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The secret project is here!

ebookGWP-RSLadies and gentlemen, I am proud and excited to reveal my secret project! Finally. After two years, I have finally been able to publish this.

It’s called Gain with Pain: Chronic Illness Productivity Hacks. I wrote this book to help people live their very best lives with chronic illness. I wanted to give them hope, comfort, and actionable steps to take to start the process right now.

Mostly, I wanted to show that having a chronic illness (or two) does not mean your life is over. It’s changed. But it’s still there, ready for you to grab it.

Here’s the info:

Sometimes life gets complicated.

Your doctor has informed you that you have cancer. Or fibromyalgia. Or perhaps lupus. When you receive a serious health diagnosis, you can do one of three things: act as if nothing happened and try unsuccessfully to muddle through, shut down completely…or find your new normal.

In Gain with Pain: Chronic Illness Productivity Hacks, Erin Zarro shares her daily struggles with multiple serious health conditions, and how she found her new normal. She gives you exercises to do to mentally prepare yourself for the day, shares how to plan activities so you don’t completely exhaust yourself or worsen your condition, and suggests ways you can get past the grief of your diagnosis and move on with your life.

Even if you don’t have serious health problems, you can use the list-making techniques outlined in this book to help organize your time so that the rigors of a busy schedule no longer get in the way of your productivity and happiness. To allow you the kind of time to enjoy friends, family, and the life you deserve.

Gain with Pain: Chronic Illness Productivity Hacks is Erin’s first self-help book about coping with the daily struggles of chronic illness. You may also enjoy Life as a Moving Target, a poetry chapbook that explores what life with a chronic illness is really like.

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I also have a website/blog set up for chronic illness warriors called Gain with Pain and also a Facebook community. They are both a bit sparse at the moment, but soon I’ll have some great content to supplement the book.