#ROW80 Check-in 10/15/17

I’m been soooooooooo busy, you don’t even know! Been mostly copy editing a TDP novel (which is awesome and releasing next month), revising Fireborn, and playing Guild Wars.

Here’s the rundown:

~Finish rewrite of Fireborn, revise it, edit it, and submit it for Dec. 1st deadline (the rewrite is almost done now). ~Revision up to page 72 of 98 pages. I will need to do some substantial rewrites, however. 
~Transfer Survivor outline to notecards, for reals this time ~Nope.
~Participate in NanoWriMo with an amended goal of 30k (Survivor) ~Still planning for this.
~Begin edit of Secret Project ~Have not started.
~Decide on next project and start working on that (Covenant and When She Sleeps are the top contenders) ~Currently, it’s When She Sleeps, and I recently wrote 300 words of a new scene.
~Finish In Flames cover or hire someone to do it  ~A writer friend generously offered to make me a cover. Cover reveal soon!

Non-writing stuffs:

~Water 5x a week 
~Read 1 book a week ~Finished Letters to an English Professor by Joely Sue Burkhart. Currently reading Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories, a horror anthology. About 60% in.  
~Chocolate consumption reports, of course! ~Dark chocolate covered caramels, milk chocolate covered caramels..and I think that’s it! I am falling down on the job! Must remedy this.

9 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in 10/15/17

  1. You definitely have been busy, Erin. As long as you don’t let being busy stop you from enjoying a special moment or two…

    Maybe. if you ever get a chance to head out to the Berkshires, we could get a ROW80 crew get together (there are several of us within an hour of them) here: https://chocolatesprings.com/ (If not, they will deliver via the USPS. The tea-flavoured chocolates are incredible!)

      1. Well, then let us know if you’re ever in our area (and versa vice). We’ll fix that chocolate consumption somehow. 😀

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