#ROW80 Check-in May 22nd

This week I’ve been mostly working on my query letter. It’s coming along. I hope to have it finished very soon.

I started Changeling 5 and have been working on that as well. I don’t think I even touched Ever Touched, which sucks because I need to keep moving on it. But Changeling 5 is due for approvals on June 1st, and I need time to revise, so that was the priority.

Here’s the rundown:

Covenant – Nada

Water – Every day but 2.

Exercise – 3 times, all walks.

Elysium – Another nada. 😦

Darkroom – Nada. Trying to figure out what a good day would be for printing. Still fighting exhaustion, so I honestly don’t know when it will be. Hopefully soon. I may shoot more b&w on our camping trip this coming weekend if I can fit all my equipment into one bag. We shall see. 😉

I’ve also been thinking a lot about Survivor, and I am considering starting that as my new main project after Ever Touched and the Fireborn revision. It’s going to be a huge challenge, but I absolutely love the story and NEED to get it out there. The first step is rewriting it.

Chocolate consumption: WW sundaes, WW chocolate caramel things, ice cream Twix bars, and a new thing, Skinny Cow brand chocolate ice cream sandwiches. But it’s not the normal sandwich. There’s chocolate ice cream sandwiched between two thin layers of chocolate cake and then covered in chocolate. OMG I thought I was in heaven last night when I tried one! (I am craving another RIGHT NOW.)

So that’s it for me. How are you doing?

12 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in May 22nd

  1. I am absolutely adding a chocolate consumption goal to the next round. >.>

    Good job on the walks and water! I think it’s okay to prioritize your projects for the deadlines. As soon as you finish Changeling 5, I bet Ever Touched will come quickly. 🙂

    1. Hi ReGi! Yes, you should. 😉 Chocolate makes everything better. And yeah, I’m sure you’re right. I just need to get my Inner Slave Driver on board. 😉

  2. I discovered maple bacon sundaes. One scoop is perfect; more is too rich to make a dent in. =)

    You’re making progress. Maybe not as speedily as you’d like, but still. =)

  3. Setting priorities according to things you need to do and things you would like to do is always harder than it seems it should be, but it looks like you have it going there.

    No ice cream sandwiches for me, but I do like those Skinny Cow wafer bars (the peanut butter chocolate is my favorite). Not really a mil chocolate fan here, but those are YUMMY. I really should put a chocolate goal in one of these days… I would SO ace that.

  4. Hi Eden! Yeah, it is tough. Thank you for the support. Oh, I love those wafer things! I can’t eat the peanut butter ones (peanut allergy) but the chocolate ones are yummy. 🙂

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