#ROW80 Round 4 2016 Goals

Happy Round 4 ROWers! Dang, what happened to the year? It’s almost over!

Here are my goals. I am trying to keep things simple and relaxed, as I have a revision due to my editor on 12/1 and I suspect I might end up wanting to take a break. But I would like to do something, so I may choose a project and go slow with it for the rest of the round.

I am still feeling exhausted, and I seem to be in another fibro flare, so I need to concentrate on taking care of myself. Meditation, trying not to stress, and earlier bed times will hopefully help. 🙂

Here are my goals:

~Finish the Ever Touched revision.  I can do this. 🙂
~Stay on top of FYFB class. Taking a class through Monica Leonelle. It happens to be going on at the same time as my revision, but might as well go all in. It’s three months. Should be fun. 🙂
~Make a ruling on my next project and start prepping (contenders are Fireborn, which needs a revision, Survivor, which needs a rewrite, and Death Dancer, which needs some tweaking — and may be my next Turtleduck Press release.)
~Drink 1 glass of water 5x a week
~Exercise 2x a week
~Do All the Things related to anthology release (TBD — release is Nov 15th)
~Keep up on reviews (I’m on 4 ARC teams)
~Lose 5 pounds.
~Take more pictures: infrared and normal.
~Post-process infrared pics from camping trip
~Chocolate consumption report, as always!

Annnd that’s it. Good luck everyone!


8 thoughts on “#ROW80 Round 4 2016 Goals

  1. I like these goals, and that the largest project will undoubtedly take the bulk of your time is taken into account here, and you’ve left yourself room for taking care of you. May you find much progress and even more joy in this round and beyond?

  2. I am back again. It’s that time of year again. Starts singing, Mr NaNoWriMo instead of Mr Sandman with the exact same jingle.
    I agree, take care of yourself and exercise is good. May thy muse produce words into scenes.

  3. Oh no! Now I have the jingle mrbkoostachin suggested stuck in my head too!!!

    I had to grin at your reference to doing ALL THE THINGS related to your anthology release. It’s a good way of summing up the numerous tedious items no one suspects goes into the production of a book. Best wishes on your efforts in this department.

    I hope you have an awesome 80 days.

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