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Saying Goodbye to Bones

I’m a bit late on this, but I wanted to talk about Bones. The series finale happened on March 28th, the day after my birthday, after 12 years. SPOILER ALERT. Do not read any further if you wish to remain unspoiled.

Most series now do not last that long, so I am so grateful for every year of the twelve it aired. I am also glad I gave it a chance after watching one episode and not liking it. (Yeah, imagine that, not liking it!). I ended up getting the DVDs to play catch up and then began watching it live around the 5th season.

Bones was a bit different than other police procedural/forensic shows. It had a main character who was a forensic anthropologist (someone who studies the bones of the dead to determine who and what killed them) and I was — and still am, actually — fascinated by it. It had some amazing villains and crimes, awesome character development and relationships, and even romance. There were also serious things, like one character being in a coma, or another character getting injured and coping with being in a wheelchair (which was handled superbly). Gambling addiction. Long-lost parent coming back into a character’s life. Pregnancies, children, high-stakes chases, death threats, serial killers….this show had it all, and it handled it all with grace and integrity.

Bones has been a part of my life for what feels like forever. It was originally on Wednesdays, then switched to Mondays (before or after House, M.D. — another favorite — I don’t remember which. So Mondays were made better for that.) Then they switched to Thursdays, where it was for a few seasons. And then for the final short season they switched to Tuesdays which I did not realize and missed the first 2 episodes! I was pissed! But then I managed to get into the groove. I literally ran my life around episodes of Bones. Kinda silly, I know, but I preferred watching it live. I looked forward to it every week. And now, it’s over. It’s kinda like saying goodbye to an old friend, one you’re not sure you’ll see again. (There was talk of maybe continuing it in some fashion, but I’m not sure how true it is). I guess ratings were slipping, even with its super-loyal fanbase. They were able to get the short season to end the series right, and again, I am grateful for that because how many shows end on cliffhangers? But the feeling was very bittersweet. I teared up a few times. But despite the subject matter (aftermath of an explosion), it did not feel like a finale. Sure, it wrapped everything up and left hope for the characters’ future, but I didn’t feel a sense of awe as with other shows. Not saying it sucked — it was great episode. Maybe I’m in a bit of denial? I don’t know.

I have very mixed feelings about it. I’ve been busy with edits on Ever Touched so I haven’t really had time to really process it. But I’m sure it will hit me and the tears will come.

And Brennan and Booth. Man, what a love story. I remember the episode where it was revealed that they’d slept together and Brennan was pregnant. And boom, they were a couple. But it wasn’t all hearts and flowers. These two had their struggles, and sacrifices, and tough choices, which made it even more awesome when they finally got married (and it was beautiful). I just can’t think of another TV couple that tops them. They are it for me.

As you may or may not know, Bones was based on Kathy Reichs’s Temperance Brennan novels. They took a huge departure from the books, though (totally new characters, including Booth). And a lot of times that goes horribly wrong. But it actually worked out pretty well. Obviously they are two separate entities, but still. I have yet to catch up on the Brennan novels. Kathy Reichs did a great job (and she is a real-life forensic anthropologist — how cool is that?).

So I guess this is goodbye, and I feel an ache in my heart. Sure, it was just a TV show, but for me was more than that. It was friends, and fun, and cool stories and romance and killers. It was an hour once a week I cheerfully gave to see what was going to happen next to the coolest characters on the planet. It fun, sometimes heartbreaking, and cool. It was one of the greatest shows ever produced in my opinion. It was life.

It’s over now. I wish it wasn’t, but life goes on. Maybe someday there will be more, or maybe not. But whatever happens, Bones changed my life and the way I see things. And that is the mark of a great show.

Godspeed, Bones. You will be missed.