#ROW80 Check-in April 13th

Wheww, I actually have a few minutes to do a check-in. Whoohooo!

So things have been going fairly well despite the exhaustion. I’m pretty happy with my progress so far this week and hope to continue!

Ever Touched – up to 71,585 words (4,358 words since last check-in!). Almost two-thirds done!

Elysium plotting – I started! I’m using method of Monica Leonelle’s, which is far more detailed than what I usually do, but I am intrigued by it and wanted to try it out on a new project this year.

Exercise – 2 walks, 1 run on exercise bike

Water – Every day so far this week!

AprilLove2016 – I am horribly behind, but I did do Day 8: “Dear Younger Me” yesterday here.

Digital infrared – Plans to experiment this weekend because it’s supposed to be sunny.

8 minutes/Covenant – Nada. I am just too exhausted! It’s frustrating.

Chocolate consumption report: several Oreos, WW Sundae last night, a few Samoas. I am such a chocolate fiend.

How’s everything going for you?


4 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in April 13th

  1. I see absolutely nothing wrong with being a chocolate fiend. Of course, I love dark chocolate, so I can claim health reasons for indulging. You know, antioxidants. šŸ˜€

    Good work on the words!

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