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Cover Reveal and Announcement: Under Her Protection and other miscellany

Under Her Protection ebookIt’s time for another Turtleduck Press anthology, and this time we’ve cooked up something really, really cool.  It’s called “Under Her Protection: Stories of Women to the Rescue” and it twists the damsel in distress trope inside out.  What if the men needed saving, and the women were the ones to do it?  What if romance blossomed between them while on their respective journeys?

In “Guardian,” by KD Sarge, what if the warrior who saves the scholar is not what she seems?

In my story, “Reaper Girl,” what if a grim reaper accidently reaps the soul of a man who’s very much alive?

In Siri Paulson’s “The Raja and the Madman,” what if a maidservant befriends the madman in the tower?

In Kit Campbell’s “Drifting,” what if a newly-graduated woman, looking for purpose in her life, answers the plea of a Faerie kingdom and finds herself at the center of a family legend?

Check it out — it releases August 1st on all platforms.  And, as always, proceeds will be donated to UNICEF, as always.

Annnd for what’s new in Erin land, well…I’ve been working like a crazy woman on Grave Touched.  I think this is the toughest book I’ve ever tried to rewrite.  The whole second half needs to be reworked, and I’ve forgotten something really important so I need to backtrack, again.  As for the plot, I’ve decided to go with some new ideas, as the ones in the previous draft weren’t working too well.  But we’ll see.  Maybe I’m wrong.

I’m also enjoying the hell out of the TV shows Dexter and Hannibal.  For those who don’t know, Dexter is a crime show about a guy who works for the police as a blood-splatter analyst (talk about a neat job!) and secretly kills bad people in his spare time.  There’s a very specific reason why he does it, and it gets my writer-brain all atwitter with ideas.  And deep thoughts.  And stuff.  Hannibal is about the backstory of Hannibal Lector, from when he was a psychiatrist assisting the FBI with various murder cases.  And then there’s Will Graham, the poor soul brought on to assist, too, but who falls too far down the rabbit hole.  I LOVE these shows.  It’s been awhile since I’ve been full-blown obsessed with any TV shows, so this is big for me. Weekends are usually my binge-watching times.

Hubby and I have gone camping once so far this summer in our new pop-up camper and it’s been so much fun.  We have another weekend trip planned in August, a week-long trip in September, and possibly another weekend one the weekend of Halloween.  Let the good times roll!

I am starting to get antsy to write other things, as usual, and it’s no surprise.  I have a new direction for Flamebound and a series to develop about empaths and ley lines.  But Grave Touched needs its second half, and I do have a deadline to meet.  Must resist the pull of the shiny.  Must resist…..

So that’s about it for now.  See you on the flip side.