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#ROW80 Round 2/Q2 2019 Goals

So here we are on April 1st and it is the beginning of Round 2 of #ROW80 and the beginning of Q2 2019. As I did previously, I’m combining the two into one handy post.

I have been given clearance to walk now! However, I’m still not 100% (it’s been, what, 3 days?) so I can’t go crazy with some of my big plans yet. However, I can try to slowly get back into the groove. I am so ready to write and be productive again!

So here are my goals:

~Participate in Camp Nano with a modest goal of 10,000 words. I’ve got two projects competing for my attention: one is Immortal (which may be called Eternal) and the other is a contemporary romance idea that’s been gnawing on me for awhile. Need to make a decision. Or do both. I’ve done that before.

~Continue placing ads for 3 of my books each month. Also, do a free run with Reaper Girl.

~Progress on more sane work hours. Includes taking Sundays off.

~Start Survivor Rewrite

~Chocolate consumption reports 😉


That’s all I want to declare for now. I can always add to this later.

Definitely starting slow.

#ROW80 Check-in 6/21/15

Annnd here we are again with another check-in. I’ve been more productive, which is really good. 🙂

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there!

I’m still going slowly wordcount-wise so my muse doesn’t get spooked. I haven’t been able to work on both main WIPs every day, although I think I managed it once. So maybe it’ll end up being a back-and-forth thing, and that’s totally okay. I’m being gentle with myself because things have been rough on me as of late, and I don’t need to hear my Inner Slave Driver screaming at me about low wordcounts. Nope, my ears are plugged.

Here’s the run down:

Survivor – Worked on it today and last Sunday. I’m on page 10 of 831 (!!) but I realized that I messed up a few scenes. Oh, yes. It would have helped to take a glance at my outline and notes beforehand, but now I’ve got it straight. It is SO overwhelming, rewriting this book. But it will be better for it, and I still believe it is worth the work to make it saleable. I also need to distill some of these scenes into the core idea, because I can see how little some of them accomplish story-wise. I’ve learned how to identify that kind of stuff, whereas 11 years ago, I knew nothing. So, progress.

Ever Touched – More work in Hiveword (it is Hiveword, not Hivemind! I frantically searched for it last night — didn’t bookmark the site, duh — and discovered this. Oops? But now I’m straight.) Got some characters named and identified, got a few scenes added to the outline. It’s coming along.

Fireborn – No new words here. I got a bit stuck on where to go next. I know the what, just not the how. I thought about it and I think I have a direction now.

Covenant – 646 more words for a total of 4,810 in draft.

Changeling part 2 – I got feedback and have revised/edited it. One more pass for typos and such, and it’ll be done.

I think that’s it for today. Going to try to get more work done today if I can, in between Father’s Day stuff.

As for the chocolate consumption report, been craving it MADLY and have been eating ALL THE THINGS which is really bad for the waistline. I may need to cut back at some point. 😦

How are you doing on your goals?