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Cover reveal: Fireborn

Fireborn finalI am so excited to show you the beautiful, awesome cover created by Molly Phipps. 🙂 Fireborn releases on August 1st from Turtleduck Press.

Former Grim Reaper Leliel and her new husband Rick have settled into a routine of normalcy after their life-changing trip to the Underworld. They can finally relax and be married and deal with mundane problems, like money and learning to use all the modern-day technologies that are new to Leliel. But they’re up for the challenge.

Until Leliel starts having frightening visions of people on fire. The fires appear to be suicides—young adults—but something isn’t right. She senses that they were forced to act against their will. This isn’t their time to die. Even though she’s no longer a Reaper, she needs to fix it. Somehow.

When she and Rick investigate, they encounter resistance from not only the police but also the families and friends of the dead. Complicating factors are the Tarot cards left at the scenes, the mysterious happenings at the college that all of the dead turn out to have attended, and the disturbing new abilities that Rick is developing.And then Leliel’s own Tarot deck turns up the Death card–twice–and she realizes that she’s gotten the attention of something evil…something she must face without Rick by her side.

Meanwhile, the deaths are mounting…ZARRO3

I really enjoyed getting back into the Reaper Girl Universe and telling more of Leliel and Rick’s story. I have episode 3 mostly planned, so stay tuned for more.

Want to catch up? Reaper Girl is on sale for 99c right now and free in Kindle Unlimited.

Dying for a peek? Check out the Fireborn teaser here.


Cover Reveal: Ever Touched

EvT cover3 3-30-17 copyIt is my pleasure to reveal the cover for my forthcoming novel, Ever Touched, book #3 in my Fey Touched series.

Here is the blurb:

One secret remembered, another forgotten…which one will explode first?

Brianna has two problems: she cannot remember her past, and she astrally projects to another woman who has predictions tortured out of her. As a result, she is lonely and feels distanced from her co-workers — the only family she has ever known — the Fey Touched Hunters. She is their intelligence gatherer, and her episodes are interfering with her ability to do her job.

When Fey Touched Hunter Cobra, her friend, finds her alone and injured from an episode, she accepts his help. But she’s terrified of doctors and of being thought mentally ill, so she refuses to tell him what’s wrong or let him take her to get medical help. Still, Cobra continues to help and protect her. They find themselves falling in love.

But Cobra, too, has a secret that could rip their fragile bond apart.

When Brianna discovers through her episodes that someone has plans to destroy the Fey Clans, the Fey Touched decide to put their hatred aside and help them. But it’s not just a matter of someone with a grudge: there are other, more powerful players — beings thought to be legend.

As they unravel the mystery, Brianna’s episodes become more frequent and more dangerous until she is faced with a choice. To find the mystery girl and help the Fey Clans, she must risk opening herself up to the Hunters and to Cobra, and put her own life on the line. But is she prepared for the answers she’ll find?

This book was such a joy to write, and I think you’ll enjoy Brianna and Cobra’s story.

Ever Touched is releasing May 1st, so stay tuned!

Cover Reveal: City of Hope and Ruin by Siri Paulson and Kit Campbell

This book. OMG. I copy edited it, so obviously I am biased, but OMG anyway. It is amazing and it is releasing May 11th from Turtleduck Press.

Are you ready for the most beautiful cover ever?

Are you sure?


City of Hope and Ruin ebook cover


Isn’t it beautiful?

Here’s the blurb:

Every night the monsters hunt.

A city that is the whole world: Theosophy and her companions in the City militia do their best to protect the civilians from the monsters, but they keep crawling from the Rift and there’s nowhere to run. Theosophy knows she’ll die fighting. It’s the best kind of death she’s seen, and at least she can save lives in the meantime.

They say the Scarred carve you up while you’re still alive.

A village in the shadow of a forest: Refugees from the border whisper about the oncoming Scarred, but Briony can’t convince her brother to relocate his children to safety. Briony will do anything to protect them. She owes them that much, even if it means turning to forbidden magic.

When Theosophy and Briony accidentally make contact across the boundaries of their worlds, they realize that solutions might finally be within reach. A world beyond the City would give Theosophy’s people an escape, and the City’s warriors could help Briony protect her family from the Scarred. Each woman sees in the other a strength she lacks—and maybe something more.

All they need to do is find a way across the dimensions to each other before their enemies close in.


Pre-order it here. Check out the excerpt here.

Also check out other stuff here: Pinterest board and also the Goodreads page.

There will be a print edition as well, so book lovers, don’t despair.

This is gonna be EPIC, guys.


#ROW80 Check-in 10/21/15

My beautiful cover for Reaper Girl, created by the awesome and wonderful Dannika Dark. :)
My beautiful cover for Reaper Girl, created by the awesome and wonderful Dannika Dark. 🙂

I’ve been a bit busy, which is a good thing, and I’ve done some writing, but not as much as I wanted to! Things keep popping up. This week has been the week of the migraine, and I *think* — hope — it’s gone for good. I think we have a storm front coming through or something. And, naturally, the TN pain had to get in on the action, so that’s been hurting quite a lot despite being on an intermediate dose between the lower dosage and the new prescribed dosage. Being that this is all new still, I’m not really sure what’s going on. But today it has been tolerable, so that’s a good thing.

The BIG news is that I have a cover for Reaper Girl, my novella that was published originally in the Under Her Protection anthology. I am going to be giving away a free copy to anyone who signs up for my newsletter. I sat down to work on the cover and showed it (a very rough draft) to some writer friends and I learned that just because I’m a photographer, doesn’t mean I am good at cover design (and Grave Touched doesn’t count. I was just following what the original designer, SM Reine, did with it). I am in the process of learning, and I learned a great deal with that one. Along with lots of great advice, one of the writers took my awful cover and turned it into the beautiful cover on the left. (Her name is Dannika Dark, and she rocks, both with writing and cover design). So that’s my cover. All I need to do is format the novella for Kindle/Nook/etc and I’m there. 🙂 The big challenge will be to make Fireborn match this lovely cover. I want to do it myself. *twitches*

Okay, on to the rundown! Here’s what I have done:

Physical activity: 2 days, approximately 15 minutes each
Test roll: Couldn’t do it this past weekend because silly me, I didn’t check the batteries! They’re like, at least 10 years old, and deader than dead. So my husband bought some from his work. So…this will be happening soonish.
Fieborn: Hit a bit of a snag that had me stumped, and I believe I may (maybe!) be over the hump. 672 new words.
Covenant: Nothing, although ideas are simmering.
Nano/Ever Touched: Going to be outlining at least some of it (at least enough to start me off) this week sometime.

Chocolate consumption: birthday cake! WW Sundaes! Still trying to diet, and that’s been going alright, I guess. Eating out at restaurants is the toughest, especially when the chosen restaurant has little-to-no options for health-conscious or dieting customers. So I haven’t been doing awesome, but I am trying at home as much as possible.

Cover Reveal: Grave Touched

GT-cover-Y-PRAC3 copyI am so excited to reveal the cover for Grave Touched! It came out beautiful (done by me!) and I LOVE it madly!

One factoid about this cover. I’d bought the stock art TWO YEARS ago because it was totally the main character. Unfortunately, there were delays with this release so I had to wait but…the stock art is still Emily to this day.

Here is the blurb:

Fey Touched – humans, genetically engineered for immortality and flight, tasked with protecting the rest of the world from rogue Fey…

Grave Touched – dead souls in search of living bodies to possess, especially those who’ve had a brush with death…

When Fey Touched Hunter Emily wakes up in a hospital, she doesn’t know that she was in fact dead. Nor does she know that her lover, Nick, broke all kinds of rules to bring her back. But the grave touched do.

Fey Touched Healer Asha does know that her mate, Joe, saved her when her abilities nearly killed her. And she knows the voices in her head are the grave touched trying to stake their claim. Asha needs Joe’s help again, but unfortunately she’s the only one who believes the grave touched exist.

The grave touched are plotting to take over the corporeal world, and they’re gaining strength. Only Emily and Asha stand in their way – and both are about to be possessed.
Grave Touched.

Stay tuned. Grave Touched is book 2 of my Fey Touched series, releasing May 1st from Turtleduck Press. Fey Touched, book 1, is still on sale for $.99 if you want to catch up!

You can read the Grave Touched teaser here.

Cover Reveal and Announcement: Under Her Protection and other miscellany

Under Her Protection ebookIt’s time for another Turtleduck Press anthology, and this time we’ve cooked up something really, really cool.  It’s called “Under Her Protection: Stories of Women to the Rescue” and it twists the damsel in distress trope inside out.  What if the men needed saving, and the women were the ones to do it?  What if romance blossomed between them while on their respective journeys?

In “Guardian,” by KD Sarge, what if the warrior who saves the scholar is not what she seems?

In my story, “Reaper Girl,” what if a grim reaper accidently reaps the soul of a man who’s very much alive?

In Siri Paulson’s “The Raja and the Madman,” what if a maidservant befriends the madman in the tower?

In Kit Campbell’s “Drifting,” what if a newly-graduated woman, looking for purpose in her life, answers the plea of a Faerie kingdom and finds herself at the center of a family legend?

Check it out — it releases August 1st on all platforms.  And, as always, proceeds will be donated to UNICEF, as always.

Annnd for what’s new in Erin land, well…I’ve been working like a crazy woman on Grave Touched.  I think this is the toughest book I’ve ever tried to rewrite.  The whole second half needs to be reworked, and I’ve forgotten something really important so I need to backtrack, again.  As for the plot, I’ve decided to go with some new ideas, as the ones in the previous draft weren’t working too well.  But we’ll see.  Maybe I’m wrong.

I’m also enjoying the hell out of the TV shows Dexter and Hannibal.  For those who don’t know, Dexter is a crime show about a guy who works for the police as a blood-splatter analyst (talk about a neat job!) and secretly kills bad people in his spare time.  There’s a very specific reason why he does it, and it gets my writer-brain all atwitter with ideas.  And deep thoughts.  And stuff.  Hannibal is about the backstory of Hannibal Lector, from when he was a psychiatrist assisting the FBI with various murder cases.  And then there’s Will Graham, the poor soul brought on to assist, too, but who falls too far down the rabbit hole.  I LOVE these shows.  It’s been awhile since I’ve been full-blown obsessed with any TV shows, so this is big for me. Weekends are usually my binge-watching times.

Hubby and I have gone camping once so far this summer in our new pop-up camper and it’s been so much fun.  We have another weekend trip planned in August, a week-long trip in September, and possibly another weekend one the weekend of Halloween.  Let the good times roll!

I am starting to get antsy to write other things, as usual, and it’s no surprise.  I have a new direction for Flamebound and a series to develop about empaths and ley lines.  But Grave Touched needs its second half, and I do have a deadline to meet.  Must resist the pull of the shiny.  Must resist…..

So that’s about it for now.  See you on the flip side.


Hot-Blooded by Kendall Gray – Cover Reveal

If Robert Rodriquez (Sin City), Tony Soprano, and David Lynch (Twin Peaks) made sweet love to a Hawaiian version of The Bride (Uma Thurman’s character from Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill), the resulting spawn might look like Kendall Grey’s upcoming mystery/suspense/supernatural thriller, HOT-BLOODED.

The first installment in the Ohana series, HOT-BLOODED is set on the island of Maui and is wrapped in the light and dark watercolors of Hawaiian culture, history, and mythology. It’s about guns, drugs, surfing, and tiki monsters. HOT-BLOODED tells the tale of a ballsy, half-Hawaiian angel-turned-demon, the duplicitous assassin who falls for her, and the blessings and curses of family—all wrapped up in freaky, supernatural gift paper.

Here’s the description:

WARNING: HOT-BLOODED does NOT end with a happily ever after. It contains drug use and graphic sex, language, and violence. The story is intended to entertain, not to condone or glorify illegal or immoral activities. This book is unsuitable for sensitive readers and those under the age of 18.

*Written in 3rd person. Contains a massive cliffhanger and multiple POVs.

Ohana is everything…

When an accident claims her mother’s life, Keahilani Alana must take charge of her ohana (family) or risk losing what little they have. With an underage brother to care for and no education, she has few options. The door to a heavenly hellish opportunity opens when she stumbles upon a valuable secret her mother left behind on the slopes of an extinct volcano—a legacy that tempts the family with riches beyond their wildest dreams. But the secret is much bigger and more sinister than they realize. As reality unravels and exposes eerie truths about the ohana that should have remained deep under the mountain, Keahilani must either resist the call of her blood or risk being consumed by its darkness.

Blake Murphy is an assassin working to infiltrate a new Hawaiian cartel. His investigation reveals that Keahilani, the sexy surfing instructor he pegged as an informant, is much closer to the drug ring than he thought. Passion ignites between them in the bedroom, but their ironclad ties to opposing interests pit them against each other everywhere else.

When tensions reach the breaking point and her ohana is threatened, the only cure for Keahilani’s hot-blooded fury is a loaded clip with a body bag chaser.

They don’t call her Pele for nothing.

Here’s the cover designed by Renee Coffey:


So, are you up for a steamy, violent descent into tropical-island madness with a supernatural twist? If so, you can add HOT-BLOODED to your Goodreads TBR here. The release date hasn’t been announced yet, but Kendall is shooting for the end of June or early July. Stay tuned!

You can stalk Kendall on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, or her web site.

In Flames Cover Reveal

inflames1aI thought I’d share the lovely cover I made for my flash fiction anthology, In Flames, to be released August 31st.

I’m very proud of this.  Being that I had to take a forced break from writing, and then slowly re-acclimate myself to it again, it’s big.  Obviously, not as big as a novel, but I had set a goal to get something published before Grave Touched releases next year.

Here is the blurb:

This flash fiction anthology – my first – consists of six flash fiction stories, as well as an exclusive four-chapter excerpt of my debut novel, Fey Touched, book 1 of the Fey Touched series.

The flash stories are the following:

Blindsight – A cancer patient takes an experimental treatment, but the side effect is horrific…or is it?

The Stranger -A grief-stricken widow has her husband resurrected – except there’s a slight problem…

In Flames – A pissed off angel sentences everyone to hell, but refuses to see the truth.

The Beautiful Woman -A deformed man is suddenly attractive but the woman he wants isn’t what she seems.

Marionette – A serial killer finds he can control every victim except one…

The Last Kill – A rehabilitated murderer faces madness when her victims become voices in her head.


Stay tuned.  It is coming.

Fey Touched Cover Reveal

My plan was to wait a bit longer to draw out the suspense.  But I just can’t keep it to myself.  I want to share it with the world, so here goes.  Huge thanks to SM Reine.  She is the amazing, talented person who put this beautiful cover together.   I love it madly.

And here is the blurb:

Fallon is one of the Fey Touched, a Hunter of the immortal Fey–their enemy. After having mysterious dreams about a woman who seems eerily familiar, Fallon tracks the history of her bloodline, using an addictive drug to search the stream of time. In the process, she discovers she’s adopted and the woman from her dreams may be her sister.

Her whole world turned upside down, Fallon races to unravel the puzzle of her life before the withdrawals — or her enemies — kill her.

She must also find a cure for the mysterious illness that has struck her fellow Hunters down before any more of them die. Torn between duty and desire, Fallon struggles to find an answer, never suspecting that her long-lost kin may be the key to saving the Hunters… and time is running out.

Fey Touched releases August 1st through Turtleduck Press.  It is the first in a series.