#ROW80 Round 3 2016 Goals

Happy 4th of July to all Americans, and Happy Monday to the rest!

So, here we are at Round 3 of A Round of Words in 80 Days. I started a few years ago not really knowing how it would go, but it’s become a huge part of my writing life. 🙂 Accountability is HUGE for me, so it works well.

Without further adieu, here are my goals:

~Finish and submit TDP short story by July 15th deadline (I’m in the home stretch now on the rough draft, so I *should* be able to do this.)
~Do All the Things related to anthology release (TDB later)
~Restart Ever Touched and finish by end of round (32k left to go)
~Read-through of Fireborn
~Reinstate Covenant/8 minutes a day writing 2 days per week
~Drink one glass of water 5x per week
~Exercise 3x per week
~Experiment more with digital infrared
~Take more pictures!
~Keep up with review books (I’m on 4 ARC review teams)
~Complete 2 author interviews

I think that it is for now. 🙂 As always, I will also report on my chocolate consumption because c’mon, everyone loves that!

10 thoughts on “#ROW80 Round 3 2016 Goals

  1. Heeheeheee “All The Things.” 🙂 Sometimes breaking down a goal is tough. (And sometimes, it actually makes it more overwhelming.)

    Hmmm…. Digital infrared. That should be interesting. I’m not up on the lingo, so I have to ask: DO you mean photos taken with digital infrared or photos tweaked to look as if they are?

  2. Hi ReGi! Actually, I’m not clear on all the tasks yet, but you have a good point!

    The photos are taken with a digital camera that’s been converted to shoot only infrared. There is some tweaking that happens, only b/c the pictures are taken in color, and I love the look of b&w infrared. 🙂

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