#ROW80 Round 2 Goals

Round 2 of A Round of Words in 80 Days begins today! I think I’m a lifer. I have never accomplished so much than when I’ve been ROWing. Accountability is an important part of my process.

Round 1 went well. I was hit with fatigue issues toward the end, but I get almost everything done! So I’m hoping for another productive round!

Here are my goals:

~Finish rough draft of Ever Touched.
~If there’s time, start planning Fireborn revision.
~Continue logging outline for Survivor into Scrivener.
~Reinstate 8 minutes a day of a first draft again/make progress on Covenant
~Make prints of the film I developed yesterday (my test roll).
~Experiment with digital infrared
~Plot Elysium
~Clean office
~Continue #AprilLove2016 when possible
~Exercise 2x a week
~Drink 1 glass of water every day.

There’s a chance things may need to get shuffled around pending any editing jobs or small projects for TDP, so I’m going to try to be flexible. But these are the things I hope to accomplish this round.

4 thoughts on “#ROW80 Round 2 Goals

  1. Gotta say, a bit green that you have your own darkroom. One of my favorite memories and smell-associations is sneaking into my dad’s darkroom. In college, I’d volunteer to develop rolls of film and make prints just to get in there. I thought about setting up my own again, several years back, but other things in life took precedence. *closes eyes and inhales deeply* Ah! So cool! 😀

  2. Yeah, I got very lucky — I had a dad and a boyfriend who were willing to put in the work to make it happen. It’s very small, and not fancy, but it’s mine. 🙂 Awesome that you used to develop film and make prints! Must have been fun! Life does have a way of well, happening. I just had an 8-year hiatus due to life (and health). But I’m pretty excited about being able to work in there again!

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