#ROW80 Check-in Jan. 14th

Here we are again with a ROW80 Check-in. I’ve been pretty exhausted this week, and along with TN pain, it’s been really hard to get much done. 😦

Here’s the rundown:

~2nd round edits on secret project (I am contemplating releasing it around my birthday in March. We will see how things go). ~I  haven’t received the last two betas yet.
~Revisions on Fireborn ~Haven’t received my edits back, either.
~Covenant words ~Don’t have wordcounts handy at the moment. Maybe 1,000 new words? I’ve stopped working on this book due to being stuck. I am working on an older novel, Oubliette, and it’s up to 25k now.
~Survivor Sundays (Survivor my book, not the TV show) Have not started yet. 
~Poke at Fireborn cover?~Yes, although it’s not working as well as I’d hoped.

Non-writing stuffs:

~Read 1 book a week Finished Broken Symmetry by Dan Rix and have started
Blood Fury by J.R. Ward. 

~Water 5x a week
~Print out test roll pics in darkroom Nope. 
~Poetry, maybe? Nope. 
~Housewalking 3x a week Nope. 
~And everyone’s favorite, chocolate consumption reports ~Not a lot this week. Just hot chocolate. I must step it up!

7 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in Jan. 14th

  1. Need to eat more chocolate! LOL

    That’s great that you had another book you were into working on, when getting stuck on one. Sometimes that works for me, but usually not. Have a great week, and may we both get more done!

  2. I know what’s wrong here… it’s that chocolate report. Must send you some Lindt truffles.

    Though… it does look like you managed a fair amount even so. Good progress, Erin.

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