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#ROW80 Check-in April 24th

Annnd here we are again. Man, this week went by fast!

Overall, I’m doing okay. Still tired, but I’m managing. I haven’t hit all my goals, but I got some done, and that’s progress.

So, here we go!

Ever Touched – Due to getting a small editing job, I am slightly behind on this. But the good news is that I think I can make it up. And, extra money is always nice! Up to 78,145 words now (3,426 words sine last check-in!). My goal was to hit 80k this month, so I should make it. As for Camp, I still have 10k to go.

8 minutes/Covenant – Nada. Thought about it a lot, but never had enough energy to make it happen.

Exercise – 3 times this week – 2 walks, 1 bike.

Water – Every day except one.

AprilLove2016 – Still horrendously behind, but wrote 2 journal entries, and posted two blog posts. Here (Dear Future Me) and here (Dear Courage).

Elysium – Pondering, but nothing done. 😦

Chocolate consumption: Oreos – oh man, Oreos. And WW Sundaes.

Hoping to get some more done this week!

#ROW80 Check-in April 17th

Just rocking and rolling over here! Still very tired, but I’m working through it.

This will be quick as my wrist is acting up again. Must rest today.

Ever Touched – up to 74,719 (3,134 words since last check-in!). Almost to 75k!

8 minutes/Covenant – I have not felt up to this, unfortunately. Still planning on it once I do feel up to it! I feel terrible leaving it where I left it!

A preview of the pics I took yesterday. The white is actual grass, not snow!

Digital infrared – Took some test shots yesterday! They came out beautiful. They are here if you want to see them.

Exercise – Took a walk with hubby yesterday.

Water – Every day except two.

AprilLove2016 – Wrote Day 10 in my journal. Still really behind, though!

Elysium – Did a bit of work on it last night.

So, not too bad at all.

Chocolate consumption: several brownie cookies, a WW Sundae, and several Oreos. Yum.

#ROW80 Check-in April 13th

Wheww, I actually have a few minutes to do a check-in. Whoohooo!

So things have been going fairly well despite the exhaustion. I’m pretty happy with my progress so far this week and hope to continue!

Ever Touched – up to 71,585 words (4,358 words since last check-in!). Almost two-thirds done!

Elysium plotting – I started! I’m using method of Monica Leonelle’s, which is far more detailed than what I usually do, but I am intrigued by it and wanted to try it out on a new project this year.

Exercise – 2 walks, 1 run on exercise bike

Water – Every day so far this week!

AprilLove2016 – I am horribly behind, but I did do Day 8: “Dear Younger Me” yesterday here.

Digital infrared – Plans to experiment this weekend because it’s supposed to be sunny.

8 minutes/Covenant – Nada. I am just too exhausted! It’s frustrating.

Chocolate consumption report: several Oreos, WW Sundae last night, a few Samoas. I am such a chocolate fiend.

How’s everything going for you?


#ROW80 Round 2 Goals

Round 2 of A Round of Words in 80 Days begins today! I think I’m a lifer. I have never accomplished so much than when I’ve been ROWing. Accountability is an important part of my process.

Round 1 went well. I was hit with fatigue issues toward the end, but I get almost everything done! So I’m hoping for another productive round!

Here are my goals:

~Finish rough draft of Ever Touched.
~If there’s time, start planning Fireborn revision.
~Continue logging outline for Survivor into Scrivener.
~Reinstate 8 minutes a day of a first draft again/make progress on Covenant
~Make prints of the film I developed yesterday (my test roll).
~Experiment with digital infrared
~Plot Elysium
~Clean office
~Continue #AprilLove2016 when possible
~Exercise 2x a week
~Drink 1 glass of water every day.

There’s a chance things may need to get shuffled around pending any editing jobs or small projects for TDP, so I’m going to try to be flexible. But these are the things I hope to accomplish this round.

#ROW80 Final Check-in

So here we are at the end of the round! It went by so fast! Yikes!

I think I did very well, despite having issues with fatigue. That really screwed me up for awhile, but I am feeling much better so that’s good.

Here’s the rundown. Goals for the round were:

~Finish revision of Pirouette for submission to publisher (currently on page 203 of 243, but don’t let that fool you. I have a few plot holes to fill.) ~DONE! Still waiting to hear back, so fingers crossed!
~Write synopsis (first time doing that!) ~DONE! And got some very valuable feedback and knowledge for next time.
~Submit to publisher by 1/31 ~DONE! Submitted 1/25
~Finish Fireborn first draft (Reaper Girl novella, 19k of 25k currently) ~DONE! Finished at 23k.
~Make progress on Covenant, secondary WIP ~DONE! It is up to 18k now.
~Log in planner goals + to dos every day/every month (trying something new!) ~DONE for the most part. Struggled with remembering to write everything down b/c I do most of my planning in my head. Toward the end of this round, I managed to fill in at least two weeks in a row.
~Physical activity: 15 mins 3x a week (anything that gets me moving counts!) ~HIT OR MISS HERE. Mostly done, at least twice, but some weeks were tough getting it in.
~After Pirouette revision is finished, 8 minutes of focused writing per day on a first draft of my choice (another new thing).~MOSTLY DONE, except that I struggled with exhaustion issues toward the end of this round. I added at least 5k to Covenant, so I call that a win.
~Develop test roll of b&w film ~NOT DONE. I am almost ready! I am waiting for a specific chemical to be delivered (I had to special order it). But once I get it, it’s developing time!

Other notable accomplishments:

~Added drinking 1 glass of water per day to my routine
~Added walking to my routine, weather and health permitting
~Started inputting Survivor re-outline to Scrivener
~New idea for horror novel, Elysium
~About to start experimenting with plotting
~Ever Touched up to 54k
~Got darkroom ready to go for developing/printing

That’s it! Very happy with my progress and I will see you in Round 2!

#ROW80 Check-in #12.5

I’m superstitious about the number 13. 😉

This has been a pretty productive week, I think. No writing, though, because I’ve been copyediting part 2 of our May release. What a great book! I’m about 30 pages from the end and I am DYING to find out what happens next!

I’ve still been tired but not as tired as before, so that’s a good thing.

Here’s the rundown:

Ever Touched/Covenant/8 minutes a day – Nada, but Thoughts Have Occurred.

Planner – Yes! And I even filled in this week! I’ll need to adjust as I go, as things come up, but it’s at least started.

Water – Every day except two. (Usually, if I get home late from wherever I am, I skip the water so I’m not getting up to use the bathroom at night).

Darkroom – As I mentioned last week, I got all the old chemicals dumped and ready for disposal in September. These past few days I have been researching dilutions and my particular developer to see if my grand plan is going to work (using old developer, one of the chemicals for film development. I’m reading that it keeps forever if kept in a concentrated form, which I’ve done). I need one more chemical to come — I had to special order it. And then it’s developing time! (As it is, I really need to finish copyediting first, so it’s just as well.) I also bought 2 rolls of b&w infrared film which I am itching to try! I need really good sunlight, though.

Physical activity – 3 times, 2 of which were walking! Yay!

New project idea – Yeah, they’re coming fast and furious! I have an idea for a horror novel that involves a drug to resurrect people (but not as zombies!) and a limbo place between life and death, and people who are addicted to going there. And naturally, Bad Things Happen. So that’s been gnawing on my brain for about two weeks. I am going to experiment with actual plotting (ye Gods) to see if maybe I can somehow get it written faster. When, no clue! I have a lot on my plate already. I’m calling it Elysium for now.

I think that’s it! Here’s to another (hopefully) productive week!