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#ROW80 Check-in #10

Happy Day-Before-Leap-Year-Day!

So it’s been a rough week for me. I haven’t been sleeping well, so I’ve been alternately zonked and exhausted. Last night, I was a bit sicky so I had no motivation to do anything (I did write 400 words on Ever Touched though!) and I was stuck on Covenant and…yeah. Bad week. Nevertheless, I did manage some things, so that’s a win in my book!

Ever Touched – I’m up to 44k now, heading quickly toward 50k. I was a bit stuck on something but I think I’m over that. Things are picking up, and getting more interesting by the day. In March, I have copyediting to do for TDP, so my progress may be a bit less, but I’m hoping to continue to do something on it regardless.

Covenant/8 minutes a day – Hit and miss for this. I tried, I really did, but some days just getting my words in for Ever Touched was a struggle (and some days I did not make my quota). I know writing for 8 minutes doesn’t sound like it needs a lot of energy, but where I’m at in the story requires lots of forethought. And I think handling two WIPs in one day while exhausted is just too much. But luckily, I think my sleep is getting back to normal so I think I can do more of that this week. I hope.

Planner – Filled in the first 5 days and then nothing. I actually forgot about it until yesterday, oops! Will try to get this week entirely filled in.

Physical activity – Not much, although today I did 15 minutes.

Darkroom – Been putting this off due to lack of energy. It just hasn’t been there. But I will get to this, damn it!

Water – Every day except one, and 2 glasses on one day!


This fatigue/not sleeping well thing sucks. Hopefully I get back on track this week!