#ROW8 Check-in Nov. 6th

I’ve been so busy, and I’ve some big things go wrong. Which is why I haven’t been around much.

First, with my short story revision. I lost all my revisions 21 pages in (3/4 of the way done!) so I had to start from scratch! I was able to finish it all in 2 days, by some miracle, and turn it in 1 day early.

Best I could figure was LibreOffice. If you don’t save in the native format, it is dicey as to whether or not your revisions/edits/changes are saved. Lesson learned.

Ever Touched revision – Finished the first pass, started the second on the 1st. I’m 39 pages in. But…my computer was making some weird grinding noises and was restarting out of nowhere…I thought, uh oh, hard drive failure, so I decided to be proactive and get it looked at. Good news: it may only be the fan, but it needs to be replaced. Will cost between $136 and $300. Bad news: It could take 7-10 days IF it can be popped out and replaced. Worse news: if the fan is soldered to the motherboard, we’re looking at possibly 4 weeks. And a blown deadline. 😦

So, I let my TDPers know and they are okay with it. But I am really upset about it, even though it’s not actually my fault. 😦

Soooo I am working in Google Docs on a slower, old computer and it’s going, well, slow. But it is progress.

FYFB class – Still behind. Couldn’t find an option for editable PDFs for awhile, but I think I’ve gotten it figured out. Slowly making progress there, too.

Water – 5x a week, for the most part.

Exercise – Nada, too depressed and busy. 😦 Will try to restart this week.

Reviews – Keeping up with them for the most part.

Weight – Lost 3 pounds. Trying to keep it off!

Chocolate consumption – WW Sundaes, WW caramel-chocolate thingies, chocolate stripes cookies, hot chocolate, ultimate chocolate ice cream sandwiches .Lots of snickerdoodles and Twizzlers (my new addiction).

Also, Turtleduck Press is releasing our anthology (the one my short story, formerly Enslaved, now called Bound is in) November 15th. It is called To Rule the Stars and the theme was space princesses. We some awesome stories in it, so stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “#ROW8 Check-in Nov. 6th

  1. Great on the weight loss. OMG on the loss of 21 pages. I would have sat in the floor and cried, not to self be sure, be sure to bup every single day. I let it slide too much. Hope it’s good news on the computer.

  2. I’m so sorry about your lost revisions, as well as the computer problems. I hope that it all gets taken care of, in the shortest amount of time. But thanks for the reminder that I should back up my WIP. I don’t do that nearly as often as I should.

    Best wishes for a better week.

  3. Good for you on getting as much done as you have with all the computer issues! Those are the worst. And scary about LibreOffice! I use Open Office on my laptop, so that’s good to know to keep an eye on. Losing that much of a story had to be just sickening. So glad you were able to jump back in! Good luck with the computer repairs–here’s hoping they’re quick and inexpensive!

  4. Thanks, Jennette. It was sickening — I almost started crying, but decided to get to work since there was nothing else I could do. πŸ˜‰ Yes, definitely keep an eye on things. I haven’t seen that happen much with OpenOffice, but with LibreOffice it is a known issue.

    Thanks for the well wishes on the computer repairs. Crossing fingers.

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