Fiction Friday – the “it’s colder than cold” edition

It’s pretty cold in my part of the world. Thank God for hot chocolate, heat, and covers to keep warm.

Alrighty, let’s get this party started. Once again, a reminder about my rating system:

Double yay – Astounding read! Perfect in every way! Get thee to a bookstore NOW.
Yay – I recommend with no reservations. Guaranteed good read.
Maybe – Read at your own risk. A mixed bag
Nay – DNF (Did Not Finish) or sucky or both. I do not recommend.

Also, fyi, these are affiliate links.

NEED by Joelle Charbonneau – A yay. This was a good book, and a fast read. It’s about this school, and a new social network called NEED. The students post anonymous requests for things they “need” (and stuff they really don’t, frivolous things) and they are asked to do one little thing, and are given the thing they requested. Seems relatively harmless, until someone ups the stakes. Soon, people are being asked to do more dangerous things. People are dying. And you’ll never guess who the mastermind is. 😉 I think it’s really cool and very relevant with all the focus on social networking these days. Made me think for sure.

Queen Takes King by Joely Sue Burkhart – A yay. Book 2 in her amazing Their Vampire Queen series. Blood, politics, and lots of hot sex! More Blood came to Shara’s call, as well as a mysterious king that’s been held captive in a cave for thousands of years. Shara is growing in power, and she’s starting to find out who her enemies are. Great book, great series. Link to my review 

Midnight Rain by Kate Aeon – Double yay. This is actually a reread. I had read this book years ago in paperback. When I saw the Kindle edition was free, I snapped it up. The story STILL hunts me to this day. It’s about this woman psychic who left her abusive husband, but not before he injured her and killed two kids. She’s been hiding and running ever since. She reads tarot cards for a psychic hotline and one day her husband calls her. Except…he’s in a coma. WTF, right? READ THIS BOOK. You won’t regret it. (Just FYI, this book was previously published under the name Holly Lisle. This is apparently a pen name she’s using to separate the different genres she writes. She’s an amazing author, no matter what name she’s using).

And that’s it for today’s edition. Check these out.



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