#ROW80 Check-in Sept. 18th

So close to end of the round! Holy crap!

I’ve still been fighting exhaustion. I’ve been getting enough sleep, I think, but the fibro makes it hard. Really hard. And I’ve been stressed out about finishing Ever Touched. I haven’t been able to get the amount of work done on it that I’d hoped, and it’s too late to catch up.So I’ll have to start the revision early, and hope I can make it up later. Not the ideal situation. 😦

I was also in a minor fibro flare earlier this week, so I was forced to rest and get to bed early. I’m feeling a bit better now.

Sooooo, here’s the rundown:

Ever Touched – up to 106k now. Wrote 5k since the last check-in. Gonna hit it hard this week.

Short story – Got comments back from one approver. She made some valid points and catches, and I will need to give this some thought. It’s due back Oct. 1st, so I have a bit of time (still need the second approver’s comments, however). Also need to make comments on the 1st approver’s story. That’s tomorrow’s task. (We revised our publication date to Nov. 15th, so our deadlines got shifted again).

Covenant – Nada. But seriously, I need to work on this.

Exercise – I believe I housewalked twice this week.

Reviews – Started new deadlined ARC. Still working through the others.

Water – Mostly every day.

Secret project – Nada.

Chocolate consumption: Chocolate birthday cake, gluten-free brownies, WW chocolate caramels, WW sundaes, chocolate marshmallow cookies.



6 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in Sept. 18th

  1. it can be hard to get much done if you aren’t feeling well/are exhausted. Take care of yourself and the rest will hopefully fall into place(says the person who does a horrible job of knowing when to take a break).

    Good job on Ever Touched and good luck with the short story revisions.

  2. Shan, thank you! I always try to back off when that happens. Lots of rest, less stress, etc. It seems to be gone now, so that’s a good thing. And yes, progress is good. πŸ™‚

  3. Glad to hear you took care of yourself and got better.

    Housewalked sounds like a good description for what I do. I need exercise but am allergic to the outdoors for a good part of the year. I really ought to get a treadmill instead of wearing out the carpet. πŸ™‚

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