#ROW80 Check-in July 27th

Here we are again. I’ve had a slow start. Still recovering from vacation, and going back to work. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind, actually. So I got some things done, but others I am still working on.

Here’s the rundown:

Ever Touched – 1,401 words written since last check-in, up to 92k.

Short story (Princess Sun) – Final edit done and submitted for approvals.

Water – 3x this week so far.

Exercise – 1 time, on the bike. Had some knee pain last night, so I opted to skip today. Will start back up again tomorrow, maybe for less time.

Covenant – Nada.

Reviews – Started another book for review, the one with the deadline. About 60% done. Received another ARC today, also with a deadline. I will be starting that one very soon.

Secret project – Nothing done on this yet. Still simmering.

Chocolate consumption: Chocolate-chocolate chip zucchini bread (homemade!), WW sundaes, WW chocolate ice cream sandwiches, WW chocolate-caramel thingies.

10 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in July 27th

  1. That’s some pretty solid work on your goals, there! I’m having trouble with my exercise one lately, too, but it’s been a timing sort of thing. There’s just not enough time lately to fit it in, ugh! The heat doesn’t help, either.

    Homemade chocolate chip zucchini bread sounds ah-maze-zing, by the way.

  2. Looks like some good progress so far this week.

    That zucchini bread does sound good. I made regular zucchini bread the other day, but chocolate would definitely make it better. πŸ˜‰

  3. It always seems like there should be a vacation to recover from vacation, doesn’t there? Or like a week of “soft start,” where only half of what’s normally required of you needs to be done while you readjust to real life.

  4. Readjustment always takes time, whether it’s from vacation or…less fun things. Anytime one has to step away from the day-today grind, it’s bound to get a bit chaotic. You’re perfectly right in needing a bit of time to get back into the regular flow of things.

    And even while somewhat out of step, you’re still making progress, Erin. Good for you!

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