at first, being that 1) we were all new to it and 2) None of us were ever live, face-to-face on video before since we met many, many moons ago.  But as we got into it, we relaxed some and had a good time. Lots of laughing and goofing off, and Charles, the host-guy, is just plain made of awesome, as was his crew. We’re doing it again this Wednesday!

I’m gonna see if I can put it the video here…


Pages revised thus far: 60
Pages left to revise: 202
Scenes finished: 26
Scenes remaining: 103
What’s happening? MCs have just gotten it on. <grin>
What’s next? The afterg — no, wait. Bad stuff, sniffles.
Feeling? Okay, except I’m fighting a migraine
Eye report: One big ball o’ pain here after several good days.
Back report: Totally okay.
Chocolate consumption since last check-in: A double chocolate cake popper which was divine, a WW sundae thing (2x), WW chocolate-caramel thingies, mint chocolate pudding, WW Mini-Twix bars (2x).  I think that’s it.

Happy Sunday.

#ROW80 Check-in 2/1/15 – Exploring Voice Recognition…


…and disappearing posts.  What is with WordPress these days?  This is the second time I’ve had to retype a dang post. (And no, it isn’t another page.  Le sigh.)

Okay, so voice recognition.  The headset I bought was a replacement headset missing several important components.  Nowhere in the description did it say anything about it being that, so I’ve arranged to return it.  Then I looked further into these headsets (which I should have done sooner) and discovered that they are very flimsy and sometimes don’t work.  So, back to the drawing board.

Installed a Remote Microphone app on my tablet and have been messing with it, getting a feel for things.  I also discovered that the version of Dragon I own comes with transcription.  Win.

So, because Grave Touched edits are coming back tonight, I’m shifting my goal to x amount of pages per day, once I find out the scope of the edits/revisions. I’ll work on the other projects when I can, since I’d still like to make some progress on them before things get busier as we get closer to release (May 1st).  Also, I had hoped to release Fireborn before Grave Touched, but it will depend on how fried I am (last time, I didn’t write for 2 months.  Brain fried and wrists very bad).  So that will remain up in the air for now.


Words written: big fat goose egg #sadface
Words remaining: 661 words
What’s happening: This is on hold for a bit.
What’s next: nada

Ever Touched
Figured out who my villain is.  It’s not a crazy scientist.

Been mulling it over.  Preparing to start revision.

Feeling: Extremely nervous about edits. *twitch*
Eye report: Not bad for the past few days, but earlier this week is was really bad.  #alsoasadface
Back report: Twinge-y for the most part
Chocolate consumption since last check-in: 2 mini sundaes (low calorie FTW), WW snacks, hot chocolate, dark chocolate caramel mousse thing at a fancy restaurant, Twix bars
Soundtrack: Eh, haven’t really been listening to any music.  😦