#ROW80 Check-in May 1st

This week has been tough because my wrist tendonitis came back and I had to take a break from writing. Yesterday, I started using voice recognition again, and it has been a bit frustrating. But I’m glad to have the option of doing it.

(Handwriting actually hurts more due to an old hand injury, so that was out.)

Actually, it went pretty smooth, all things considered. I ended up dictating a total of 800 words. It felt like it took forever, but it was only a few hours. I’ve been spoiled — I can bang out 1,000 words in 20-30 minutes. But it did the job which was the most important thing.

(I also had to stop periodically and transfer the words from the clipboard thingy and reformat. Also, Dragon didn’t recognize the names, so I ended up using placeholder names, which was okay…as long as I remembered to change them!)

So how did I do?

Ever Touched – 1000 words. Better than I could have hoped. 🙂 Now at 81k.

Covenant – 200 words. Finally!

Exercise -2 times this week

AprilLove2016 – I managed 14 days out of 30. I was running behind, and then my wrist tendonitis popped up, and handwriting just made it worse. But I’m happy with what I got, and the experience was enlightening. Will definitely do that again. 🙂

Water – only three days this week.

Elysium – I worked on the outline some more. Making slow progress.

Chocolate consumption: WW sundaes, Twix bars, and hot chocolate.

So, all in all, I did pretty well considering. I’m hoping to give my wrist time to heal and soon hopefully I’ll be typing again.

How did you do?



10 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in May 1st

  1. My writing goals were easier than I thought, so I met them! I would have a hard time with dictation, and like you, probably wouldn’t bother with it unless I couldn’t type. I type faster than I talk, and I tend to fumble verbally a lot. Hope your wrist is better soon!

  2. It was a pleasure doing April Love along with you – I write every evening (blog, journaling or poetry) – Water consumption was better than usual – Chocolate consumption? Chocolate chip cookies are always a downfall for me — Hoping you begin to feel better soon! ~Kristine

  3. Thank you, Kristine! It was a pleasure for me, also. 🙂 Ah, yes, chocolate chip cookies are a downfall of mine, too!

    I’ve always wanted to keep an ongoing handwritten journal. I used to, many moons ago, but this hand injury and tendonitis make it kind of tough. Maybe someday I will be able do it again.

    1. Hi Erin – Chocolate Chip Cookies get me every time – LoL!

      Just an FYI – Seeing you are using a voice translator there is an online journal called Penzu (penzu.com). I use it occasionally, when I feel more like typing than writing. Just an idea!

  4. Hope the tendonitis eases soon although it’s great that you have a voice recognition thing, even if it makes things a little slower. I always have a huge bottle of water right by my desk so it’s easy to access and I really find it helps when my brain starts to slow or I’m struggling with a scene. It’s like a natural reboot. 🙂

  5. Sending your wrist happy thoughts. I’ve been dealing with some issues that might or might not be carpal tunnel, and might or might not have to do with the fact that I’m doing a lot of this year’s planning and plotting in handwritten form. Shorter work sessions and more typing help some, and so does a heated rice bag.

    Looks like you’re doing well, and good at adapting.=)

  6. Thank you, Shan! I know that when I handwrite a lot — which I did last month for AprilLove2016 — my wrist and hand gets grumpy due to an old injury. I hope you don’t have carpal tunnel. One word of advice: severe tendonitis (which is what I have) can mimic carpal tunnel exactly, so don’t assume it’s carpal tunnel.

    As for the adapting — I try to stay flexible, and I try to think of the long-term consequences to my career (both writing and day job!). So as much as I grumble about voice rec, it is helping my wrist stay healthy in the long run. 🙂

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