#ROW80 Check-in Oct. 9th

Alrighty, I almost spaced on today’s post. Been so damn busy! And, I’ve been having some issues with my knee again. Don’t think it’s from the sprain. So I need to take it easy on the exercise.

So what have I done this week?

Short story – Second revision completed.

Ever Touched revision – 51 pages revised, 1,800 new words written

Water – Every day but one.

Exercise – Housewalked yesterday! I plan on a bit of actual walking today after dinner. The weather is beautiful right now!

FYFB class – Watched lessons 1-5 videos. Have completed worksheets for lessons 1 and 2. Started worksheets for lesson 3.

Reviews – Finished 1 book and posted a review. I’m due to post another review on 10/15.

Chocolate consumption – Not a whole lot? I have an obsession with snickerdoodles. My mom made pumpkin/chocolate chip muffins and they are divine. I’ve eaten a few WW sundaes and a few WW chocolate-caramel thingies, too.

How’s it going for you?


13 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in Oct. 9th

  1. I was on a baking frenzy part of this week – pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, chocolate zucchini cookies, apple pie dessert. Which means I ate too much of it and was in a sugar coma most of the week. Oh, but I did do a little bit of writing.

  2. Nice going, getting all that revision done! As for me, my focus has been elsewhere–I have land buying on the brain, working toward my husband’s and my goal of moving out of state in a couple years. Keep up the good work and have a great week! (Oh, and I love Snickerdoodles, too!)

  3. Tonight my personal chef made donut sticks. Yum! I’ve been writing, revising, plotting, and having minor revelations.

    Looks like you’re off to a good start, minus that silly knee. Big kudos for the water; I know that’s not always easy for you. =)

  4. I hope your knee feels better, I know that can interfere with plans. I’m a week late getting started on my goals. I have added exercise to my goals and hope to get a walk in today. Enjoy the nice weather.

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