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Talking to myself: Ending Ever Touched

I’m a bit hung up on a plot point in Ever Touched, so I’m gonna do my usual “talk to myself” thing to see if I can shake something loose.

As always, POSSIBLE SPOILERS for the end of Ever Touched. I may or may not use what I discover here. You’ve been warned.

Okay, so let’s get down to business. I need a way for the Hunters to find the three others who are hidden before they are [redacted].

How, with their implants turned off? I had a thought that maybe they could still sense each other, somehow, but that feels too easy.

What about the old-fashioned way? Using their knowledge of Julian and maybe some clues to find them? But what clues? Tari’s in a shack in the middle of nowhere. I haven’t figured out where the others are.

I’ll try talking to Brianna….

So, how are you going to accomplish this?

I’m not entirely sure. I think there has to be a link between the locations — where each woman is. Maybe places of significance, even if it doesn’t appear to be that way.

What if you are able to sense them without the implant working?

That’d be cool, but I can’t depend on that. He’s going to make sure they are off. And any psychic sense? I just don’t know. It seems risky. We’ve got a time limit.

Tari could possibly develop a sense without the implant, you know. She’s got a computer brain.

I’m still not sure.

Could Julian somehow show his hand and not realize it?

He’s an arrogant SOB. I don’t put it past him to somehow hint at where they are, thinking we’re too stupid to catch on.

And your situation is unstable….

Time’s running out for me, too.

But the visions…they could show you where they are, right?

Vaguely. It would give us a starting point. It will still be tough.

I think you guys could do it. You’ve been in impossible situations before.

Possible, yes. And hopefully before I have my, uh, problem flair up and uh, [redacted].


Okay, so I blame it on the day I’ve had. Of course it was the visions! That’s how this whole thing started, and hello, we’ll come full circle. It’s brilliant!

So I will probably use that or some variation of it. Now I need to figure out where the other two are and how these visions play out.

Lots to think about. 🙂


#ROW80 Check-in 4/16/14

Well, here we are again. I’ve been making some awesome progress on Reaper Girl. Last night, I hit the climax and then…my wrist went all twinge-y. (And I know what happens when I ignore it..so…I was done for the night). So today, pending any more twinging, I should be able to get close to the end. There’s only one teeny tiny little problem: I’m not sure how to end it. Well, let me rephrase. I have an idea of how to do it; I’m just wibbling over the execution of it. I don’t want a deux ex machine ending or an ending that sucks. The ending I want to write involves getting from point A to point B in some unknown way. That’s the real problem.

Now, technically, I could start revising anyway. The deadline is in 2 weeks. I have a ton of ideas on how to make it better and maybe, just maybe, something might jump out at me as I’m revising. (I did this with both Fey Touched and Grave Touched. It seems to work well for me). Soooo if I can’t come up with something pretty soon, I might just hold off till the revision is done.

So that’s what’s going on in my world.


Words written so far: 15,307 words total/2,951 words since the last check-in
Words remaining: We’ve gone waaaaay over the limit, here.
What’s happening: His Highness, the King of the Underworld, is proclaiming his decision on [redacted] things.
What’s next: An epic, thrilling conclusion I have yet to dream up.
Eye report: Twinge-y
Feeling: A bit tired.
Chocolate consumption: 1 Weight Watchers snack. I’m also eyeballing a ice cream bar for later. We’ll see.