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#ROW80 Check-in 7/23/17

It’s that time again!

Well, I’ve been doing a lot of writing and a lot of thinking about what comes next after Camp Nano. I’d like to finish my secret project and release it and also get back to Covenant because it’s a third done and I think I can get the rest done if I really push it. When She Sleeps was also supposed to be written quickly, so I will probably continue with that. And then there’s Fireborn. So lots of options, and truthfully, I’m not really sure what to focus on. We have another week in this month so I don’t have to decide right now, thankfully!

fey touched
Fey Touched, book #1. A Queen fleeing from her people. A Hunter searching the stream of time. Forbidden love.

Just a reminder that my debut novel, Fey Touched, is on sale for FREE on Amazon today. Today is the last day, so get it before the price goes up tomorrow!

This promotion by the way has gone very, very well. I got a ton of downloads and even some sales of the other two books which is excellent. My royalties this month, while not huge, will cover the cost of advertising so that’s a win!

Here’s the rundown on the rest:

Secret project – Nada, but hope to get some words in this coming week.

Fireborn Rewrite – On hold till after Camp Nano ends.

Camp Nano – Up to 8k! My goal is 10k, so I should make it. (1,733 words written since last check-in).

Water – Mostly every day.

FYFB class – On hold till after Camp Nano as well.

Survivor outline transfer – That’s a no. Hopefully I can start soon!

Chocolate consumption – Gluten-free Chocolate Animal crackers (I’ve eaten almost the entire box in 2 days! They are soooo good!), hot chocolate, chocolate birthday cake (mother-in-law), Mackinac Island fudge ice cream, fudge stripes cookies, Twix bars, and Gluten-free breakfast bars at like midnight last night because I was hungry. Think that’s enough? Maybe.



#ROW80 Round 2 Final Check-in

Hi, and we are here for #ROW80 again! I’m wrapping this up early because next week my husband and I will be going camping, and I will be packing and prepping and busy.

So, let’s see how I did:

~Publish Ever Touched on May 1st (on track to complete as of right now) <–DONE! So excited about this even now, a month later! 
~Add 10k to Covenant <–NOT DONE. I wrote 1,069 words though, 9k short of the goal. Just never got any momentum going. 😦 
~Start formulating a plan for Fireborn (looks like a rewrite as of right now)<–DONE. It’s definitely a rewrite, and an expansion, and I’m 20 pages in (of 40 pages). Those were pure revising, though. Have started writing a new scene.
~Drink a glass of water 5x a week <–DONE!
~Start working on FYFB class once things settle down<–NOT DONE. This also did not get off the ground. Thought about it. Will try to make this a priority in the next round.

Other things of note:

~Been building up my editing business and have secured a few new clients.
~Have written 13k of a projected 30k on my secret project
~Have loosely outlined a new novel, When She Sleeps, and have decided to make this a trilogy. Will be one of my projects for Camp Nano.
~Have made the decision to put Fey Touched in KDP Select. Its free promo days are July 21st-23rd. Been booking lots and lots of promotions.
~Been fighting a major increase of TN pain and that has really messed with my productivity and motivation. I have an appt with my neurologist on the 27th to discuss upping my medication dosage. Cross fingers that this helps!

Chocolate consumption: GF Chocolate-chocolate chip cookies, Twix ice cream bars, chocolate cake, hot chocolate. Not a lot. Need to step it up, because we all know that chocolate makes everything better, am I right?



#ROW80 Check-in May 21st

Here we are with #ROw80 once again. This week’s been crazy busy for me. It’s been a bit of a blur.

The main thing I’ve been working on is promotions for Book 1 of my series, Fey Touched. I just put it into KDP Select and have my free days chosen. So I’ve been working like a madwoman trying to finding places to advertise. (If you’re willing to help with this, please let me know! You would have my undying gratitude.) I am hoping to pull in new readers to my series and hopefully sell more books!

Here is the rundown on the rest:

Secret project – up to 2,330 words so far! Yay!

Fireborn – I hope to look at this today.

Water – Missed one day, but nailed the rest!

Covenant – 626 words written today!

FYFB class – Nada again. It’s on my list, I swear.

I also started (or rather, restarted in a different format) my Fiction Friday series where I do quickie reviews of books I’ve read. Trying to branch out into other things that may appeal to readers. 🙂 I’ve done two so far. It’s looking like I will be posting every other Friday (to give me time to read. I’ve slowed down a lot lately). I hope this will be something fun and worthwhile.

Chocolate consumption report: chocolate zucchini bread (homemade, yum!), ice cream Twix bar, dark chocolate caramels, chocolate chip cookies, WW ultimate chocolate sandwich.

How did your week go?

Cover Reveal: Grave Touched

GT-cover-Y-PRAC3 copyI am so excited to reveal the cover for Grave Touched! It came out beautiful (done by me!) and I LOVE it madly!

One factoid about this cover. I’d bought the stock art TWO YEARS ago because it was totally the main character. Unfortunately, there were delays with this release so I had to wait but…the stock art is still Emily to this day.

Here is the blurb:

Fey Touched – humans, genetically engineered for immortality and flight, tasked with protecting the rest of the world from rogue Fey…

Grave Touched – dead souls in search of living bodies to possess, especially those who’ve had a brush with death…

When Fey Touched Hunter Emily wakes up in a hospital, she doesn’t know that she was in fact dead. Nor does she know that her lover, Nick, broke all kinds of rules to bring her back. But the grave touched do.

Fey Touched Healer Asha does know that her mate, Joe, saved her when her abilities nearly killed her. And she knows the voices in her head are the grave touched trying to stake their claim. Asha needs Joe’s help again, but unfortunately she’s the only one who believes the grave touched exist.

The grave touched are plotting to take over the corporeal world, and they’re gaining strength. Only Emily and Asha stand in their way – and both are about to be possessed.
Grave Touched.

Stay tuned. Grave Touched is book 2 of my Fey Touched series, releasing May 1st from Turtleduck Press. Fey Touched, book 1, is still on sale for $.99 if you want to catch up!

You can read the Grave Touched teaser here.

#ROW80 Check-in the Sixteenth – Slow progress

Here we are again! Well, I haven’t been feeling the best — I hurt my back on Tuesday and my eye pain has been worse than usual. So I’ve been struggling with having enough brainz to write, let alone get a lot written, which was my goal. Ugh. Sometimes my body works against me.

But I have made some progress, which is better than none. I have a direction for Grave Touched — I was a bit stuck last night. I also have an idea of a first scene for Soulfire, so as soon as I feel up to it, I’m going to write it. I was going to start it yesterday, but decided against it.

I also worked on getting my Fey Touched manuscript (I just love using that word! It’s so writerly!) formatted for Smashwords, something that’s been on my to-do list forever. Due to mistake, I ended up stripping all my italics out of the file. And since the bulk of it was already formatted, I didn’t want to start from scratch. I’m still learning. So last night I began the fun, monotonous process of italicizing each word that needed it, one at a time. I’m about 40 manuscript pages in (about 70 pages if you’re using the finished book). I got a bit distracted reading it — it’s been 2 years since I self-pubbed it, and it was fun to get back into the story again. I still love it madly. So that’s happening. I’ll be putting it up on Smashwords at a discounted price, so stay tuned.

Here’s hoping for more progress this week.

Running total: 25,925 words
Words remaining: 9,075 words (under 10k! Yay!)
Body count: Someone’s about to get possessed. *evil grin*
Feeling: A touch better than yesterday which is good.
Eye report: Very painful lately, but at the moment is just a little twinge-y. Hope it stays that way!

2013 in Review and 2014 Goals: Year of No Fear

This has been a very tough, challenging year for me because of my eye problems and everything that went along with it. An awful lot got compromised and set aside. But, I have accomplished some things that I am very proud of:

~I didn’t write for 3 months and did not go insane or kill anyone. That’s a big plus, right?
~I finished the revision of Grave Touched and turned it in on time. (Unfortunately, it needs a rewrite. More on that later).
~I took Holly Lisle’s Flash Fiction class and wrote 7 flash stories, 6 of which I self-pubbed as an anthology called In Flames. I also contributed to the Turtleduck Press Freebies with actual stories: Beloved(sci-fi) and Mirror (horror). I have another flash story going up on the TDP website on Jan. 1st, The Penitent (supernatural/horror).
~I made great progress on the Flamebound. I’m up to lesson 17 of 22.
~I took Holly Lisle’s Motivation class and learned some very, very important things that I have been trying to put into practice. Not quite there yet, but it’s happening.
~I got several new story ideas to add to the ever-growing writing queue.
~I worked a bit on Darklight as well.
Other goals I set not mentioned above:

~Reread Survivor and make notes for rewrite <–This has been started, but not much work done on it to be honest.
~Start a new novel? (Contenders: Darkweaver and Soul Touched, Fey Touched book 3) <–Not done. Darkweaver's still in the queue, and Fey Touched book #3 has been changed to Ever Touched. I can haz a plan!
~Redesign website so it makes sense Have decided to put this on hold.
~Get on a regular blogging schedule Started, with WWW Wednesdays. Would like to add more.
~Continue to look for more freelance editing/proofreading jobs <–Not really done, as my eye thing made it impossible to do anything except drafting for a loooong time. Still not out of the question — just not right now.

So you see I'm working little by little on reclaiming my life. It might not look like much at all, but I did things — I didn't bemoan my fate and give up. I kept plugging away. And while my writing numbers are quite low, I managed to release an anthology, write 7 flash stories, and finish Grave Touched. Not bad in my book. (I also want to add that as of November-ish, I’ve written just shy of 150k for the year. Not bad for having eye pain for almost a year!).

A little aside about Grave Touched… What can I say? I was be-bopping along, thinking I’d nailed it (or came close to it), only to find out that I screwed up. Bigtime. I believe I might have been a bit delusional. I won’t blame my eye entirely, but it did mess a bit with my creativity and story decisions. My editor — bless her soul — is totally right. It needs a rewrite. I know I am up to the challenge, and I know the book will be better and stronger for it. Am I disappointed? Hell yeah. But I consider myself a professional, and a professional would take a step back, shed the ego, and really look at what’s going on. Once I did that, I knew she was right. And I’ve already started on the planning, and I have some good ideas for improving it. So, no big.

As for the release date…we’re rejigging our release schedule and tentatively it looks like around February 2015. That may seem like a loooooong time, but in writing time, it’s not. It’s partly to accommodate the new schedule and to accommodate my need for enough time to do a thorough rewrite. So that’s the story.

As for 2014 goals…I’ve made some big decisions for this year. I am going to do things that I’ve been afraid to do. Fear is a HUGE factor in motivation, I found out. And when I dug in and followed the path to the source, it was mostly fear that was holding me back. So I want to fix this in 2014. Along with the following:

~Rewrite and revise Grave Touched by deadline (Sept/Oct – we’re not sure yet)
~Continue working on another draft of something (Flamebound is the top contender) if it doesn’t interfere with GT
~Continue the Flamebound revision (ties into the draft above)
~Make some type of ruling on Survivor – when to work on it and COMMIT to it
~Plan/plot/figure out Ever Touched
~Write more flash stories/poetry

As for the non-writing goals, check out my 2014 Manifesto (forthcoming!)

Hopefully, things will settle down in 2014 and I can get more creative stuff going. I miss photography and I want to grow and enrich my life. I also hope to nail the GT rewrite and get back on track with the series. And WRITE MORE.

Happy 2014. See you on the flip side.

2012 in Review and 2013 Goals: Year of the Crazy

This year has been nuts, and it feels like a whirlwind. But I managed to accomplish a lot, so it’s all good.

Let’s go over my goals for the year, shall we?

Finish Fey Touched and eventually self-publish it (includes lots of revisions and lots of blood, sweat, and tears). It’s currently at 58.5k. Goal is 100k.Ding, ding, ding! DONE and published August 1st.
~Continue Flamebound revision, hopefully move on from lesson 8! Ding, ding, ding! DONE. I’m on lesson 13.
~Write a novel (to be determined later. Current contenders are Survivor Rewrite, Darkweaver, and Fey Touched 2)Ding, ding, ding! Began Grave Touched, book 2 in the Fey Touched series, and it’s currently at 73k. While I wanted to get something new rolling as well, it appears that I work best with only one book at a time.
~Get unstuck on Alpha Female (note I didn’t say – finish Alpha Female – this one I think is taking its sweet old time)Nada. However, I did give it some thought and have a possible new direction. Still in the thinking stages, though.
~Write more poetry (nebulous, yes. That’s all I’m willing to commit to)Ding, ding, ding! DONE. Wrote a total of 6 new poems for the TDP Blog Freebies. Not as much as I’d wanted, but it’s a start.
~Take more pictures (photography has been sooooo neglected and I miss it so much!)Hit and miss here. I’ve taken some, but I still haven’t been able to get out there and rock and roll due to my health. Soooooo, we’ll see what I do for next year.

~And lastly, WORK ON GETTING FREELANCE EDITING JOBS. I had a few opportunities this year but they didn’t work out, although one was a very close call. Not only do we need the money, but my long-term goal is to make enough money to leave my day job. Scary, yes. Impossible? I don’t think so, if I do this right. And I know this won’t happen overnight — in fact, it could take quite awhile – years, maybe. But, as long as I’m moving forward, making progress, that’s enough for me. I want to believe I can make this happen. But if I never start, how will I ever know? Ding, ding, ding! DONE. I have an ongoing proofreading job with a writer friend, so that’s a nice start! Would love to do more, though!

So, I’ve accomplished almost everything I set out to do. The biggie was getting Fey Touched finished and published, and I did that. It was a very educational experience, and I’ve learned some things about promotion/marketing. So it’s all good.

I did participate in NanoWriMo, but unofficially with a goal of 30k. I managed 29k, just shy of my goal. But I’m totally happy with that.

Also, I wrote 100k+ words this year, which is awesome!

So what’s cooking for the new year?

~Finish, revise, and publish Grave Touched tentatively for August 1st release
~Continue work on the Flamebound revision, hopefully finish!
~Reread Survivor and make notes for rewrite
~Start a new novel? (Contenders: Darkweaver and Soul Touched, Fey Touched book 3)
~Redesign website so it makes sense
~Get on a regular blogging schedule
~Continue to look for more freelance editing/proofreading jobs

Annd that’s all I’m declaring for now. Here’s to a healthy, productive new year!

What are your goals for next year? Share them in comments.

Nano days 5-7: 3,020 words

I’ve been very, very busy and the days are just flying.  Finally, I have a few minutes to do an update.

Yesterday, I had a HUGE revelation about one of the main characters.  It is SO huge that it’s going to impact everything I’ve planned.  But this will make it better, and a bit heartbreaking (sorry, can’t help that — some parts of Fey Touched were heartbreaking, too).  I also have a solid idea for book 4, if you can believe that.  Lots happening.  Lots of thinky-thoughts going on.  I just love my subconscious.  It is so wonderfully evil.


Stats (all 3 days combined):

Wordcount today: 3,020
Total for Nano so far: 7,476
Words left: 22,524
Treat: Good music!
Nick is: a puppet dancing on Piper’s strings :shudders:
Asha is: freaked out like whoa
 Emily is: scared and angry
Mood music: Dawn of Destiny and Eyes of Eden


Soren took deep breaths.

I prodded my wrist, trying to see if I’d been injured.  See?  No. Feel.

“I’m so sorry.  That one was strong enough to break through my magic. It’s strong enough to make you its vessel.  I got rid of it.  It won’t be hurting you again.”

My stomach was flip-flopping.  “It called me its soon-to-be Queen.” An icy finger ran down my spine.  “What did it mean?  I’m no Queen.”

Weight on the left side of me signaled that Soren sat down on my bed. “There’s a hierarchy there among the grave touched.  They have a Queen.  And a King.  Their version of nobility and commoners.  It is determined by strength.  The Queen usually takes a vessel when she’s strong enough, and chooses a mate who is as strong as her.  And they rule the Nether together.”

“But I wouldn’t be the Queen.  I’m not grave touched,” I protested.  Having even a slight connection to those things was freaking me out, sending me in a tailspin.  Vertigo made me lay back against my pillow, putting my hands over my bandages.  When would these blasted things come off?

“That’s exactly it.  The one who is Queen is planning on taking you as her vessel.  And through her, you will be Queen.”  He brushed a wayward strand of hair from my face, his fingers cold and soothing.  “I will die before I allow that to happen.”

“Thank you.  I don’t want that to happen, either.  It sounds..horrific.”

“Being taken as a vessel is an unbearable kind of torture. One that you cannot begin to imagine.”

Happy birthday Fey Touched!

One year ago today, I started the first draft of Fey Touched.  Back then, it was a totally different story, and it took a few tries to get it right.  But once I hit that sweet spot, it flowed like nothing else.  It was pure joy.  Easy.  And I loved every single minute of it. (That is, until revisions.  Ugh).  I still love Fey Touched, and not just because it’s my first published novel.  It’s the world, the characters, the things they go through.  All of that came out of my mind.  Everything.  Not only did I finish the first draft, but I revised and edited it within an inch of its life and made it so much better.  And now, one year later, it’s published and I am now working on the first draft of book 2, Grave Touched.

So what ever became of that first draft?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  It’s about 20 pages. I didn’t like the direction it was headed, so I ended up starting over.  But just think — without that beginning, without the tentative dipping-my-toes-in of the first draft, I never would have arrived with what is now the final, published version of the book.  It all started with that 20-page draft.

So, for nostalgia, I’m going to post the first page.  Those of you who have read Fey Touched may not recognize it.  It’s that different.  Those of you who haven’t, I assure you — it’s even better.   ~grin~

Okay, here it is.  Draft 1, started on 10.31.11 :



 Shadows danced on the cave walls as my Master, a Fey of high nobility, beckoned me forward.  Candles bathed the room in a golden glow, which reminded me of the landscape of dreams.   Overhead, although we couldn’t see or touch it, the moon blazed like a beacon in the darkness.  But I could feel it like a low-level electrical current deep in my bones.

I was one of the Enslaved, so I wore a simple black robe that opened in the back.  Easy access to get the priceless commodity that I carried within myself naturally.

My Master, Kieran, was decked out in his formal robes of crimson and gold: gold for the sunlight that kept he and his kind alive; crimson for the blood that inevitably spilled during the feeding.  Crimson was also his Clan color, which I always found to be ironic.

Candlelight lit his face, cast it in monstrous shadows.  He smiled at me, and his expression warmed. Rumor had it that he thought I was special, which made me happy and anxious at the same time.

His eyes – golden like the sun – met mine and I sucked in a breath.  Being the object of his attention felt like being slammed into a brick wall.  It hurt, yes, but it also scrambled my senses and made me feel a bit lightheaded.

He beckoned to me again, and I realized that while I’d stood here naval-gazing, the solemn march of time had continued without me.

I smiled and took his hand.

He pulled me close so that we were almost touching.  The heat of his body felt pleasant and familiar, inevitable.  “Asha,” he murmured in my ear, his breath ticking me.  “So introspective today.”

“Yes, Master, I am,” I said softly.  No slave ever raised her voice to her Master.  I wasn’t even sure I could raise my voice now.

“Share your thoughts with me.”  It was a command, iron in his voice.

I wasn’t sure I wanted him to know how I felt in that moment.  “I wish you could enjoy the moonlight.  It’s so beautiful.”  A bit of a lie, but it felt right.

Master Kieran frowned.  “I wish I knew what that was like.  But there’s no way for me to know, so I refuse to mourn it.  It is what it is.”

“Yes, Master,” I said, hanging my head.  “Sunlight is just as beautiful, if not more.”

“How I love the sunlight,” Master Kieran said softly.  “We’re meant to walk surrounded by its embrace.  It is the way of things.”

I always wondered what it would be like to exist for the day, for the sun’s rays to shine down on me and feel me with energy and light.  To never walk the night, to never be caressed by moonlight. We humans could, obviously.  Some say the Fey were envious of that and the scientists who’d created them were looking for a way to take it all away, make us like them.

I wasn’t sure I believed that.

“Sit,” Master Kieran said, gently lowering me on to a soft, satin-covered pillow. “Have you come to give of yourself?”

It was all ritual, but it soothed me like nothing else.  We were bred and raised to serve, to give of ourselves selflessly over and over again.  It was a gift.  It was the one thing only we could give to our Fey Masters.

I nodded.  “I wish to give of myself this day, Master.”

“Very well,” Kieran murmured, pushing my long, raven-black hair out of the way.  I took a breath, anticipating.

My hands trembled and my stomach clenched.  What I needed would be given to me after the feeding.  I had to get through it.  Had to give.

Some Masters did this on purpose to keep their Enslaved obedient.  I didn’t believe that of Kieran.  He was a sensual, very tactile person who reveled in touch, in taste.  He wouldn’t hurry it along even if he were starving.  A feeding is meant to be savored and enjoyed.

The world swam around me; sounds jumped back and forth through my mind, echoing. And then there was silence.

Candlelight painted the walls with shapes and light.  Kieran had electricity here but refused to use it, lost in the old ways.  It gave the room a dreamy feel.

Sometimes I pretended that it was just a dream.  That I was far away from here, not Enslaved, but free.  Blasphemous, I know.  But sometimes I wondered what lay on the other side of the cave.  And what lay beyond that.

Kieran’s fingers traced shapes on my back, now exposed to him.  His touch was gentle, soothing.  I let out a hiss of breath and willed myself to relax.

His lips replaced his fingers, so light, so tender.  I hugged myself, shivering.  I had never known love.  I had never known mating.  These things were denied to me.

But this – this was nice.  I had nothing to compare it to.  It felt right.

His tongue swept over the base of my spine.  It sent shivers through me, from my head to my toes.  For a moment, I couldn’t breathe.

Kieran kissed my neck, nibbling it a bit.  The scrape of his teeth sent warmth straight to my core, and my back arched, a moan escaping my throat.

“Are you ready, dearest one?” Kieran whispered in my ear.


And now, an excerpt of the published version:



The woman lay in the cemetery on a bed of snow.  Snowflakes clung to her blonde hair and sparkled like diamonds.  Slivers of moonlight touched her serene face.  Her skin was the blue-tinged skin of the Fey.

After turning up the heat in my coat, I reached out to touch her and immediately recoiled.  She was so cold that I’d gotten a taste of frostbite, the cold stinging my fingers.  Was she dead? 

Pixie, a German Shepherd who was my companion and familiar, nosed around the woman, whining.  She was right to lead me here, her thoughts urgent in my head.

She poked the woman with her nose.  The woman did not move, did not even twitch. Pixie whined, poking the woman again.  There was no rise and fall of her chest.  There was nothing.

“What do you think, girl?” I asked.

Pixie gazed at me with eyes that reflected sympathy and intelligence.  The thought – Pixie’s – unfurled in my mind.

Not dead.  Must save.

My heart thudded. I was Fey Touched, a Hunter of her kind.  Technically, she was my enemy.  I had the right to kill her on sight.  Why didn’t I? 

I didn’t like the Fey as a rule.  There were Hunters who believed that all Fey were evil and must die.  I was open to the possibility that maybe, just maybe, they were wrong.  Maybe some of them weren’t evil. That even without mana – a soul – they could be good.

Maybe this Fey woman in front of me, lit by moonlight caressing her face, was one of the good ones.

I sat back on my haunches, my eyes flicking to the headstones as if they could give me an answer. I couldn’t just leave her out here.  She needed help. 

I gently shook her and her eyelids fluttered, but she did not wake.  I pressed two fingertips to her carotid.  Slow heartbeat, but there.

“Shit,” I muttered.  I took off my coat and wrapped it around her, letting out a hiss as more cold wind hit me in the face. 

Pixie danced around the woman, whining and yipping at me.

“Chill, girl. I got this.”  I took a breath and unfurled my wings, wrapping them around myself like a coat.

I lifted her and chuckled at how light she was.  She wore a poofy green dress that was so out of place for the weather here.  Which made me wonder if she’d come from a long distance away.

My need to protect and my calling as a Hunter of Fey warred inside me.  It didn’t matter who she was.  She was an innocent and she needed help.

I held her close to me as I took to the air.  Wouldn’t want her to fall.  “Hang on just a little longer,” I whispered.  “We’re almost home.” 

As I touched down in front of my apartment, Pixie caught up with me, barking and sending frantic thoughts.  Warmth – safety – home – warmth –

“We are home, girl.  Come on,” I said as I entered the dimly-lit hallway that led to my apartment.  I fumbled with the keys and opened the door wide, stepping into the small but cozy living room.  I set the Fey down on the couch, then retracted my wings.

Pixie jumped up onto the couch and lay beside the Fey woman.

“Are you hungry, girl?” I asked, watching the dog.  I could swear she was smiling at me.

I glanced at the woman again.  She didn’t move. I could hardly hear her breathe, and that worried me.

I quickly got Pixie’s dinner together, some kibble and wet food, and headed back into the living room.  She let out a low whine as I set the bowl down in front of her and rubbed behind her ears. 

As she dove into her meal, I crouched in front of the woman and checked her pulse again.  Still slow, still there.

I had no way of reviving her.  Should I wait?  Should I take her to the hospital? No, that would raise too many questions.  If I could help her here, that would be the best thing.

“What do you think, Pixie?  Should I try rousing her again?  Or are you too busy stuffing your face?”

She glanced up at me, crunching her food, and I could swear she’d arched her brow.  She was practically human, this dog.

I shook my head, chuckling.  After a crazy day, this was just what I needed.

After about ten minutes, I decided to try to wake the woman up again.

She was Fey.  She was immortal – at least theoretically.  Still…

This time her eyelids fluttered and I was suddenly looking into the most beautiful shimmering eyes I’d ever seen.


Quite different, huh?  It’s pretty amazing how a book can evolve in one year.  I am so proud of it, and the work I put into it to make it what it is.

For those interested in reading the first three chapters or purchasing it, check it out at http://www.turtleduckpress.com under Turtleduck Press Works.

And if you read it and enjoy it, spread the word! Leave a short review on Amazon or Goodreads!  I would so appreciate that, as every person I touch with my words is a gift.

And Happy Halloween!

Sample Sunday: Fey Touched

Thought I’d share a short snippet of Fey Touched, my most recent release.


Saoirse,” Joe said from the doorway.

Just then something slammed into me, knocking me to the ground. Disoriented, I tried to stand. Tried to make sense of everything.

“Oh, no, you bastard!” Joe. Footsteps coming toward me. A punch thrown. A grunt.

The world was spinning. Joe was fighting someone dressed in black.

Oh, no. They’ve found me again.

I forced myself to stand on shaking legs, trying to tune in to what was happening. I hoped Joe was holding his own.

It didn’t look that way.

The Fey assassin slashed and attacked in a flurry of movement. Joe threw several punches in quick succession, knocking the assassin back, but it didn’t seem to faze him. The assassin just kept on going. Like the damn Energizer Bunny.

Attacks and parries filled my vision. Blood seeped out of wounds. It was like watching the end of the world. And that didn’t feel very fine.

The Fey assassin had Joe pinned to the ground, a dagger at his throat.

My heart nearly stopped in my chest. “Joe!”

Just then, Joe bucked wildly, trying to shake the assassin off. The assassin crashed to the ground, spewing curses.

Joe pinned him to the ground, stake at the ready. “Don’t you know that if you meet a Hunter, your death is imminent?”

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