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#ROW80 Check-in #8

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hubby and I are going out to eat. We don’t typically give gifts or cards these days. We’ve been together for 10 years, and I have an extensive collection of teddy bears already. 😉 And while I loooove chocolate, I don’t need it for the waistline.

So what have I accomplished this week?

Ever Touched – I broke 32k last night, and the story is taking shape. A few things I didn’t plan on, which is awesome, because I’d initially very loosely outlined it and was worried about filling in the gaps. Now I’ve got a straight line to follow which is awesome. I am also really glad I started it for Nano last year. It was not as daunting starting it back up, and now with a deadline, I would have been stressing. So, go, me!

Covenant/8 minute writing – I’ve been working on this in 8-minute increments, which is sooooo easy and not overwhelming. It also gives me time to think about what’s happening next, and there’s no pressure to produce. And I make progress every day which is awesome. I’ve managed to do this every day except Thursday.

Physical Activity – 15 minutes x 3 – yes, I managed all three. Cooking a very involved meal yesterday kept me on my feet and moving for over an hour. Various cleaning chores did the same.

Darkroom – Alas, it was not meant to be. I had planned on doing something last night, but after cooking the meal I was exhausted and didn’t feel up to it. Today’s a short day b/c we’re going out to dinner and then my in-laws are coming over, so there won’t be any time to do anything. Looking at next weekend (she says hopefully).

Planner – Been going along fine and then this week I stopped. Why? Still not quite in the mode of planning. I know that sounds crazy, but actually, I do most of my planning in my head. I remember in high school we were supposed to use a planner, which was turned in at some point (I don’t remember), and I’d write everything in at the end. I got everything done. But for some reason my brain is just not like that. I had hoped to try this method of doing things, and I’m not giving up on it. It’s just been interesting to see how it works. So, I plan (LOL) on jumping back in this week. Maybe I should fill it all out at once instead of each day? *ponders*

Water – Every day with the exception of a few. I can’t drink water after 8pm or I’m running to the bathroom all night. But any day I’m home, I drink my water after dinner.

Survivor – I have been thinking about this on and off since the new year, and would like to reinstitute Survivor Sundays. I still need to finish inputting the outline, and I also need to figure out how to work it around Ever Touched. I wonder if my 8-minute project could be Survivor on Sundays? There’s no huge rush — I mean, I’d love to finish it and starting submitting, but these next few months are to be mostly pressure free. I have a short story to revise this month yet and a short story/novella to write for an antho, but other than that, I’m pretty open on projects. It might work. I dunno.

Lastly, I sat down and logged all of my wordcounts for last year and I was stunned to find out that I only wrote 88k for the year, not 100k like I’d thought. And I only wrote 9 months out of 12. Now, Grave Touched’s release set me back considerably and afterward, I was fried. So that probably accounts for that. And getting Grave Touched out was the priority and needed to be done. I just wish I’d have a less brain recovery time afterward. Some writers I’ve heard dive right into their next project, and I have a hard time doing that. But maybe it comes with practice. So that was a bit disappointing, but hey, not all years can be about the wordcount.

Annnnd that’s it for me.

#ROW80 Check-in #7

Lucky 7!

Okay, so here’s what I’ve accomplished since Sunday’s check-in:

~8 minutes of writing per day (Covenant)
~2,331 words on Ever Touched for the past 3 days
~Water water water
~Plans to work on my darkroom this weekend
~No physical activity — I need to get back on it ASAP
~Have been filling out my weekly/monthly/daily goals in my planner

I also started working out some more plot details for Ever Touched. It’s getting interesting. I just hope I can pull it off.

How are you doing with yours goals?

#ROW80 Check-in #6

It’s Sunday already? Where’d all the time go?

It’s been a fairly productive week for me. Here’s what I’ve accomplished:

~I finished Fireborn! Yay!
~I’ve managed to drink water almost every day this week again. Double yay!
~I started my 8 minutes thing with Covenant yesterday. 485 words.
~I began inputting the new Survivor outline into Scrivener.
~I’ve read over and re-organized my Ever Touched document.
~15 minutes of physical activity twice this week
~I’ve been filling out my planner with each weekly and daily goals on an ongoing basis since the first week of January.
~Assessed the state of my darkroom and have decided to start dumping the old chemicals as soon as possible so I can order new ones.

I hit a bit of a stumbling block on Covenant. I know what’s supposed to come next, and since this is going to be a novella versus a novel, I have to keep the action tight. But as usual, I’m pantsing it, and I’m not sure how to execute the next few scenes. So that needs to get worked out.

I trust that my muse will toss something my way. 😉

Fireborn will need some serious work once I switch back to it. I’m not sure when that’s going to be – I had hoped to release it this year. I probably still can, but I have a few things that are more urgent – copyediting in March for the next TDP book, a story for an anthology, and of course, Ever Touched. So I’m not sure. I think the first half is pretty solid, for the most part. I think it’s the second half that needs the most work. We shall see.

I’d love to start Survivor Sundays but need to get the rest of the new outline inputted before I try that.

Annnd that’s it for me.

#ROW80 Check-in #4

Feeling so much better than I did last check-in. I’ve been drinking a glass of water a day every day so far (with one exception) and it seems to be helping. It seems that once I start drinking it, I’m good. Only drinking one glass for now. Because I have bladder issues, I don’t want to go overboard.

The awesome fantastic wonderful super news is that I not only finished my synopsis to my satisfaction, but I submitted the whole thing on Monday. And now I am chewing my fingernails off. I don’t think I’ll hear from them really soon (unless they are rejecting me) but who knows? Gah, I hate waiting.

I also more or less finished the Changeling 4 revision. I decided that the ending did work, and it will provide a hook for part 5. It will end with part 5, though. I sort of semi have that figured out.

(Also toying with the idea of an online serial novel. Thoughts?)

So now that the submission’s finished, I will turn my attention to Fireborn and writing 8 minutes of new material per day. May end up being Flamebound, a paranormal romance novella I wrote waaaaaaay back in 2008 for Harlesquin’s Nocturne Bites line, but it never quite got to the point where I felt confident in submitting. I took it through Holly Lisle’s awesome How to Revise Your Novel class and have been chipping away at it ever since. When I set up my short work priority list for this year (I also have a novel priority list as well), I decided that 50-60k would be perfect for my new goal of getting shorter works up for sale (and could kick off a series). So, that may be my 8-minute writing project, maybe.

On the physical activity front, I’ve done 15 minutes of activity. I’ve fallen a bit down off of it due to lack of motivation. It’s cold outside, I was forced to spend a lot of time here revising/editing/synopsis-izing, I was tired, etc etc etc. I need to get more time in and pronto. If I feel up to it, I may clean a portion of my darkroom as one 15 minute thing this weekend, and it will help me get closer to having it ready to reopen.

Annnd that’s it for now. 🙂



2015 Year-in-Review and 2016 Goals

Happy New Year!

I’ve been doing this for at least 5 years now, maybe more, because it helps to take stock of what I’ve accomplished (and what I haven’t) and it also helps me to set concrete goals for the new year. So, here we go!

This year’s goals:

~Publish Grave Touched, pending approval, in May (tentative) – DONE! Grave Touched was published May 1st, after a 2-year hiatus. It was my biggest accomplishment in 2015, hands down!
~Write Fireborn, Reaper Girl novella – MOSTLY DONE. I started Fireborn in January, but got tied up with GT’s release and lost momentum. Started it back up after, and ran into some problems, and had to rewrite a portion of it. It’s at 19k currently, with maybe 5-10k left to go. I am hoping to finish it and release it this year.
~Figure out a plot for Ever Touched – DONE
Start writing Ever Touched – DONE for NanowriMo, and it’s at 32k currently.
Poke at Survivor (my book, not the TV show) on Sundays – DONE. Poking has happened, as well as a revised outline. Have not started the rewrite, but plan to this year.
~Start rewrite of Flamebound – NOT DONE, but planned for this year.
Write 1 poem per week minimum – NOT DONE, but wrote 10 poems over the course of the year.
~Do something with darkroom – DONE. Began cleaning and replenishing chemicals.  Shot a test roll of b&w film that I will be developing soon. Also got my 35mm automatic camera working again so I can continue shooting more b&w. Also planning on shooting b&w infrared.

So, all in all, I didn’t do too badly. Other notable accomplishments:

~Started a new novel, Covenant, which is up to 13k currently
~Wrote and posted the second and third installments of my fantasy serial, Changeling, at Turtleduck Press
~Got Reaper Girl ready for publication
~Wrote around 100k for the year
~Made concrete plans for more novellas
~Began the revision of Pirouette for a publisher. Pirouette has been languishing for 4 years because I didn’t know what to do with it

Non-writing accomplishments:

~Diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia + meds which is improving my quality of life greatly
~Obtained a digital-converted-DSLR and began experimenting with digital infrared
~Began reviving my darkroom and have plans to start working in it this year.
~Revived my editing business and have landed several jobs

So what are my goals for 2016?

~Release one novel
~Finish and release Fireborn
~Finish Pirouette revision and submit to publisher. If rejected, make a ruling as to what to do with it (trad or indie)
~Begin Flamebound rewrite
~Begin Survivor rewrite
~Make progress on Awaken Me
~Finish Ever Touched
~Get back into darkroom
~Try not to stress so much
~Experiment with plotting techniques
~Finish up Changeling serial
~Get back on diet/eat healthy/exercise
~My word for this year is NURTURE: nurture myself, nurture my creativity, nurture my dreams.

Annnd I believe that’s enough.  I have a good feeling about this year, and I hope to get lots done and take care of myself better. 🙂

What are your goals for this year?



#ROW80 Final Check-in 12/20/15

I’ve decided to wrap this up due to the fact that the next week is going to be nuts and I tend to forget about my Wednesday check-ins. So, here’s where I finished at:

~Finish Fireborn (I’m within 5k-10k to the end) – Unfortunately not, but I am so close I can taste it. The draft is at 19k after rewriting the last 5k or so. It’s my #1 priority after finishing up Pirouette in the new year.
~5k more on Covenant –Unfortunately not. Only wrote 1,345 words, but that’s something!
~Barring unforeseen craziness, I’d like to participate in NaNoWriMo with a modified goal of 30k (because my wrists can’t take 50k). Need to decide on a project, Survivor Rewrite or Ever Touched. Both need to be written, and there are compelling reasons for working on both but…just. can’t. decide! DONE! Participated in NanoWriMo with Ever Touched and ended with a wordcount of 32k.
Pirouette revision for publisher – On page 30 of 250, so I’ve finally moved on from the first 24 pages! Yay!

Non-writing goals:

~Shoot test roll of 35mm film and develop HALF DONE. Shot test roll, but need new chemicals which I have not bought yet. And I also need to finish cleaning/dusting and reorganizing my darkroom
~15 minutes of physical activity (anything that gets me out of my chair counts: cleaning, walking, straightening, breaks from writing, etc) 3 times per week DONE for the most part. I managed physical activity at least once a week, but sometimes I got two or three in, so I call that a win.

I’ve had some personal stuff happening this round, and freelance work as well, so I didn’t do as well as I’d hoped. But I’m moving forward, if slowly, and that’s what counts.

Chocolate consumption: Not as much as I’d like, as a rule, this round because dieting. I’m sure the holidays will blow this all to hell anyway. 😉

How did you do on this round?

And Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! I will be participating in ROW80 next year.



#ROW80 Check-in 11/18/15

It’s already Wednesday, and a week till Thanksgiving! Holy crap, time is flying!

I’ve broken 20k on Nano (Ever Touched). The decision to start over was a good one. It’s going well. I’m roughly 8k in, and around 10-11k counting the scenes I will be keeping from the original. 10k to go to make my goal.

I’ve also written 1k or more every day this month except one (931). It is the most I’ve written ALL YEAR. I am usually more productive than that, but I’ve had a lot going on that contributed to having less words. The important thing is that I kept writing, even if it was a little.

(Part of me is hoping I can continue writing 1k a day consistently — but I worry about my wrists. Been feeling a bit of twinging for the past 2 days).

Physical activity – 3 times, 15 minutes each (or more in one case)

Darkroom – I started cleaning it this past weekend. I also put together a wish list for what chemicals I need.

Words written: 20,552
Words remaining: 9,448
Word wars: 11
Word wars with myself: 5
Chapters written: 3
What’s happening: Another uncomfortable conversation
What’s next: Brianna needs to chill
Feeling: Better!

Chocolate consumption: Not a lot? Dang I’m completely falling down on the chocolate train. Yikes.

#ROW80 Check-in 10/14/15

Here we are with ROW80 again!

I’ve made some decent progress. I hurt my back recently, so physical activity has been minimal.

Here’s the rundown:

Fireborn: 1,700 new words for a total of 18,500 in draft. The end is soooo close!
Covenant: 376 words, for a total of 11,898 words in draft. (4,624 words to meet my goal).
Nano: Yes, as of today, barring any craziness. I believe I will be writing Ever Touched, FT book#3, and I may switch between that and Survivor. (Still wibbling!)
Physical activity: I managed two times last week and two times this week until my back got screwy so I call that a win.
Test roll: Did not manage it last week. Tentatively planning on doing it this Saturday if the light is good. 🙂

Chocolate consumption: You guys won’t believe it, but I’ve had very little chocolate since the last check-in. I’m watching my calories now and the bit of chocolate I did have fit into my daily allocation.Yikes! I’m actually *gulp* dieting!

#ROW80 Round 4 Goals

Round 4 2015 starts today, and I have goals!

Last round went pretty well, but there were some unexpected snags. This go-around, I’d like to finish the year strong.

Here they are:

~Finish Fireborn (I’m within 5k-10k to the end)
~5k more on Covenant
~Barring unforeseen craziness, I’d like to participate in NaNoWriMo with a modified goal of 30k (because my wrists can’t take 50k). Need to decide on a project, Survivor Rewrite or Ever Touched. Both need to be written, and there are compelling reasons for working on both but…just. can’t. decide!

Non-writing goals:

~Shoot test roll of 35mm film and develop
~15 minutes of physical activity (anything that gets me out of my chair counts: cleaning, walking, straightening, breaks from writing, etc) 3 times per week

I’m going to stop there, because I don’t want to overwhelm myself. My brain tends to lock up and refuse to do anything if I do that. I may add to these if I find things are going well, or subtract/modify them.

Now, if i get any freelance editing jobs within this time period, those are the priority. I hope to be able to juggle writing and freelance work better, though. Let the madness begin!

#ROW80 Final Check-in 9/23/15

Here we are at the end of Round 3. I think I did pretty well, considering that I had some things get a bit wonky toward the end. I had to shift and re-prioritize stuff and as such, not everything got done, but most did. 🙂

Here is the final rundown:

~3 freelance jobs completed

Writing Goals

~Finish Fireborn – Eh…not exactly. I had to trash about 5k and restart that section, so it’s technically not done. I’m probably within 5-10k of being done, though. I also edited the first half while on vacation, and outlined it for revision.
~Continue Survivor Sundays/5k in rewritten draft DONE for about a month, then abandoned once things got crazy. I did a very comprehensive re-outline, though. My grand plan, barring more craziness, is to make Survivor my NanoWriMo project for 30k (I can’t do 50k anymore due to bad wrists). That would give me a really nice start.
~10k on Covenant DONE – 11k currently
~Participate in Camp Nano (Fireborn/Covenant) DONE – made my goal of 10k combined
~Write and edit Changeling part 3 for submission (due 9/1) DONE!


~Get 35mm automatic camera fixed NOT DONE, because it wasn’t possible. The gentleman at the shop searched high and low for that part or a camera with that part, but no dice. 😦 I ended up buying a very cheap camera body to replace the messed up one, and it’s in even better condition. Win.
~Shoot test roll and develop NOT DONE. It’s on my list of things to finish before the end of the year.
~Do something with darkroom, big or small NOT DONE. Too busy to dig in and spend any time in there. 😦
~Set up Etsy shop DONE. It has a name. Now I need to add the bracelets. That will be tough b/c some of them are still in my sister’s shop, and I don’t want to duplicate anything. I will need a good long stretch of time to do this.

So that is it!

Chocolate consumption report: I have no final numbers on this, but you guys know me. 😉 I…ate a lot. I don’t think that’s ever going to change.;)