#ROW80 Round 2 Goals

I’m a bit late posting my goals. I’ve been really busy with the edits on Ever Touched. I’m jumping in now!

I have fewer goals this go around to limit my stress level. I’ve been very stressed out in the past few months and need a break from it all.

So here are my goals:

~Publish Ever Touched on May 1st (on track to complete as of right now)
~Add 10k to Covenant
~Start formulating a plan for Fireborn (looks like a rewrite as of right now)
~Drink a glass of water 5x a week
~Start working on FYFB class once things settle down

And that’s it! No exercise-related goals yet because I seem to have reinjured my knee. 😦 Once that gets worked out, I may add an exercise-related goal to the mix.

I would also like to add in some mental downtime per week. I’m not making it an official goal, but we’ll see once Ever Touched is published. I had some of that with Guild Wars, but since I’ve been so busy with edits and such, I haven’t been able to play this week at all. So we will see on that as well.

And, as usual, the famous chocolate consumption report.


10 thoughts on “#ROW80 Round 2 Goals

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been stressed, Erin… that state does seem to be endemic these days. 😦

    Still, sound goals and a good plan of attack (and nice to hear things are mostly ‘on track’). Glad you’re keeping the Chocolate Report

  2. Sorry about that knee. I hope you find some exercise that will help. It surprises me how long such injuries can take to heal. Even recognizing the impact that underlying pain has on everything else. You did inspire me to run to the kitchen to get a fresh glass of water! Congratulations on setting that publication date of 5/1 for EVER TOUCHED. I’m building a launch schedule for mine as well — and even working on the book blurb/back copy is stressful. 🙂 So May 2 could be a very good day. When (and how) will you show off the new cover? I hope the week goes well for you — with or without chocolate.

  3. Sorry to hear about the knee and the stress. You’re so right about the water – usually drink tea of various kinds and forget the water! Good luck with your publication date. I’m still struggling to get to the end of my edit; had thought I’d be publishing by May but can’t see it happening now. Have a good week!

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