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#ROW80 Check-in 9/28/14 – Better late than never

My how time flies! I’ve been doing PT and just got back from our 4th camping trip of the year. Next week is the fifth and last. I absolutely love camping. This time, we went to Lakeport, one of the campgrounds where I spent many, many camping trips with my family. Some were even church campouts. There’s this swing set I used to swing on, near the beach. That’s my clearest memory of camping. Well, I wondered if it was still there. And this morning, hubby and I were walking around and voila…we found it! It gave me a little thrill to see that. (They may have moved the location slightly, but it’s still in the same basic spot). It was really cool…like coming home. ūüėÄ

On to writing. I did the math and since the last check-in (on Sept. 10th), I’ve written a whopping 25k. In total, since this round started, I’ve written 60k. (!!!!!) I’m at 102k and nearing the end. I have the climax to write and the tying of loose ends. I may be able to use some of the old material, as the very end is staying the same. It’s just the mechanics that are changing. There’s also one aspect of things I neglected to put in, and it’s pretty important so I’ll be making some notes before starting the revision.

I will definitely participate in Round 4 and will probably be revising mostly. The deadline’s coming close. I can’t believe there are just THREE MONTHS left in the year!

Stats! (cuz we all love them!)
Total words written: ~60k
Words remaining: 0
What’s happening: We’re about to enter the climax.
What’s next: Tying of loose ends
Eye report: Been bugging me a bit
Back report: Terrible. Took a pain pill. ūüė¶
Chocolate consumption since last check-in: A whole lot! A few small bags of M&Ms (my favorite!), cookies &cream popsicles (2?), s’mores, WW snacks….that’s all I can think of at the moment. There’s probably more I’m forgetting.

This was a GREAT round and lots of fun! See ya in Round 4!

#ROW80 Check-in 9/10/14 – Still busy and eating chocolate

Here I am, I have returned! I’ve been busy with camping trips and the Grave Touched Rewrite. And PT. And…vacation!

Yep, last week was my second vacation from work, 6 days of bliss. Hubby and I went camping (no surprise there!) where we had the most beautiful view of the lake from our campsite (the beach was literally steps away…and at night? The sunsets? I was in photographer’s heaven!) and where our little camper weathered a HUGE, crazy storm (winds 40 mph) and didn’t have a single leak! It was a lot of fun, a lot of excitement, and a lot of relaxation. Something I needed desperately.

The Grave Touched Rewrite is up to 89k (!). I’m still boggled by this. I did write a bit on vacation because, you know, deadlines and momentum. I also finished the edit of Changeling and sent that off.

So the plan is to try to finish Grave Touched by the end of the month, giving me three months to revise. Crossing fingers. I need a minimum of two months, so I can go over, but I really want that extra month!

Another thing I’ve been giving a lot of thought to is…what’s next? I definitely need a break from the Fey Touched world and a writing break in general, but after that…may work on Soulfire or one of my other revisions. It’s kinda up in the air right now, but I am pondering it.

I also have decided to reopen my darkroom. I’ve had it since 1999 and at one time, worked in there for three to four hours at least 3x a week. Once I got married to my ex, naturally my work output went way down, even though I continued to do photo shoots. When I came back home, I putzed with it a bit, but I was beginning to feel the effects of my age — in my back, particularly. The smell of the chemicals began to bother me when they never did. And the stamina required to stand for 3-4 hours at a time was just not there.

I’d basically given up on it. Whenever I’d think about reopening it, I always thought, well, I can’t stand, I’ll need to replace all my chemicals, I’ll need to set aside the time, blah blah blah. All excuses. My first love, and real passion, is traditional black and white photography. I probably sound like an old-timer, but that’s where my roots are (my grandfather was a darkroom photographer and I didn’t find out about it until I was in school studying it!) and where my soul feels most nourished. I love digital, but there’s nothing like b&w. I’m sorry, but to me, b&w is where the magic happens. I’ve missed it SO much that I regularly have dreams about it. I want to watch the picture emerge from a blank piece of photo paper. I want to spend time with each negative and figure out the best possible exposure time. I want to tone my images again. But most of all, I want to experiment with infrared photography, which is what led to all of this. I did some back in school and it was beautiful (everything glows, green plants and people’s skin is white, contrast is…out of this world) and I tried it again but didn’t have any good results. Tried a pseudo-infrared film but didn’t like it much, either. Then that perfect film was discontinued! Another thing I gave up on (it’s also wickedly hard to use, expose, and develop. But SO worth it). So anyway, a few weeks ago, I said, “Eff it. I’ve wanted to do this forever, obviously things have changed drastically, and I’ll need to put a ton of work into it (oh yeah, another thing — my darkroom area needs to be cleaned, organized, and thoroughly dusted — right now it’s a mess) but wait a sec. I don’t have to spend hours in there. I can buy chemicals little by little. I can still do everything. Just differently.” So, that’s what I’m doing. I’m going to give this a try. I’ve set a goal for myself. By my birthday in March, I want to have a significant portion of the work done to reopen the darkroom. I won’t buy chemicals until I’m ready to start and I’ll have time to get my 35mm automatic camera fixed (for infrared, it’s manual all the way — it’s been decades since I’ve used a manual camera! Looking forward to it!). I also will have enough time to attack it at my own pace.

Time is slipping by. This year is almost over, and it has flown by. I don’t want to go through the rest of my life wondering what beautiful images I could have made if only I’d taken the time to try darkroom again. I miss it, and it needs to be a part of my life again.

So…there’s that.

Okay, stats!

Words rewritten since last check-in: 7,650 (total so far: 35,561 words and I made my second goal!)
Words remaining: 0
What’s happening: The MCs are doing a ritual to ward off possessions
What’s next: MC is going to be very…lost
Eye report: Not too bad, even with a storm today
Back report: A bit better, but progress has been very slow
Chocolate consumption since last check-in: Well…a whole lotta chocolate. Too much to list. ūüėČ

Cover Reveal and Announcement: Under Her Protection and other miscellany

Under Her Protection ebookIt’s time for another Turtleduck Press anthology, and this time we’ve cooked up something really, really cool.¬† It’s called “Under Her Protection: Stories of Women to the Rescue” and it twists the damsel in distress trope inside out.¬† What if the men needed saving, and the women were the ones to do it?¬† What if romance blossomed between them while on their respective journeys?

In “Guardian,” by KD Sarge, what if the warrior¬†who saves the¬†scholar¬†is not what she¬†seems?

In my story, “Reaper Girl,”¬†what if a grim reaper¬†accidently¬†reaps the soul of a man who’s very much alive?

In Siri Paulson’s “The Raja and the Madman,”¬†what if¬†a¬†maidservant¬†befriends the madman in the tower?

In Kit Campbell’s¬†“Drifting,” what if¬†a¬†newly-graduated woman, looking for purpose in her life, answers the plea of a Faerie kingdom and finds herself at the center of a family legend?

Check it out — it releases August 1st on all platforms.¬† And, as always,¬†proceeds will be donated to UNICEF, as always.

Annnd for what’s new in¬†Erin land, well…I’ve been working like a crazy woman on Grave Touched.¬† I think this is the toughest book I’ve ever tried to rewrite.¬† The whole second half needs to be reworked, and I’ve forgotten something really important so I need to backtrack, again.¬† As for the plot, I’ve decided to go with some new ideas, as the ones in the previous draft weren’t working too well.¬† But we’ll see.¬† Maybe I’m wrong.

I’m also enjoying the hell out of the TV shows Dexter and Hannibal.¬† For those who don’t know, Dexter is a crime show about a guy who works for the police as a blood-splatter analyst (talk about a neat job!) and secretly kills bad people in his spare time.¬† There’s a very specific reason why he does it, and it gets my writer-brain all atwitter with ideas.¬† And deep thoughts.¬† And stuff.¬† Hannibal is about the backstory of Hannibal Lector, from when he was a psychiatrist assisting the FBI with various murder cases.¬† And then there’s Will Graham, the poor soul brought on to assist, too, but who falls too far down the rabbit hole.¬† I LOVE these shows.¬† It’s been awhile since I’ve been full-blown obsessed with any TV shows, so this is big for me.¬†Weekends are usually my binge-watching times.

Hubby and I have gone camping once so far this summer in our new pop-up¬†camper and it’s been so much fun.¬† We have another weekend trip planned in August, a week-long trip in September, and possibly another weekend one the weekend of Halloween.¬† Let the good times roll!

I am starting to get antsy to write other things, as usual, and it’s no surprise.¬† I have a new direction for Flamebound and a series to develop about empaths and ley lines.¬† But Grave Touched needs its second half, and I do have a deadline to meet.¬† Must resist the pull of the shiny.¬† Must resist…..

So that’s about it for now.¬† See you on the flip side.