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2017 Year-End Review and 2018 Goals

Time has been flying! Holy cow! It’s almost 2018 already, and and and —

Okay, I’m a bit early. I don’t expect much to change drastically in 3 days, so here we are.

So how did I do?

~Release 1 book (besides Ever Touched) ~NOT DONE, although I got a new cover for In Flames and put Reaper Girl into KDP Select. 
~Publish Ever Touched (set for May release)~DONE! 
~Start revision of Pirouette/Death Dancer ~NOT DONE, but had an interesting idea the other day about Alisia’s lineage. 
~Finish Covenant ~NOT DONE, but it’s at 24k now. Wanted to hit 30k before the new year, but I’m not sure that’s possible now. 😦 
~Start Elysium ~NOT DONE. At all.
~Finish and release Fireborn ~DONE. Rewrote it and submitted it to TDP for publication next year.
~Outline book #1 in Fey Touched spin-off series ~NOT DONE. May toy with this next year.
~Get on a consistent, simple exercise plan and STICK WITH IT ~NOPE. 
~Eat healthier/Gluten-free ~NOT DONE.  😦 Well, made the attempt, anyway…
~Get back into darkroom when hands are better ~NOT DONE.
~Add in a second writing session twice a week (8 minutes)~NOT DONE. Have been fighting pain and exhaustion.
~Try to write more short fiction ~DONE! Fireborn (55k) and When She Sleeps (projected 60k) 
~Continue with FYFB class (so behind right now!)~NOPE. Downloaded everything that’s available that I haven’t gotten to.
~Start working on Survivor Rewrite outline again ~DONE! Not finished due to wrist issues.

This year has been roughly for me physically. I have been exhausted more, and the trigeminal neuralgia flared up again so we’ve been trying to find the right combination of meds to control the pain. So far, we haven’t been very successful.

I was also laid off from my job in August, so there’s been some upheaval there. I have been working on my freelancing/virtual assistant business to try to bring in more money. Things are kind of up in the air, and it has been wreaking havoc on my productivity.

I have decided to buckle down and make things happen in 2018!


~2nd round of edits/release secret project (early 2018)
~Revise and release Fireborn
~Get serious about exercise and DO SOMETHING
~Take pictures regularly (once a month, 1 a day for x amount of days, etc)
~Get moving with dictation again
~Progress on Covenant
~Progress on When She Sleeps
~Start Survivor Rewrite for reals this time
~Do something with Death Dancer/Pirouette
~Get better with planning
~Start writing every day again, even if it’s 100 words
~Figure out Reaper Girl #3, Faeborn

I’ve written roughly 80k this year, which is down from last year. Would like to hit 100k and more in 2018.

#ROW80 Check-in 6/17/15 – Quick update

Quickie update as I am dizzy and exhausted. 😦 This week’s been a killer for no apparent reason other than to be killer. But I persevere!


Fireborn – 785 new words, bringing my total to 15,303 words in draft
Covenant – 1,070 new words for a total of 4,162 words in draft
Survivor – unchanged, waiting till this Sunday
Ever Touched – unchanged but have been pondering stuff

I’m waiting on feedback for Changeling part 2, and once I get that, I’ll be editing/revising. Deadline 7/1.

That is basically it. Eye pain eased off a bit today so I feel a bit better, but work exhausts me. Oh hey, today’s my 14-year anniversary with the company I work for. Longevity FTW. 😉

Chocolate, oh man, the chocolate. And hubby and I discovered s’mores flavored Oreos (and I am an Oreo hound) so we’ve been eating those. I also had some Milky Way bites (okay, a bit more than some), and my usual WW chocolate goodness.

How’s the week going for you?

#ROW80 Check-in the Fifth

I admit it — I’ve done nothing since my last check in. I’m still feeling crappy, mostly the flu I think. Today I went into work for the first time since the fall, and it wore me right out (the job is exhausting when I’m feeling good. Feeling like I do right now? Just…I feel like my brain and body has been put through a blender. Ten times). So, I got the fun experience of piles upon piles of paperwork go through. Lucky me. But I’m getting there, slowly.

Still having headaches, still dizzy (although my Dayquil might be to blame for that), aches and pains and fuzzy head. I would have stayed home today, but it would just be worse, so I went in.

Stats from the last check-in (ouch):

Running total: 7,809 words
Words remaining: 67,191
Body count: I think I might be dead. 😦
Feeling: like I slammed my head into a wall and got the flu. Fun times.
Eye report: Surprisingly okay. It’s my brainbox that’s the problem.

I hope to have something to report on Sunday.