#ROW80 Check-in August 7th

It’s been a very rough week. My knee is no better, despite icing and anti-inflammatory meds and all that. I will most likely need to see the doctor. 😦

And I’ve been exhausted.

So progress was very minimal.

Here’s the rundown:

Ever Touched – 2,310 words written since last check-in, 98k in draft. Would love to hit 100k in the next few days. Implemented my new twist, and it’s going well so far.

Covenant – Nope, but thinking a lot.

Exercise – Nooooooooo.

Water – 4x this week.

Reviews – Finished a book and posted review today. Three more to go!

Secret project – Ideas are simmering.

Chocolate consumption: Chocolate birthday cake from my mom’s birthday party yesterday, WW sundae, WW ultimate chocolate sandwiches, WW caramel-chocolate thingies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate zucchini bread, and these new chocolate pastry crisps from Aldi. Yummy!

9 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in August 7th

  1. 😦 I’m sorry about your knee. I feel your frustration with the world. I have a chronic issue that sometimes flares up and keeps me from all the things. I. Loathe. when it does that. It’s like, “seriously? SERIOUSLY!?! I have a life that needs living!”

    Even though you couldn’t get up and moving much, you made some respectable progress on your writing and reviewing, and I think you’ve had more water this week than other weeks I’ve stopped by. And that in spite of ouch. πŸ™‚

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