#ROW80 Final Check-in Round 3

It’s that time again. I’ve been so busy, I have’t been able to do any updates for awhile. The round officially ends on 9/22, next week, but per my usual tradition I am posting my final check-in early. (Weekdays are really hard for me to update these days).

So, the round went pretty well. I got a lot done. I have been battling the trigeminal neuralgia pain and have been trying to get a handle on it, so that affected things somewhat. But despite that I am still happy for what I did get done.

Here is the rundown:

~Continue with Fireborn rewrite. DONE! I’m at 47k of a projected 60k. On track to finish for deadline. 
~Finish secret project. It is currently almost half done. NOT DONE, but damn close! I have one more section to write.
~Continue participating in Camp Nano. I have two projects I am flip-flopping between, Oubliette and When She Sleeps. Should keep me busy! DONE. I worked on both books. I finished with a total of 12k which made my goal of 10k. Final stats: When She Sleeps, 5,700 words total. Oubliette, 20k (added 8k).
~Start plotting Survivor into Scrivener (Survivor is my Nano project). NOT DONE. Ran out of time yet again.
~One glass of water 5x a week. DONE mostly. I may have missed a few here and there, but I’ve been consistent for the most part. 
~Continue with FYFB class. DONE and NOT DONE. Class was being switched over into a new program so I had to download everything I hadn’t watched or worked on. I got that part done, but nothing else, regrettably. 
~Continue with chocolate consumption reports DONE!

Chocolate consumption: chocolate cannolis, chocolate cupcakes, mint cookies, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, marble cake. 🙂

I believe that is it. See you next round!

12 thoughts on “#ROW80 Final Check-in Round 3

  1. Yep, I’m already looking forward to the next round. Congrats on your many accomplishments despite that continuing health issue and the distractions of chocolate! I notice you haven’t added virtual chocolate to your list yet. 🙂 Not sure what FYFB is — and I hope you will have a ‘reveal’ for your secret project next round. Persevere!

    1. Thank you, Beth! FYFB is Finish Your First Book, which is a class I am taking. Although it is geared toward people who haven’t completed their first novel, it has a lot of good lessons on productivity, dictation, promotion. I am so behind right now!

      I hope to have a cover reveal soon, although I may need to push the release date into early 2018. We will see.

  2. You’ve done great on your goals! Congratulations. Trigeminal neuralgia can kick butt, so you are doing great getting anything done!
    Have a great week! And best wishes with the next round.

  3. You really HAVE been busy! And working through the pain and fatigue – that’s dedication. I miss your regular updates, but I understand that sometimes something’s got to give – and it sounds like reporting in was a good thing to give on – it let you focus on actually moving forward with your goals! =)

    And….mmmm…chocolate cannoli!

      1. It sounds so glorious! I hope you are able to do better – because you feel better.

        Still, you’ve been making progress, and that’s something. =)

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