#ROW80 Check-in 3/12/17

It’s ROW80 time again!

I’ve been mostly brain dead. I think I really needed a break, I think. Come April I’ll be doing Ever Touched’s final copyedits, and getting it ready for release. So I’m taking time now to rest and relax and do things I won’t be able to do later (Guild Wars, for an example). I’ve wanted to write a little, but nothing’s really setting me on fire at the moment.

Daylight Saving Time is kicking my butt. #abolishDST

So, the rundown:

Ever Touched cover – In progress. Waiting on feedback.

Blurb – Also in progress.

Water – Every day except one.

Guild Wars – Finally completed the mission that was giving me fits. Working on the next. It’s much more challenging. I’ve been logging a lot of time in there as of late.

Weight – Not really sure, as I haven’t weighed myself this week.

Eczema/psoriasis – Not bad this week at all. Of course, I’ve been taking cold showers, which sucks, but keeps the itching down. Actually, I had a rough night last night with my feet itching again. Seriously?!

Exercise – Other than cleaning, nothing. Bad Erin, no cookie!

Chocolate consumption: Gluten free brownies, hot chocolate, Snickerdoodles (not chocolate, but there you have it). Chocolate cupcakes!


6 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in 3/12/17

  1. Does Daylight Savings Time make you crazy too? I mean, I never sleep so it’s not so much losing an hour or gaining an hour, it’s just – I don’t get it! Why do we do it? You can’t save daylight. There’s either more daylight in the morning or in the evening. It’s not going anywhere.

    Anyway, best wishes with those goals and with getting sleep.

  2. Chris – Agreed! It not only makes me crazy, but I also get pseudo-jet lagged from it. My body is sensitive to these things. Thank you for the wishes. 🙂

  3. I like the way you simply accept that quiet time between projects with other commitments. I’m still so deep in revision, I can’t quite envision a ‘break’ but I am already thinking about what’s next. Other ROW80 folks have posted their covers in progress to get some reader feedback. I hope you do that! My historical fiction books (working on the third in a series) currently have no people on the covers. I’m thinking when the third is finished this year, I should change covers for all three. I would like some folks in 19th Century dress on my covers! Re the chocolate, my hubby always tells me I only have to resist in the supermarket. Sigh. That means only healthy yogurt for snack tonight! Have a great week.

  4. Beth – Thank you! It seems I tend to go brain dead after a major project, so it’s better for me in the long run to give myself time. 🙂 Part of me wants to get moving on the next thing, but this exhaustion makes it hard to think, much less write.

    I can certainly post my cover. Where are folks posting theirs?

    A cover change can be a good thing, I hear!

    I can never resist chocolate. It is my true weakness. 😉

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