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Reconstructing Pirouette.

I’ve been working feverishly on Pirouette, and managed to plot about 1/3 of the Rewrite before I hit a wall. 

There were some failings in my plot –specifically, the villian’s motivations and conflict.  Yeah.  Trust me, you can miss something like this.  Hell, I missed it for the whole 400k manuscript!  Well, actually it was okay — just a Big Fat Cliche.  Which is death.

So what does the Weaver do?  She weaves.  A lot.  I sat down and went over the conflicts and my own goals for the book and re-did alot of things.  No more love/attraction for the sake of it.  No, no, no.  Must have a Really Good Reason for it –note the capitals –or else it goes bye-bye.

So that part went.  I’m also considering redoing the social structure of my vampires.  Not the hierarchy because I love that, but just….making some changes. 

Mythology — redone.  Again.  I like this one better.  For one, it gives my vamps and Fae an actual common source and legend; two, it satisfies my need for balance; and three, it provides –at least as far as I can see — motivation for the current wars.  Yes, that’s a plural.  There are 2 wars in this book. 

I’m not sure how any of this is going to fly, as I have few people to toss ideas around with.  I personally think it borders on near-brilliance, but I have thought that before, only to have that stomped on (it’s okay, it’s all part of the deal). 

I would love to say more about this, but I am very paranoid when I’m in the beginning stages of a project.  I’m afraid that if I say too much, it will just burst into a million pieces.  Or I’ll get plagerized. 😦    Yeah, it’s a cruel world out there, and frankly, I have put too much work into this project to see it copied.  Or bastardized.  Or somesuch thing.

But.  I think this is it for the main changes, anyways.  *sighs in relief*

Off to drool over watch House.  He’s my hero.  😉 


I’ve been focusing today on the Pirouette edit.  It’s usually a grueling process, because alot of it must go (and that makes me sad), but today I had a few major revelations about Alisia (the protagonist), the series, and a possible future book. 

What I am loving about this edit is that I am constantly finding little things I’d pretty much forgotten; threads that have been dangling, some hidden, some trunicated in favor of something else.  Because the first draft is truly the discovery draft, I use it as a testing ground for ideas.  Here, my muse can play all she wants without any fear of the consequences.  Sometimes she comes up with utter crap; sometimes she hands me something genius.

So, today, while chopping out any references to one of my cut subplots, I discovered another cool thing about Alisia.  A character referred to her as the “warrior of death.”  Utter genius!  Why?  Well, she’s a necromancer, for one thing.  The other is that she’s destined to become part of a very important group that is central to the series.  And they are all warrior vampires.  🙂

Alisia has quite a few titles as the story goes on.  This puts her in jeopardy of becoming something called a “Mary Sue” character which is basically writerspeak for “Little Miss Perfect.”  And that is bad.  Very bad.  So I’m working on giving Alisia a few flaws, one of them that might become fatal.  Well, near fatal, cuz I need her to live through this book so the series can continue.

And the future book idea?  I’m definitely going to shift this cut subplot and make it the main plot of the future book.  I really love how my mind works sometimes. 🙂

The indexing is coming along.  I’m nearly finished with the course, at least the first read-through.  I’ve done second read throughs on about half.  I’m on chapter 8 of 10.  After this I will be indexing a few books on my own, getting the feel of things.  I’m the type of person that needs to actually do something to actually understand it.  Right now, I understand the concepts, but they are more abstract.  But once I dive into it feetfirst, it’ll become more clear.  I’m weird like that.

The beloved and I going to see The Number 23, which I’ve been wanting to see for a long time.  I think it will be really good.

Welcome to my mind.

 Today is Easter, so I figured this was a good day to start.  This is to be my writing blog, where I will rejoice in the beauty of writing, angst at things that suck, and post snippets of works-in-progress from time to time.  I expect that real life will intrude at times, however, and sometimes I just need a place to vent.  


 First things first: I am a writer.  I live and breathe it.  It nurtures my soul, taking me to faraway places that only exist in imagination, in the world of dreams.  It is me.

Second: I have a twisted mind.  The things that end up on the page (or screen, as it were) sometimes shock me.  I’m a huge fan of horror.  I love it.  I especially enjoy pyschological situations where your mind is your enemy.  It’s a recurring theme in my novels.  I almost became a psychologist, and it shows.

Those who know me well would probably say, nah, that can’t be.  But it’s true.  I’m the kid who cheerfully disected various animals and insects while my pale-faced lab partners watched.  I have the Stomach of Steel.  There’s very little that bothers me.  Visually or otherwise. 

I especially love vampires.  Why?  That’s a damn good question.  Since I’ve been writing about vamps (roughly 4 years), I’ve pondered that alot.  I suppose it’s because they are different, usually the castoffs of society.  They have magic, in some form or another.  They live forever (well, most do).  That fascinates me as well — what would that be like?  Would it be a gift or a curse?  Perhaps it’s a little bit of both. 

I’m also a freelance fine art photographer and darkroom enthusiast.  There aren’t many of us left in this world, and I cherish it.  I started out in college, my junior year, fell madly in love with fine art photography (b&w in particular), almost changed my major (but didn’t), and decided after graduation that I couldn’t go back to the color and lab-developed b&w photos of the past.  I wanted the Real Deal.  Luckily for me, my parents, the angels they are, allowed me to build a small darkroom in their basement.  For that I will always be grateful, because it allowed me to continue my work.  However, for the past few years, it has taken back seat to life (divorce and a major move) and I’m taking steps to bring it back to center.  I really miss it, more than I ever realized, and I can’t wait to jump back into it.

I also teach photography classes at our local college, something I’m so proud of, seeing as I have no degrees (well, half of one) and alot of practical experience.  Ten years, folks.  Freelancing, working, working, exhibiting, getting published.  It’s been alot of fun so far.  🙂

 I am no stranger to hard work.  I have worked 2 jobs for most of my adult life, and at one point, had 3.  I’m driven to the point of obcession, and stubborn.  Once I decide to do something, I throw myself into it 110% and give it my all.  There’s no half-assing with me.  It’s all or nothing.  This I believe is why I’ve been so successful over the years: I refuse to take no for an answer, and I refuse to give up.

Ah, writing.  Case in point.  I’ve been pursuing it forever, but seriously for around 4 years.  I have a few finished manuscripts, and some major WIPs that I’m still poking at.  I’m getting ready to start the Agent Hunt late this year or early next.  I am dead serious about this.  I’ve wanted to be a novelist since I was a little girl.  Real Life, being the bitch that it is, demands that I have a steady paycheck.  But the goal has always been to go pro.

I’m 31.  I figure I’ve got plenty of time. 🙂

Happy Easter everyone.