#ROW80 Check-in 3/5/17

Annnnnnnnd it’s ROW80 time again!

I skipped last week because I’d fallen behind on my proofreading, but never fear, I turned it in on time! I did notice that my main character’s eye color changed twice, so that needed to be fixed. She’s in both book 1 and book 2, but as a secondary character. Her original introduction was in book 1…which I wrote back in 2012. So, yeah, memory lapse. It was very subtle, but I didn’t want to break continuity.

So that’s off my plate. I get a bit of a breather until April 1st, when the copyedits hit my inbox.

Here’s the rundown of where I stand with everything else:

Water – Every day except one.

Weight – Ugh, gained 3 pounds. It may have been the paczki I’ve been eating. Maybe.

Cover for Ever Touched – Basically finished, except I need to still do the print cover, and I can’t do that until I have a blurb and page count.

FYFB class – Still on hold. I’d like to start it sometime this month if possible.

Guild Wars – Been logging lots of hours on it. It’s been fun and challenging.

Eczema/psoriasis – I backslid a bit on Thursday. Took my shower and upped the heat a bit as I didn’t want to be cold, and my hands got so itchy I couldn’t stand it. I slept with my ice pack in my hands the whole night. It worked, and they seem to be better. No more hot showers for me!

Exercise – Housewalked a bit yesterday, yay!

Fireborn revision/Covenant/Oubliette – Been doing some serious thinking about each. I’d like to get some work done on at least one of them before the end of the round. Question is, which one?

Chocolate consumption: Chocolate wafer bars, white fudged covered pretzels, chocolate mug cake, and….I think that’s it?

How are you doing this week?



12 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in 3/5/17

  1. Yikes. I hate cold showers, but I understand how hot water can aggravate certain issues. I also sleep with an ice pack but for hot flashes.

  2. I have vowed during my read-through this week to make good notes on details like eye color. I always have good intentions and then I get wrapped up in (good side) the story or (bad side) bigger problems. Wishing you an itch-less week full of words!

  3. Sorry to hear your hot shower took a chilly turn. I keep telling my husband he should turn the water-temp down to slow his skin condition, but… Must be a woman’s thing to see that kind of correlation. šŸ˜‰

    A change in eye-color… Good catch! I can see how a few years of separation could mess with your memory of such a detail, but it is strange how readers always pick up on those things and get upset.

  4. Eden – Yeah, it may help your husband if it’s anything like mine. And as for the eye color thing…that’s precisely what I was afraid of. It’d be my luck!

  5. My eyes are blue-grey. However, my first license picture put me in front of a green background (old-school way of denoting under-21-ness), and my eyes look incredibly GREEN in that picture. The lighting and the background, I guess…so maybe that’s a thing with your character?

    Hooray for getting it fixed and on its way, though. I love the feeling of lightness after a big project can be ticked off.

    And I adore hot showers!

    *now toasting you with bite-sized chocolates; here, have some!*

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