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Grave Touched First Pass Complete!

Last night, I crossed the finish line.  I have been worried about this revision taking longer than I thought, and maybe having to frantically finish it like I did with Fey Touched at the end (lots of rewritten scenes, oh my!), but I’m happy to say that I think I’m gonna be okay.  What I finished last night was the first pass of the revision.  Should have be the final pass, but I ran into some problems that need fixing before I call it done.  Which necessitates another pass.  I believe (*crosses fingers and toes*) that this will be it.

My deadline is December 1st.

So, today it begins.  Today, it will begin its transformation from a wee little inkling of an idea to an epic, thrill ride of a novel that will leave you breathless.  (Okay, I’m being dramatic here.  But I am hoping to take it from here to where I visualized it all those months ago).  Also, I have been working on this book for going on two years.  On and off.  By the time it’s published, it’ll be just shy of two years.  That’s how long this story has been in my head.

I have also firmed up the entry point and circumstances for Fey Touched book #3, Ever Touched AND I have the last book figured out, too.  Might have a book in the middle.  Not sure yet.

As for future projects, I might shift gears to either Flamebound, which needs a rewrite, or Survivor, also in dire need of a rewrite.

And Covenant has been niggling at me, too.  So many stories, so little time…