New release: Fireborn

Yay, today’s the day! I am so excited to finally have this book published. It started its life in 2015 when I found myself with Fireborn finala bit of time to fiddle around and no deadlines. The idea hit me hard, but I I struggled to finish it due to several factors, one being my health. When a publication shot opened up at Turtleduck Press, I decided to expand it (it was only 23,000 words at first—not enough murder, lol) and publish it this year. It is my first real mystery, and I am thrilled to be writing in the Reaper Girl world again. I am in the process of planning episode #3, tentatively titled Immortal. Stay tuned!

Once again, here’s the blurb:

Former Grim Reaper Leliel and her new husband Rick have settled into a routine of normalcy after their life-changing trip to the Underworld. They can finally relax and be married and deal with mundane problems, like money and learning to use all the modern-day technologies that are new to Leliel. But they’re up for the challenge.

Until Leliel starts having frightening visions of people on fire. The fires appear to be suicides—young adults—but something isn’t right. She senses that they were forced to act against their will. This isn’t their time to die. Even though she’s no longer a Reaper, she needs to fix it. Somehow.

When she and Rick investigate, they encounter resistance from not only the police but also the families and friends of the dead. Complicating factors are the Tarot cards left at the scenes, the mysterious happenings at the college that all of the dead turn out to have attended, and the disturbing new abilities that Rick is developing.

And then Leliel’s own Tarot deck turns up the Death card—twice—and she realizes that she’s gotten the attention of something evil…something she must face without Rick by her side.

Meanwhile, the deaths are mounting…

Buy links:

Print edition – forthcoming

Also, just a reminder: Reaper Girl, Episode 1, is on sale for 99c!




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