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Attack of the Rabid Plot Bunnies of Doom.

Since I haven’t been writing regularly (because of my wrist), the plot bunnies conspired to plummel me with ideas…..when I can’t do a damn thing about them.  Nothing.  Except take notes.  Failing that….er…remember?

 Yeah.  So today’s Big Idea came from my original mind control research.  I’ve always wanted to do a hard-core cult novel, with very severe mind control at its center.  Two plot bunnies, both older fit that.  But one took center stage, and I could see some of the scenes in my mind.  Scary.

Another is related to the TV show Bones.  I’ve watched a few episodes, and I like it alot.  I especially like forensics — it’s one of my nerdy interests.  And whilst reading up on the new season of Bones, out comes a murder mystery bunny begging for attention.

That’s not counting the Dune-inspired idea of genetic engineering/superiority.  Or the ideas I recently added to my archive on Flogging the Muse (it’s protected, so don’t bother looking.  I paranoid).  I really really need to either become super-prolific or start ignoring these ideas because I will not live long enough to see them through to completion.  But dammit, they’re all shiny. 

Life stinks sometimes.

Oh, and Survivor has been poking at me, too.  I actually broke down and worked on the Timeline of Doom, and brainstormed new scenes, and got horrendously frustrated by a niggling plot issue.  An important one.  So it just needs to simmer.

Yeah.  Any plot bunny cages around?  Cuz I need ’em like yesterday.

On magic.

Yeah.  Magic.

So what have I been up to lately?  Thinking.  Alot.  About. Pirouette.  I have a lot of the kinks worked out, and the muse is actually cooperating (go Muse!) so I actually have something to show for 2-3 days of no writing and thinking.  Let’s hear it for deep thinking.

Okay, all silliness aside, I think I’ve got it figured out.  Got a new type of demon, a Big Bad Demon, who’s hell-bent (no pun intended) on ruling the world.  Well, at least the alternate world where the otherworldly folks live.  And maybe ours, too.

I have a neat twist, which I’m not divulging, and a neat climax.  As with all of my books, it’s subject to change and prolly will.   I also have a few themes figured out, too: Love redeems, and Alisia’s personal theme: silencing the ghosts.  But what she silences and how are two very different things.  😉

What else?  Worked on the Plot of Doom after lunch.  Missed a few things, but got the bones.  Just need the meat.  Lots of it.  Will be going back to Create a Plot Clinic to see what the muse has for me. 

And the magic rules….are coming together.  It’s always been said that you need to have limits and consequences for your magic, that it’s not just a fancy plot device.  I was guilty of that a bit in Pirouette 1.0.  Now, I’m giving my folks limits.  Some of the magic has limits built in, but what about the new magic?  It needs limits, and it should be affected by death magic, as it involves the death of ….something.  Not tellin.’  😉  And overflow.  Yes, in my world, you can have too much magic.  Or not enough.  This is alot of fun.  It’s going to create a richer world I think, and nice conflict, especially when magic-things go wrong.


I’m happy.  I’m always happiest when I’m weaving words, inhabiting my world for a short time.  It makes life so much more than what it is…..I have this world of my own.  And it rocks.  And I love Alisia and Lucien.  They’re my supercouple.  Kind of like Terry Goodkind’s Richard and Kahlan (now there’s an awesome couple, because their love endures EVERYTHING imaginable — if I can do something remotely like this, I’d be delighted).  Goodkind rocks.  He actually inspired me to start writing fantasy and weaving fantasy elements into my horror/vamp books.  Darkweaver is the result of those attempts.

Anyhoo, I’m off to go weave some more.  Also I have another blog, a “virtual notebook” as it were.  It’s primarily private, but I will post things there publically from time to time.  Mostly plot stuff, language stuff, worldbuilding…..just so it’s in one place and somewhere besides on my hard drive or scribbled on paper.  I’m paranoid that way.  Anyhoo, check in from time to time, you might find something cool.

 It’s called Flogging the Muse.  How appropriate, huh?