Fiction Friday on a Sunday!

It seems like forever since I’ve done one of these. Wanted to get caught up.

So let’s dive right in, shall we?

Rating system:

Yay – Highly recommended read.
Maybe – A mixed bag. Read at your own risk.
Nay – Did Not Finish (DNF) or did finish, but do not recommend

Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories by various (anthology) – This one’s a solid maybe. There were two really good stories that were scary. The rest really weren’t.

Road to Helltown by SM Reine (ARC)  –  A yay for sure! Last book in her Preternatural Affairs series. Must read books 1-8 first, though. Lots of action, hard decisions, betrayals, and a twist I didn’t see coming. Link to my review (spoilers herein)

Blood War by KJ Colt – Yay! Book #5 in her Healers of Meligna series. Really good. Kept me on my toes. Where is book #6? Must have it NOW.

Death Plague by KJ Colt (prequel to Healers series. Published as part of the Dominion Rising boxed set) – A yay for sure. Kind of sad. It explains what happened before the Healers series, and showed a different side of things.

Fool Proof Dictation by Christopher Downing – a yay for sure. I’ve been using dictation to write for years, but have never gotten totally comfortable with it. This book gives some neat ideas for how to get comfortable and helps look at it from a different perspective.

Queen Takes Knights by Joely Sue Burkhart (ARC) – MMF menage with vampires. A yay. A different take on vampires and the sex was hot, hot, hot. Can’t wait for book 2. Link to my review

And that’s it for now!

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